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Sabin, Nehemiah unknown-1676

Salisbury, Jane unknown-unknown

Salvador, Wes unknown-unknown

Sandage, Nathan unknown-unknown

Sanderson, James unknown-unknown

Sargent, Eleanor unknown-unknown

Sassaman, Andreas 1725-1804
Sassaman, Anna Catherine 1776-unknown
Sassaman, Catharina 1767-unknown
Sassaman, Elizabeth 1770-unknown
Sassaman, George Heinrich 1774-1797
Sassaman, Henry 1745-unknown
Sassaman, Jacob 1746-1789
Sassaman, Jacob 1768-unknown
Sassaman, Johan Heinrich 1751-unknown
Sassaman, Johann George 1722-1793
Sassaman, John 1786-unknown
Sassaman, Laurence 1779-unknown
Sassaman, Maria Gertraut 1754-unknown
Sassaman, Maria Magdalena 1756-1833
Sassaman, Mary Margaret 1781-1851
Sassaman, Samuel 1788-1801
Sassaman, Sarah 1783-unknown

Sassamannshausen, Anna Catharina 1680-unknown
Sassamannshausen, Anna Elisabeth 1719-unknown
Sassamannshausen, Anna Julianna 1688-unknown
Sassamannshausen, Anna Julianna abt. 1727-aft. 1767
Sassamannshausen, Catherine 1732-1809
Sassamannshausen, Dorothea 1737-aft. 1767
Sassamannshausen, Henry abt. 1729-1783
Sassamannshausen, Herman Mannus 1683-unknown
Sassamannshausen, Johan Gilbert 1682-unknown
Sassamannshausen, Johan George 1691-unknown
Sassmannshausen, Hans Heinrich 1692-unknown
Sassmannshausen, Johannes 1700-unknown
Sassmannshausen, Johann Peter 1653-unknown
Sassamannshausen, John Gilbert 1684-unknown
Sassmannshausen, Jost Heinrich 1696-1767
Sassamannshausen, Maria Gertraut 1741-aft. 1767
Sassamannshausen, Sophia 1739-1808
Sassamannshausen, Susanna 1687-unknown

Sauer, Annabelle 1901-1984
Sauer, Goldie M. 1899-1936
Sauer, Julius Everett 1905-1967
Sauer, Julius Thomas 1860-aft. 1930

Saunders, Helen M. unknown-unknown

Schenck, Adaline Melissa 1852-unknown
Schenck, Alla 1857-unknown
Schenck, James S. 1845-unknown
Schenck, Mary unknown-unknown
Schenck, Melvin 1822-unknown
Schenck, Oscar L. 1850-unknown
Schmidt, Edna L. unknown-unknown

Schneider, Bernhard unknown-unknown

Schoolcraft, Alsina C. 1847-unknown
Schoolcraft, Catherine Mary 1840-unknown
Schoolcraft, Eleaner M. 1833-unknown
Schoolcraft, John H. 1843-unknown
Schoolcraft, Orris M. 1832-unknown
Schoolcraft, Thomas abt. 1797-unknown
Schoolcraft, William John 1836-1885

Schoonover, Clark private
Schoonover, Duane L. 1951-1951
Schoonover, Susan private
Schoonover, Vernon Leroy 1926-1996

Schultz, John private

Scott, Francis unknown-unknown
Scott, Sarah unknown-unknown

Scudamore, Sir John unknown-unknown

Scudder, Joseph unknown-unknown

van der Schure, Femmetie unknown-unknown

Seacord, Adelia 1859-abt. 1865
Seacord, Esther 1860-unknown
Seacord, Edward 1879-unknown
Seacord, Flora 1875-unknown
Seacord, Frank Clayton 1866-unknown
Seacord, George 1862-unknown
Seacord, Irving 1872-unknown
Seacord, Joshua 1835-1919
Seacord, Mary 1861-unknown
Seacord, Thomas 1868-unknown

Sease, Alzadia Woodard 1829-abt. 1905

Seeley, Dortha Mae unknown-unknown
Seeley, Elizabeth unknown-unknown
Seeley, James unknown-unknown
Seeley, Sarah abt. 1680-unknown

Seely, Morris unknown-unknown

Seiders, William E. unknown-unknown

Settle, Henry 1789-unknown
Settle, Jacob 1760-unknown
Settle, Jacob 1797-unknown
Settle, Mary Sophia 1791-unknown
Settle, Sarah 1805-1870

Seymour, John unknown-unknown

Shadley, Henry unknown-unknown

Shannon, Amelia 1779-1832
Shannon, Anna B. unknown-1883

Shattuck, Alfred unknown-unknown

Shaver, Rensselaer unknown-unknown
Shaver, Sylvester unknown-unknown

Shaw, Alvin Wells unknown-unknown

Shearman, Alden unknown-unknown
Shearman, Peleg unknown-unknown

Sheldon, Sarah Elizabeth 1834-unknown

Shelton, Andrew unknown-unknown
Shelton, Jane unknown-unknown

Shepard, Dorothy 1669-1746
Shepard, John unknown-unknown
Shepard, Sarah 1665-unknown
Shepard, Sarah unknown-unknown

Shepardson, Elizabeth unknown-unknown
Shepardson, Joanna 1670-1719
Shepardson, John unknown-unknown

Shepherd, Catherine unknown-unknown

Sherwood, Elizabeth unknown-unknown
Sherwood, Patience unknown-unknown

Shively, Henry B. 1799-1882
Shively, Henry S. 1836-unknown
Shively, John 1829-unknown
Shively, Sanford 1825-unknown
Shively, Susan 1823-unknown
Shively, William 1833-unknown

Sibert, Katherine unknown-unknown

Siegfried, Johannes unknown-unknown

Slawson, Ebenezer unknown-unknown
Slawson, Elizabeth 1797-unknown
Slawson, Hamilton 1791-1873
Slawson, Nathaniel abt. 1764-aft. 1850
Slawson, Nathaniel 1784-1828

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