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Smaley, Elizabeth 1612-unknown
Smaley, Margaret 1612-unknown
Smaley, Michael unknown-unknown

Smalley, Elizabeth unknown-unknown

Smeathers, Elizabeth 1826-1857

Smith, Adelbert Delmer unknown-unknown
Smith, Clement Denton unknown-unknown
Smith, Delia 1844-bef. 1920
Smith, Dolly unknown-unknown
Smith, Eliphalet unknown-unknown
Smith, Elizabeth unknown-unknown
Smith, Elizabeth 1750-unknown
Smith, Elizabeth abt. 1725-1808
Smith, George unknown-unknown
Smith, Hannah unknown-unknown
Smith, Harriet unknown-unknown
Smith, Henry unknown-unknown
Smith, Jasper unknown-unknown
Smith, Jemima unknown-unknown
Smith, Jennifer private
Smith, Judith 1665-1753
Smith, Marilla unknown-unknown
Smith, Martha unknown-unknown
Smith, Mary unknown-unknown
Smith, Mary unknown-unknown
Smith, Mary "Molly" unknown-unknown
Smith, Phoebe L. 1853-1944
Smith, Rose E. unknown-unknown
Smith, Samuel unknown-unknown
Smith, Sarah 1728-unknown
Smith, Sarah unknown-unknown
Smith, Sidney unknown-unknown
Smith, Thomas unknown-unknown

Smithson, John unknown-unknown

Smock, Abigail 1823-aft. 1880
Smock, Abraham 1756-unknown
Smock, Abraham 1827-unknown
Smock, Abraham 1828-unknown
Smock, Adelade 1880-unknown
Smock, Aertje Hendrickse 1679-unknown
Smock, Alexander 1844-unknown
Smock, Alonzo 1846-unknown
Smock, Ann 1834-unknown
Smock, Anna abt. 1798-unknown
Smock, Anna E. 1885-unknown
Smock, Asa 1831-unknown
Smock, Barent aft. 1697-bef. 1755
Smock, Barent 1700-unknown
Smock, Barnet 1749-abt. 1829
Smock, Barnett 1798-unknown
Smock, Benjamin 1822-unknown
Smock, Carrie B. 1882-unknown
Smock, Charles F. 1890-unknown
Smock, Christopher 1797-aft. 1870
Smock, Christopher 1838-unknown
Smock, Cornelius 1765-1843
Smock, Cornelius 1806-1883
Smock, Cornelius 1805-unknown
Smock, Cyrus Herrington 1855-unknown
Smock, Darria M. 1895-unknown
Smock, David 1830-unknown
Smock, David 1854-unknown
Smock, Edward 1879-unknown
Smock, Elizabeth unknown-unknown
Smock, Elizabeth 1785-abt. 1877
Smock, Elizabeth 1836-unknown
Smock, Ella E. 1875-unknown
Smock, Esther 1838-unknown
Smock, Femmetje Barents 1718-unknown
Smock, Folkert 1752-abt. 1753
Smock, Folkert 1754-unknown
Smock, Gastie unknown-unknown
Smock, George McClellan 1863-unknown
Smock, George Washington 1834-1910
Smock, Gertrude E. 1891-unknown
Smock, Grace E. 1874-1926
Smock, Harrison 1854-bef. 1900
Smock, Harry B. 1883-unknown
Smock, Hendrick unknown-unknown
Smock, Hendrick 1698-1747
Smock, Hendrick Matthyse abt. 1644-aft. 1708
Smock, Henry 1851-unknown
Smock, Hiram 1831-unknown
Smock, Ida E. 1877-unknown
Smock, Irvin 1846-abt. 1915
Smock, Isabella/Elizabeth 1846-unknown
Smock, Jacob abt. 1805-unknown
Smock, Jacob 1807-1849
Smock, Jacob 1839-unknown
Smock, Jacob H. 1828-unknown
Smock, Jacobus unknown-unknown
Smock, James 1842-unknown
Smock, James 1836-unknown
Smock, Jennie abt. 1803-unknown
Smock, Jesse B. 1827-1869
Smock, Jesse Bernice 1886-unknown
Smock, Joanna/Ann unknown-unknown
Smock, Johannes unknown-unknown
Smock, Johannes H. abt. 1673-abt. 1756
Smock, John unknown-unknown
Smock, John aft. 1718-unknown
Smock, John 1760-bef. 1790
Smock, John 1795-1887
Smock, John M. 1798-unknown
Smock, John S. 1887-unknown
Smock, John Wesley 1835-unknown
Smock, Jonathan 1850-unknown
Smock, Jonathan 1829-1915
Smock, Joseph 1802-abt. 1875
Smock, Joseph 1840-unknown
Smock, Leendert 1716-unknown
Smock, Leendert Hendrickse abt. 1675-1739
Smock, Leonard unknown-unknown
Smock, Leonard 1730-1768
Smock, Leonard 1762-1833
Smock, Leonard 1805-abt. 1855
Smock, Leonard 1821-unknown
Smock, Leonard 1825-1905
Smock, Louis W. 1873-unknown
Smock, Lucas unknown-unknown
Smock, Maretje Hendrickse abt. 1670-1705
Smock, Margaret 1836-unknown
Smock, Mary unknown-unknown
Smock, Mary Ann 1831-unknown
Smock, Mary D. 1834-unknown
Smock, Mary (Polly) unknown-unknown
Smock, Mary Rebecca 1858-unknown
Smock, Mathias 1848-unknown
Smock, Matthias unknown-unknown
Smock, Matthys abt. 1618-unknown
Smock, Matthyse Hendrickse abt. 1669-1727
Smock, Melissa 1832-unknown
Smock, Milton I. 1881-unknown
Smock, Nancy 1830-unknown
Smock, Nancy 1843-unknown
Smock, Neeltje aft. 1697-unknown
Smock, Nettie 1760-bef. 1790
Smock, Oliver Perry 1856-unknown
Smock, Pearl F. 1883-unknown
Smock, Peter 1795-unknown
Smock, Peter 1842-unknown
Smock, Peter Monroe 1874-unknown
Smock, Peter Wayne 1796-1838
Smock, Philip 1833-unknown
Smock, Priscilla 1865-unknown
Smock, Rebecca Hendrickse 1681-aft. 1731
Smock, Sallie 1796-unknown
Smock, Sally/Sarah 1840-unknown
Smock, Samuel Harrison 1857-unknown
Smock, Sarah unknown-unknown
Smock, Sarah 1751-1752
Smock, Sarah 1828-unknown
Smock, Sarah 1842-unknown
Smock, Sarah A. 1857-unknown
Smock, Sarah Hendrickse abt. 1678-unknown
Smock, Sylvester 1848-1924
Smock, Sytie aft. 1697-unknown
Smock, Thomas Jefferson 1855-unknown
Smock, Wallace Roy 1886-unknown
Smock, Walter Ray 1886-unknown
Smock, Washington 1833-unknown
Smock, William abt. 1806-unknown
Smock, William 1832-1904
Smock, William Porter 1860-unknown

Sniffen, Nathaniel unknown-unknown

Snook, Nathaniel unknown-unknown

Snyder, Adah 1882-unknown
Snyder, Anstena 1830-1915
Snyder, Cora L. 1864-unknown
Snyder, Georgiana 1854-unknown
Snyder, Mary Catherine 1866-unknown
Snyder, Saferus 1821-1907
Snyder, Sarah Alice 1857-unknown
Snyder, Stephen Douglas 1859-unknown
Snyder, William Jefferson 1861-unknown

Sorenson, Fern Joanna 1919-1997
Sorenson, Florence Marie 1916-unknown

Sorlie, Albert Herbert 1890-1948
Sorlie, Minnie June 1925-1991

Sosh, Richard Allen 1853-1926

Spangler, Andrew Leroy 1922-1994
Spangler, Barbara Jean 1942-1987
Spangler, Sandra L. 1944-2005

Spargo, Edward Charles unknown-unknown

Spencer, George unknown-unknown
Spencer, Margaret Armstrong unknown-unknown
Spencer, Thomas unknown-unknown

Spikes, Sarah unknown-unknown

Spillman, Margaret unknown-unknown

Spires, George Augustus unknown-unknown

Sprague, Alfred Byron 1845-unknown
Sprague, Burt W. 1870-unknown
Sprague, Herbert Abel unknown-unknown
Sprague, Lela B. 1874-unknown
Sprague, Myrtle 1872-unknown

Sprong, Gerret unknown-unknown
Sprong, Barbara 1661-1737

Sprowl, Sarah abt. 1801-abt. 1870

Squire, Mary unknown-unknown

St. John, Elizabeth Trowbridge 1703-1786

Stamm, Frederick unknown-unknown
Stamm, Nicholas unknown-unknown

Stamper, Susanna 1767-1845

Standley, Rebecca 1715-1799

Stanford, Ada R. unknown-unknown
Stanford, John J. unknown-unknown
Stanley, John Jr. unknown-unknown
Stanley, Sarah 1695-1728

Stapp, Elizabeth unknown-unknown

Starrett, Archer John 1901-1968
Starrett, John Kenneth 1925-1989

Steadman, Experience unknown-unknown

Steenrod, Elizabeth unknown-unknown

Stephens, Elijah unknown-unknown

Sterling, Samuel unknown-unknown

Stevens, Mary unknown-unknown

Stevenson, William Cole unknown-unknown

Stewart, Anne unknown-unknown
Stewart, Gerritt Smith unknown-unknown
Stewart, Isabella 1791-1858

Stiles, Charles R. 1885-unknown

Stone, Ann unknown-unknown
Stone, Hellen P. 1857-1904
Stone, Henry unknown-unknown

Storm, Martha Ann M. unknown-unknown

Stoudt, Anna Barbara 1745-bef. 1817
Stoudt, Catharina Mary abt. 1747-unknown

Stovall, Bartholomew abt. 1665-1721
Stovall, Sarah 1735-abt. 1820
Stovall, Thomas abt. 1705-aft. 1740

Strach, Anna Katharina 1700-1753

Strange, Catherine unknown-unknown
Strange, David unknown-unknown
Strange, David unknown-unknown
Strange, Hudson unknown-unknown

Stratton, Samuel unknown-unknown

Stringer, Susannah abt. 1797-1855

Stroder, Anna Margartha unknown-unknown

Stroud, Catherine 1818-abt. 1875

Stroup, Donald Lee 1926-1998
Stroup, Helen May 1923-1990
Stroup, Margaret Louise 1930-1999
Stroup, Mary Arlene 1928-1995
Stroup, Paul Ernest 1919-unknown
Stroup, Pearly Paul 1897-1986
Stroup, Robert Edward 1921-2004
Stroup, Stanley Allen 1933-1998

Studwell, Abraham unknown-unknown

Sullivan, Huston unknown-unknown
Sullivan, Rebecca unknown-unknown

Summer, Jerome unknown-unknown

Summers, Abigail unknown-unknown
Summers, Hannah unknown-unknown
Summers, Henry unknown-unknown
Summers, Henry abt. 1703-unknown
Summers, John unknown-unknown
Summers, Martha unknown-unknown
Summers, Mary unknown-unknown
Summers, Patience unknown-unknown
Summers, Samuel abt. 1669-1728
Summers, Sarah bef. 1713-unknown

Sumner, William D. unknown-unknown

Sutphin, Arthur Jr. abt. 1794-abt. 1856
Sutphin, Hannah abt. 1790-bef. 1838
Sutphin, Isaac abt. 1822-unknown
Sutphin, James Lionel abt. 1832-unknown
Sutphin, Martha abt. 1815-unknown
Sutphin, Mary 1817-1891
Sutphin, Retta 1819-unknown

Sutton, Abigail 1805-1865
Sutton, Aaron Wayne 1843-1913
Sutton, Benjamin H. 1818-1871
Sutton, Christopher Columbus 1847-1857
Sutton, John M. 1856-abt. 1885
Sutton, Lafayette Boone 1850-1874
Sutton, Madora A. 1852-1888
Sutton, Mary E. 1846-unknown
Sutton, Mary (Polly) 1800-abt. 1875
Sutton, Stephen J., Jr. unknown-unknown

Swart, Johannes unknown-aft. 1731

Swarts, Catharine 1793-1847

Sweet, Ebenezer unknown-unknown
Sweet, George S. unknown-unknown
Sweet, Rebekah 1746-1806
Sweet, Salona unknown-unknown

Sweigert, John unknown-unknown

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