Taken from: Fullers, Sissons and Scotts
by Carol Clark Johnson

Samuel Fuller was born posthumously, November 23, 1676. His mother, Mary, married December 27, 1677, John Redway and with the baby Samuel, moved into John's house in the Palmer River section of Rehoboth. When Samuel was about 2 1/2 years old, his grandfather, Robert, on May 20, 1679, deeded him 25 acres of upland meadow on the west side of the river as well as £50 in Commonage Rights in Rehoboth, all to be held in trust by his mother until Samuel became 21. By that time Samuel had 47 acres and he eventually became one of the more prosperous farmers of Rehoboth. He married December 16, 1700/01, Dorothy Wilmarth, daughter of John and Ruth (Kendrick) Wilmarth, a second cousin. The farm of Samuel remained in the family for 160 years. He held town offices: field driver March 18, 1705/06; surveyor of highways January 1, 1706/07 and March 28, 1709; constable March 28, 1720; and in 1723 was on a committee to lay out and bound new land. In 1710 he was in the Rehoboth militia as was required of all able bodied men 18 to 45. He helped organize a new Congregational church at Palmer River. He died December 19, 1724, age 48. His will named his sons and daughters. His widow died September 17, 1772, past 90; was buried in the old Palmer River churchyard on Lake St., probably beside her husband. His inventory totaled £1,024.10s.8d. January 19, 1724/25.

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