New York City Wills, 1766-1771

Bartholomew Gedney

Page 552 - "In the name of God, Amen. I, Bartholomew Gedney, of the White Plains, Westchester County, I leave to John Gedney, son of my late brother, John Gedney, my gun, sword, and cane. I leave to Bartholomew Gedney, son of my said brother John, my silver shoe buckles and band clasp. I leave to my said nephews all my wearing apparel. To my nephew, Bartholomew Haines, son of James Haines, £50. I leave to my wife Margaret the rest of my personal estate, and the use of my houses and lands, during widowhood, and then to my nephew, John Gedney, and he is to pay to his brother Bartholomew, £200. I make my wife and Captain Absalom Gedney, executors.

Dated March 18, 1775. Proved, September 26, 1775. Witnesses, Micah Townsend, Jecomiah Seaman, John Falconer.