Take a moment to check my Mystery Photos page. I do have some photos that I can't identify and would very much appreciate your help in putting names to faces. If you have an older system, this page may take a few minutes to load.

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Dark colored names are my Rhead ancestors and light colored names are my Burton ancestors.

Allin Archer Bailey Bassett Buck

Burton Carpenter Covert Daggett Fuller

Garrett Gedney Goble Gregory Hamilton

Hamner Hunter Jewett Lamar Lanning

Lerch Lyons Mahan Mayhew McKinney

Murray Nowell O'Neal/Neal Perkins Rhead

Sassaman Smock Thomas VanDerslice Ward

Williams Woodruff

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Created March 27, 2005 by Carol Rhead Tessen

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"A family tree can wither if nobody tends its roots."