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Vail, Lucy unknown-unknown

Valentine, Elizabeth unknown-unknown
Valentine, Sarah unknown-bet. 1790-1800

Van der Sluys, Reynier abt. 1673-1713

Van Dyke, Mary Elizabeth 1848-unknown

Van Wyck, Altje 1740-1807

Vanderslice, Adrian/Arnold abt. 1695-unknown
Vanderslice, Andrew abt. 1780-1831
Vanderslice, Alexander 1802-unknown
Vanderslice, Amelia 1811-unknown
Vanderslice, Anna abt. 1700-unknown
Vanderslice, Anna 1727-unknown
Vanderslice, Anna 1806-unknown
Vanderslice, Anna Agnes abt. 1725-abt. 1767
Vanderslice, Anna Elizabeth 1804-unknown
Vanderslice, Anna Margaret 1767-1846
Vanderslice, Anne 1783-1812
Vanderslice, Anthony abt. 1703-1751
Vanderslice, Anthony 1743-1803
Vanderslice, Anthony 1753-1797
Vanderslice, Augustus abt. 1797-1822
Vanderslice, Augustus 1813-unknown
Vanderslice, Barge abt. 1788-1843
Vanderslice, Benjamin Pawling unknown-unknown
Vanderslice, Catherine abt. 1735-unknown
Vanderslice, Catherine abt. 1760-unknown
Vanderslice, Catherine 1761-unknown
Vanderslice, Catherine 1776-1854
Vanderslice, Catherine abt. 1760-unknown
Vanderslice, Catherine J.R. 1817-unknown
Vanderslice, Charles 1800-unknown
Vanderslice, Daniel 1759-1812
Vanderslice, Daniel 1779-unknown
Vanderslice, Daniel 1804-unknown
Vanderslice, Debbie abt. 1760-unknown
Vanderslice, Deborah Lavina 1820-unknown
Vanderslice, Edward 1807-unknown
Vanderslice, Edward 1778-1835
Vanderslice, Elencha abt. 1707-unknown
Vanderslice, Emma 1825-unknown
Vanderslice, Eve/Eva abt. 1740-unknown
Vanderslice, George 1798-unknown
Vanderslice, George Washington 1771-1842
Vanderslice, Hannah 1809-unknown
Vanderslice, Henry abt. 1695-unknown
Vanderslice, Henry 1726-1797
Vanderslice, Henry abt. 1778-1827
Vanderslice, Henry 1795-unknown
Vanderslice, Jacob 1731-1793
Vanderslice, Jacob 1757-1815
Vanderslice, Jacob abt. 1789-unknown
Vanderslice, Jacob abt. 1780-abt. 1823
Vanderslice, James 1812-unknown
Vanderslice, Johanns abt. 1699-1742
Vanderslice, John abt. 1733-unknown
Vanderslice, John 1764-unknown
Vanderslice, John abt. 1754-unknown

Vanderslice, John 1770-1846
Vanderslice, John abt. 1794-unknown
Vanderslice, John 1797-unknown
Vanderslice, John abt. 1825-1925
Vanderslice, John Henri 1802-unknown
Vanderslice, John Henry 1831-unknown
Vanderslice, John Heister 1805-unknown
Vanderslice, John Van Rensslaer 1815-unknown
Vanderslice, Joseph 1776-unknown
Vanderslice, Joseph 1818-unknown
Vanderslice, Joseph Henry 1828-unknown
Vanderslice, Joseph R. abt. 1782-1826
Vanderslice, Marcus 1794-1827
Vanderslice, Marcus Lafayette 1813-1876
Vanderslice, Maria 1795-unknown
Vanderslice, Mary abt. 1727-unknown
Vanderslice, Mary abt. 1784-unknown
Vanderslice, Mary abt. 1790-1858
Vanderslice, Mary Lane 1816-unknown
Vanderslice, Rebecca 1766-unknown
Vanderslice, Rebecca 1814-unknown
Vanderslice, Rebecca A. 1808-unknown
Vanderslice, Rebecca Keyser 1814-unknown
Vanderslice, Reynier abt. 1729-unknown
Vanderslice, Richardson 1809-unknown
Vanderslice, Samuel 1768-unknown
Vanderslice, Samuel Lane unknown-unknown
Vanderslice, Sophia 1764-1829
Vanderslice, Susanna abt. 1786-unknown
Vanderslice, Tacy unknown-unknown
Vanderslice, Tacy unknown-unknown
Vanderslice, Thomas 1756-1817
Vanderslice, Thomas abt. 1788-1843
Vanderslice, Thomas 1801-unknown
Vanderslice, Thomas Jefferson abt. 1760-unknown
Vanderslice, Thomas Jefferson 1808-unknown
Vanderslice, Thomas Roberts 1801-unknown
Vanderslice, William Keyser 1823-unknown

Van Lieuwen, Hendrick unknown-unknown

Van Reed, Agnes abt. 1746-unknown
Van Reed, Anna abt. 1766-unknown
Van Reed, Catherine abt. 1768-unknown
Van Reed, Hannah abt. 1760-unknown
Van Reed, Heinrich Henry 1721-1790
Van Reed, Jacob 1758-unknown
Van Reed, John 1747-unknown
Van Reed, Mary abt. 1764-unknown
Van Reed, Susanna abt. 1762-unknown

Van Sant, Sarah abt. 1669-unknown

Van Zandt, Sarah abt. 1697-unknown

Vazquez, Jafet Camacho private

de Veaux, Leah abt. 1691-aft. 1740

Veech, Mary unknown-unknown
Veech, Richard unknown-unknown

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