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  Burton  Rhead
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Radeker, Jacob unknown-unknown
Radeker, John unknown-unknown

Rall, John unknown-unknown

Raplee, Frances unknown-unknown
Raplee, Sarah E. 1794-1873

Rathbun, David 1768-unknown
Rathbun, Edmund 1737-1801
Rathbun, Edmund 1777-unknown
Rathbun, Electa 1770-unknown
Rathbun, Elsie 1769-unknown
Rathbun, Gideon 1766-unknown
Rathbun, John 1762-unknown
Rathbun, Lovinia 1779-unknown
Rathbun, Perry 1760-unknown

Raymer, Katherine 1807-1894

Read, Mattie unknown-unknown

Reasoner, Nicholas unknown-unknown
Reasoner, Solomon unknown-unknown

Redaway, Mary unknown-unknown
Redaway, Sarah abt. 1645-1717

Redd, Eliza unknown-unknown

Reed, Elsie unknown-unknown
Reed, John unknown-unknown
Reed, Kate unknown-unknown
Reed, Keziah unknown-unknown

Reeves, Emily J. unknown-unknown

Rexroat, Moses unknown-unknown

Reynolds, Asa Douglas 1787-unknown
Reynolds, Elizabeth unknown-unknown
Reynolds, Esther 1795-unknown
Reynolds, Jeremiah unknown-unknown
Reynolds, John Hinckley 1790-unknown
Reynolds, Justus 1793-unknown
Reynolds, Levi 1777-unknown
Reynolds, Mercy 1781-unknown
Reynolds, Shubal 1775-unknown
Reynolds, Susan E. unknown-unknown

Rice, Benjamin unknown-unknown
Rice, Lucy 1784-1873
Rice, Rebecca abt. 1795-unknown

Rich, Mary 1825-aft. 1900

Richardson, Alonzo unknown-unknown
Richardson, Eunice 1746-aft. 1810
Richardson, Mary 1715-1773
Richardson, Tacy 1754-unknown

Richstein, Christian unknown-unknown

Ridley, Elizabeth unknown-unknown

Rieves, Sarah Ann unknown-unknown

Riggins, David H. unknown-unknown

Risby, Mary unknown-unknown

Ritchey, Mary Ann unknown-unknown

Roberts, Janet (Jane) 1785-unknown
Roberts, Mary L. unknown-unknown
Roberts, Mercy unknown-unknown

Robertson, David W. 1832-unknown
Robertson, George 1793-bef. 1860
Robertson, John A. 1829-unknown
Robertson, Louisa Jane 1826-abt. 1896
Robertson, Sarah J. 1841-unknown

Robey, Hannah unknown-unknown

Robinson, Dorcas abt. 1758-1837
Robinson, Elma Mae unknown-unknown
Robinson, John unknown-unknown
Robinson, Joseph unknown-1782

Rockey, Jack Lee unknown-unknown

de Rodington, Anna A. unknown-unknown

Roff, Rebecca 1801-1870

Rogers, Abigail unknown-unknown
Rogers, John unknown-unknown
Rogers, Patience unknown-unknown

Roosa, Sally B. unknown-unknown

Rosdow, William unknown-unknown

Rose, Margaret unknown-unknown
Rose, Sybil unknown-unknown

Rosenthal, Ethel Maude 1884-unknown
Rosenthal, Harry J. 1892-unknown
Rosenthal, John 1860-unknown
Rosenthal, Walter L. 1896-unknown

Ross, Alma 1873-unknown
Ross, Benedict Joseph 1841-abt. 1915
Ross, Catherine Reed 1839-1906
Ross, Eugene 1875-unknown
Ross, Lillie 1865-unknown
Ross, Joseph H. 1867-unknown
Ross, Margaret "Maggie" 1877-unknown
Ross, Mary J. 1870-unknown

Rounds, Lester unknown-unknown

Rowland, Jerome unknown-unknown

Roy, Laura unknown-unknown

Rudd, Jonathan unknown-unknown

Ruscoe, Samuel unknown-unknown

Russell, Ann E. 1871-unknown
Russell, Burt A. 1877-unknown
Russell, Hannah 1689-bef. 1733
Russell, James 1830-unknown
Russell, Theresa 1868-unknown

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