Courtesy of Joni Zeglin-Lerum
Appeared in: The Post
October 28, 1898

A Useful LIfe Ended

The death of Robert D. Rhead occurred on last Saturday morning, at his home one mile and a quarter north of Hudson on the county line. Mr. Rhead was born May 7, 1817, at Rensselaerville, Albany County, New York, in the township of Bern. At the age of two years the family moved to Phelps, New York.

When he was 21 years old he came to Michigan, where he lived from 1838 to 1840. Returning to New York state, he spent four years and then came back to Michigan and settled in Nankin, Wayne County, living there until 1874, when he removed to Plymouth.

In 1880 he moved to Hudson, becoming the owner and proprietor of the Comstock House, which he successfully conducted for several years. Retiring from the hotel, he settled on the Finney farm north of Hudson, where he resided until his death.

Mr. Rhead had been a great sufferer for the past ten months and death came to him as a relief from continued pain.

The funeral service was held at the family residence on Monday afternoon, conducted by a personal friend of Mr. Rhead and his family, the Rev. William G. Roberts, who spoke of "God's care for His children," reading as his text, Peter 3:13, "And who is He that will harm, if ye be followers of that which is good," the text having been marked by Mr. Rhead in his Bible.

Mr. Roberts urged that God cares for all his children according to their individual needs. The results of that care depending upon the children, and that this divine oversight does not end with what we call death, but passes over into the life beyond - and that the separation of friends is not absolute, but there will be a meeting in "the spring time."

The quartette rendered beautiful songs.

The funeral was attended by a large number of friends. The Master Masons gave the beautiful ritual service of their order at Maple Grove Cemetery, under the lead of Grand Master S. R. Lawrence.