New England Historic Genealogical Society
Abstracts of Wills, Admins. and Guardianships in NY State 1787-1835
Pgs. 146-147 Surrogate Records C

Will of Timothy Gregory

Timothy Gregory, of Colchester, Delaware County, New York -
To my six daughters, Zeuba Barker/Bouker, Elizabeth Fuller, Silbel Thomas, Jemima Lewis, Hannah Purdy and Sally Gregory, six-sevenths of my personal estate, between them.
To my grandsons, Thomas Gregory and Josiah Gregory, one-seventh of my personal estate.
To my wife, Susannah Gregory, the use of one-third of my ...(illeligible)... estate during her life.
That my ...(illeligible)... and grandsons not to have one-third of my personal estate until decease of my wife.
Susannah Gregory ...(illeligible)...
To my second son, Richard Gregory, $375
To my youngest son, Stephen Gregory, $375
To my eldest son, Daniel Gregory, all my land ...(illeligible)... town of Colchester
Appoint my son, Daniel Gregory, sole executor, March 7, 1805
Witnesses: David Phelps, Susan Phelps, William White
Proved, February 6, 1821