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Talbot, Anne unknown-unknown

Tarter, Elizabeth abt. 1796-aft. 1870

Tayler, Mary abt. 1584-1626

Taylor, Cordelia E. unknown-unknown
Taylor, Daniel unknown-unknown
Taylor, Delilah Jane 1848-aft. 1910
Taylor, Eliza J. unknown-unknown
Taylor, Mercy unknown-unknown
Taylor, Rebecca 1803-1882
Taylor, Thomas Jr. unknown-unknown
Taylor, Wait abt. 1693-unknown

Tedder, Lucy unknown-unknown

Teed, Ann 1793-1797
Teed, Elisha abt. 1789-1864
Teed, Elizabeth abt. 1803-1875
Teed, Hannah 1781-aft. 1855
Teed, Isaac 1796-1887
Teed, John abt. 1756-1830
Teed, John Jr. 1794-1870
Teed, Truman abt. 1799-1853

Teeple, Mary (Polly) unknown-unknown

Temple, Sarah unknown-unknown

Tenebria, Alfred unknown-unknown

Terbos, Mary unknown-unknown

Tessen, Dennis Lawrence private
Tessen, Justin Alexander private
Tessen, Karrah Michelle private
Tessen, Sean Anthony private

Thiele, Alvin Robert private
Thiele, Donald private
Thiele, Herman Carl 1878-1946
Thiele, Orville Truman private

Thomas, Abraham 1844-unknown
Thomas, Amos 1828-unknown
Thomas, Ann E. 1843-unknown
Thomas, Edward Allen private
Thomas, Albert 1860-unknown
Thomas, Clarence 1856-unknown
Thomas, Elizabeth 1836-unknown
Thomas, George 1797-abt. 1865
Thomas, George 1834-unknown
Thomas, Henrietta 1832-aft. 1880
Thomas, Henry 1805-bef. 1880
Thomas, Henry Jr. abt. 1830-unknown
Thomas, Henry 1838-unknown
Thomas, Ida 1857-unknown
Thomas, John H. G. 1850-unknown
Thomas, Joseph 1833-unknown
Thomas, Julia 1841-unknown
Thomas, LaPort 1848-unknown
Thomas, LePierre 1852-unknown
Thomas, Malvina 1829-aft. 1910
Thomas, Mary 1839-unknown
Thomas, Mary 1878-aft. 1930
Thomas, Nancy 1846-unknown
Thomas, Ruth 1845-unknown
Thomas, Samuel 1835-unknown
Thomas, Sarah 1838-unknown
Thomas, Silas 1808-abt. 1865
Thomas, William 1840-unknown
Thomas, William 1853-unknown

Thompson, Esther unknown-unknown
Thompson, George unknown-unknown
Thompson, Hannah unknown-unknown
Thompson, John unknown-unknown

Thorn, Hulda abt. 1805-unknown

Thorpe, Peter unknown-unknown

Thrasher, Drucilla 1781-1846

Tichmann, Timothy unknown-unknown

Tiffany, Augusta 1851-unknown

Timson, Nancy unknown-unknown

Tippett, Susan unknown-unknown

Titsworth, Henry unknown-unknown

Titus, Abigail 1652-1734
Titus, Edwin Ruthvern unknown-unknown
Titus, Mary unknown-unknown
Titus, Caroline Blanche 1876-unknown
Titus, Edwin R. 1877-unknown
Titus, Eunice Eva 1871-unknown
Titus, Experience 1669-unknown
Titus, Francis unknown-unknown
Titus, John, Jr. 1627-1689
Titus, Joseph 1665-unknown
Titus, Mary 1665-unknown
Titus, Mary Harriet 1866-1923
Titus, Rebecca Angeline 1873-unknown
Titus, Samuel 1661-unknown

Todd, Elizabeth A. unknown-unknown

Tompkins, Agnes unknown-unknown
Tompkins, Julia Ann unknown-unknown

Totten, Arvinia 1862-1957
Totten, Bion H. 1857-1945
Totten, C. Ellsworth 1863-1933
Totten, Jennie Hannah 1850-1901
Totten, John J. 1853-1901
Totten, Lenora L. 1870-1958
Totten, William 1824-1914
Totten, William Jr. 1851-1923

Tredick, T. Salter unknown-unknown

Trevor, Dorothy unknown-1656

Troxell, Catherine abt. 1784-bef. 1812

Tucker, Lucy unknown-unknown

Tupper, Thomas unknown-unknown

Turner, Elizabeth 1648-1677
Turner, Elizabeth 1775-unknown
Turner, Hamner 1784-unknown
Turner, Henley 1787-unknown
Turner, James unknown-unknown
Turner, James abt. 1761-unknown
Turner, Joan unknown-unknown
Turner, Katie unknown-unknown
Turner, Mary 1771-unknown
Turner, Phyllis E. 1924-1986
Turner, Rebecca 1794-unknown
Turner, Rhoda 1790-unknown
Turner, Stephen 1777-unknown
Turner, Stephen Reuben 1740-1799
Turner, Susannah 1773-unknown
Turner, Terisha 1766-abt. 1834
Turner, William 1768-unknown

Twitchell, Benjamin unknown-unknown

Tyler, Gordon Hillard 1926-1981
Tyler, Ray unknown-unknown
Tyler, Ronald Henry private
Tyler, Shirleyann Bernetta private
Tyler, Susanna 1700-unknown

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