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Wagner, Mathilda unknown-unknown

Waldrop, Ann M. 1847-bef. 1892

Walker, Mahala 1859-1941
Walker, Robert C. unknown-unknown
Walker, Sitha unknown-unknown

Waller, Margaret Felton unknown-1700

Walters, Betty Ann 1932-2005

Walthall, Mary unknown-unknown

Walworth, Maj. John unknown-unknown

Warbarton, Amanda 1865-unknown

Ward, Annie B. 1872-unknown
Ward, Bessie 1886-unknown
Ward, Bird 1877-unknown
Ward, Birthie 1879-unknown
Ward, Claude 1890-unknown
Ward, Cordia A. 1889-unknown
Ward, Daniel T. 1842-abt. 1905
Ward, Emma J. 1884-unknown
Ward, Ethel Mae unknown-unknown
Ward, Eva L. 1885-unknown
Ward, George W. 1844-abt. 1905
Ward, James M. 1840-bef. 1880
Ward, John 1757-1847
Ward, John C. 1880-unknown
Ward, John W. 1844-unknown
Ward, Mary 1808-unknown
Ward, Maude 1877-unknown
Ward, Miriam 1835-1877
Ward, Mirtie 1874-unknown
Ward, Rose 1892-unknown
Ward, Ruth Maria 1843-unknown
Ward, Sarah L. 1875-unknown
Ward, Susan 1800-1837
Ward, Susan E. 1846-unknown
Ward, T. J. 1882-unknown
Ward, Walter 1810-aft. 1880
Ward, Walter L. 1845-abt. 1875
Ward, Walter/William 1874-unknown
Ward, William 1796-aft. 1870
Ward, William M. 1868-unknown

Ware, Elizabeth unknown-unknown

Warren, A. B. unknown-unknown
Warren, Mary unknown-unknown
Warren, Peter unknown-unknown
Warren, Priscilla 1834-1912

Washburn, Jane unknown-unknown

Waterbury, Thaddeus unknown-unknown

Waterman, Alice abt. 1522-unknown

Waukert, Clara Amelia 1909-unknown

Way, Richard unknown-unknown

Wayne, Elizabeth Jane Bodine 1750-unknown

Webb, Richard unknown-unknown

Weber, Anna Elizabeth 1657-unknown

Webster, Louise Audrey private
Webster, William unknown-unknown

Weeks, Margaret unknown-unknown

Weekes, Joseph unknown-unknown

Weir, John unknown-unknown

Weisman, Anita Bell 1929-unknown
Weisman, Anna Marian 1929-unknown
Weisman, Evelyn Rose 1920-unknown
Weisman, Martin 1892-1976
Weisman, Martin Jr. 1925-1944
Weisman, Martina 1923-unknown
Weisman, Mary Louise 1918-unknown

Wells, James H. 1849-unknown
Wells, Jerome Clifton 1866-unknown
Wells, John Thomas abt. 1819-1880
Wells, M. Anna 1860-unknown
Wells, Mary J. 1856-unknown
Wells, Nancy E. 1852-unknown
Wells, Susan E. 1863-unknown
Wells, William unknown-unknown
Wells, William O. 1855-unknown

West, Caroline unknown-unknown

Westcott, Elizabeth Maria 1831-unknown

Wetherill, Lucretia unknown-unknown
Wetherill, Mary unknown-unknown

Wheeler, George M. 1857-aft. 1930
Wheeler, Leroy M. 1909-unknown
Wheeler, Lucy 1785-1830
Wheeler, Lytta L. 1896-unknown
Wheeler, Mary Holbrook unknown-unknown
Wheeler, Mary Lavina 1904-unknown
Wheeler, Orcher 1889-unknown
Wheeler, Rebecca unknown-1703

Wheelock, Eleazar 1654-1731
Wheelock, Elizabeth 1679-unknown
Wheelock, Mary 1686-unknown
Wheelock, Ralph 1682-unknown

Whelpley, David unknown-unknown

White, Abigail abt. 1674-unknown
White, Daniel 1668-1739
White, Elizabeth 1658-1725
White, Hannah 1669-1682
White, John 1628-1676
White, John 1653-aft. 1663
White, Martha unknown-unknown
White, Mary unknown-unknown
White, Mary abt. 1663-aft. 1683
White, Richard unknown-unknown
White, Thomas 1655-aft. 1663
White, William unknown-unknown
White, Jemima 1740-1775

Whiting, H. S. unknown-unknown

Whitney, William unknown-unknown

Whittinghill, Mary Frances 1845-aft. 1920

Whitton, Jeremiah unknown-unknown

Whobery, Mary (Molly) 1770-1842

Wilcox, Benjamin unknown-unknown

Wiley, Thomas H. unknown-unknown

Wilkinson, Diana G. unknown-unknown

Williams, Addie Laura 1899-1990
Williams, Alice Edith 1869-1937
Williams, Amanda/Agatha unknown-unknown
Williams, Bessie M. 1900-unknown
Williams, Beverly D. unknown-unknown
Williams, Bruce D. 1900-unknown
Williams, Chloe 1772-1847
Williams, Darius abt. 1815-aft. 1880
Williams, Dora Mae private
Williams, Eddie 1863-1936
Williams, Elizabeth 1853-unknown
Williams, Emery D. 1879-1956
Williams, Emory Leroy private

Williams, Evelyn 1910-1910
Williams, Floyd L. 1907-unknown
Williams, Flora R. abt. 1873-abt. 1915
Williams, Frederick S. 1873-1941
Williams, George Plummer 1859-unknown
Williams, Gladys 1901-unknown
Williams, Gladys Arlene 1936-2007
Williams, Gordon E. 1917-unknown
Williams, Hannah unknown-unknown
Williams, Harriet private
Williams, Harry 1881-1882
Williams, Harry L. 1903-unknown
Williams, Harry W. 1889-unknown
Williams, Hazel 1892-unknown
Williams, Helen 1900-unknown
Williams, James 1913-unknown
Williams, James A. 1849-1883
Williams, James Emerson 1912-unknown
Williams, James P. 1868-unknown
Williams, Jessie 1847-bef. 1860
Williams, John unknown-unknown
Williams, John Clyde 1898-unknown
Williams, John Earl 1910-unknown
Williams, John L. 1856-1916
Williams, John L. 1871-unknown
Williams, John Roy 1904-1969
Williams, Lida 1908-bef. 1920
Williams, Lillian 1856-unknown
Williams, Louisa "Lide" 1855-1941
Williams, M. Bassett unknown-1893
Williams, Maggie 1879-unknown
Williams, Major Harvey 1875-aft. 1930
Williams, Margaret E. 1915-unknown
Williams, Mary A. 1867-aft. 1930
Williams, Mary Ellen 1933-2008
Williams, Mildred 1897-unknown
Williams, Minnie P. 1886-unknown
Williams, Paul Arthur private
Williams, Paul M. 1917-unknown
Williams, Paul R. 1909-unknown
Williams, Rebecca 1841-unknown
Williams, Raymond H. 1904-unknown
Williams, Roy 1900-unknown
Williams, Sadie V. 1898-1980
Williams, Virginia M. 1917-unknown
Williams, Watson 1862-aft. 1930
Williams, William unknown-unknown
Williams, William Harvey 1845-1915

Williamson, Victoria unknown-unknown

Willis, Lillian unknown-unknown
Willis, Martha unknown-unknown

Wills, Thomas unknown-unknown

Willsey, Maurice unknown-unknown

Willson, Sarah unknown-unknown

Wilmart, Dorothy abt. 1680-1772

Wilmarth, Elizabeth 1647-1690

Wilsey, Melvina 1829-1858

Wilson, Adaline 1808-1879
Wilson, Addi unknown-unknown
Wilson, Angeline unknown-unknown
Wilson, Martha Lucinda 1806-1876
Wilson, Sarah unknown-unknown

Wiltse, Charity abt. 1765-unknown
Wiltse, Henry abt. 1766-unknown
Wiltse, Lettie unknown-unknown
Wiltse, Rachel unknown-unknown

Wingfield, Elizabeth 1775-bef. 1813
Wingfield, Mary Hudson 1762-unknown

Winkel, Dave Emrey unknown-unknown

Winkler, Dale private
Winkler, Donald private
Winkler, Marlene private
Winkler, Richard L. 1933-2008

Winter, Mary unknown-unknown

Wolf, William abt. 1855-unknown

Wolfe, Mary unknown-1816

Wood, Addison J. 1849-unknown
Wood, Alvira A. 1839-unknown
Wood, Charles W. 1858-unknown
Wood, Elmer Warren 1853-unknown
Wood, Henry Elias 1846-unknown
Wood, John D. 1856-unknown
Wood, Julia Frances 1863-unknown
Wood, Josephine L. 1851-unknown
Wood, Pardon Arnold 1812-1897
Wood, Ruth M. 1844-unknown
Wood, Wheaton unknown-unknown

Woods, Elizabeth 1844-abt. 1880

Woodcock, Margaret unknown-unknown

Woodruff, Ada A. 1865-aft. 1900
Woodruff, Albert S. 1889-1892
Woodruff, Burt unknown-unknown
Woodruff, Carmen 1895-unknown
Woodruff, Charles E. 1879-1853
Woodruff, Charles W. 1848-bet. 1860-1870
Woodruff, Delia C. 1887-unknown
Woodruff, Emily J. 1853-aft. 1930
Woodruff, Ethel L. 1886-1888
Woodruff, Harriett Anna 1849-1905
Woodruff, Henry Albert 1858-1899
Woodruff, Jesse Stephan 1818-1902
Woodruff, Jesse Stephan 1876-aft. 1930
Woodruff, John B. 1851-abt. 1920
Woodruff, Mary Etta 1863-1928
Woodruff, Philo O. 1860-1922
Woodruff, Roy 1881-abt. 1905
Woodruff, Sarah unknown-unknown
Woodruff, Sarah Maria 1847-1935

Woodson, Samuel unknown-unknown

Woodstock, Ann unknown-unknown

Woodworth, Priscilla unknown-unknown

Woolen, Elizabeth 1804-1871

Wooley, Luella 1871-1926

Workman, Minerva Catherine 1858-1924

Worthington, Margaret Sarah unknown-unknown

Wortman, Femmetje "Harmonie" 1704-1753

Wright, Abraham 1812-abt. 1900
Wright, Benjamin Belden abt. 1793-unknown
Wright, Charlotte abt. 1792-aft. 1860
Wright, Daniel I. abt. 1791-unknown
Wright, Elizabeth abt. 1795-unknown
Wright, Emily abt. 1808-abt. 1863
Wright, George abt. 1805-unknown
Wright, Isaac 1764-abt. 1845
Wright, Isaac D. abt. 1797-unknown
Wright, James L. abt. 1795-unknown
Wright, Mary abt. 1814-unknown
Wright, Mary Polly abt. 1795-abt. 1835
Wright, Mercer Hamilton abt. 1808-unknown
Wright, Sarah abt. 1814-unknown
Wright, William abt. 1809-unknown

Wroe, Kenneth unknown-unknown

Wynne, Robert H. unknown-unknown

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