Many thanks to Joni Zeglin-Lerum for sending this info. It was found in the Detroit Society for Genealogical Research Magazine, May 1941

A Rhead Family Bible Record

Copied by Margaret Hubbard Williams of Detroit

The Bible, now owned by Mrs. Anna Corser Rhead of Detroit, was published by the American Bible Society, New York, 1857. In the front, in handwriting, appears the following inscription:
This Bible used during the Camp Meeting held in Detroit District, Detroit Conference, August 7-14th, 1860 and presented to Robert D. Rhead, Esq. by the ministers of the District as a token of their personal regard for the efficient service rendered by him as an officer in keeping order on the grounds. Humbly praying that it may prove to him and his the "Lamp of Life" they affectionately subscribe themselves his true friends.
J. F. Davidson P. E.
Wm. Benson, Jr.
B. H. Hedger
F. A. Blades
William C. Way
George I. Betts
J. W. Kellogg
John J. Gridley
D. C. Jacokes
Thomas Stalker
Arthur Edwards, Jr.
John Levington
Thomas Makelin
Camp Ground near Wayne, Mich. Aug. 13, 1860

Robert D. Rhead - Adelia E. Kinyon - January the 1st, 1844
Jane Pitts (2nd wife) January the 10th, 1864 (Note: Nee Jane Robinson, widow Pitts, MHW)
Dewey W. Rhead and Anna Mae Corser - August 28th, 1901

Robert D. Rhead, May the 7th, 1812
Adelia E. Rhead, Nov. the 8th, 1814
William J. Rhead, Oct. 28, 1847 (or 48)
Peter Rhead, Jan. 10, 1851
Arvilla C. Rhead, Sept. 7, 1853 or 55
Jane Rhead, Apr. 24, 1830
Dewey W. Rhead, Feb. 2, 1869
Anna Mae Corser Rhead, Mar. 30, 1875
Robert George Rhead, Apr. 17, 1903
Donald Corser Rhead, Aug. 16, 1911

Peter Rhead, Sept. 7, 1852
Adelia E. Rhead, May 4, 1862
Arvilla C. Rhead, June 6, 1895
Robert D. Rhead, Sr., Oct. 22, 1898, Age 81-5-15 - A discrepancy exists here. Robert was 81 when he died in 1898 yet in this same bible, his birth is recorded as 1812. I believe Robert was actually born in 1818; his brother Aden was born in 1812.
Jane Rhead, Feb. 18, 1911, Age 80-9-24
Dewey W. Rhead, Dec. 5, 1912, Age 43-10-2
William D. Rhead, Oct. 30, 1916, Age 72 yrs., 2 days
Robert George Rhead, Sept. 9, 1937 at Almanza, Spain Age 34 yrs., 4 mo., 22 days (Radio expert in Abraham Lincoln Battalion)

Texts marked on margin of Bible
I. Peter III 15 Rev. W. Benson
I. Peter III 12-14 Rev. T. Makelin
James IV 3 J. J. Gridley
Isaiah XXI 11-13 F. A. Blades
Isaiah XLII 1-5 Rev. Jacokes
S. Luke XI 13 Rev. T. Makelin
S. Luke XIX 10 Rev. Edwards Jr.
S. Luke XIX 41-42 Rev. F. A. Blades
Romans I. 16 Rev. J. Lenington
Romans VIII 21 F. A. Blades

Robinson Family
(On a scrap of paper between leaves of the Rhead Bible)
Jim, Nov. 28, 1826, Aged 78 in 1904
Jane, April 24, 1830, Aged 74 in 1904
Hugh, May 1, 1832, Aged 72 in 1904
Susan, Oct. 17, 1834, Aged 70 in 1904
Martha, Dec. 6, 1836, Aged 67 in 1904
Rose, Oct. 24, 1841, Aged 63 in 1904