Origin, History and Genealogy of The Buck Family - Written in 1889 by Cornelius B. Harvey. (282 pages)

Connecticut Town Birth Records, Pre 1870 - I only have the listings for the Gregory family from Norwalk, Connecticut. (5 pages)

Covert Ancestry - From Theunis Janssen in 1651 to Elisha Covert in 1831. Reprinted from the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, 1906. (20 pages)

Covert Brothers - Elisha, Isaac, and Lucas Covert. (6 pages)

Descendants of James Buck - Starting with James Buck around 1531 and ending with present day. This was done using Family Tree Maker but I didn't make a note about who did it. (175 pages)

The Essex Antiquarian, Vol. IX - A quarterly magazine devoted to the biography, genealogy, history and antiquities of Essex County, Massachusetts. (235 pages)

The Hickok Genealogy, Descendants of William Hickoks of Farmington, Connecticut - Only have pages showing the Gregory ancestors of the Hickok family in England and Connecticut. (7 pages)

A Memorial of the Parish and Family of Hanmer in Flintshire - A very interesting book about the Hanmer/Hamner family. (280 pages)

Inscriptions Copied from the Gravestones in St. John's Cemetery, Yonkers, NY - Covers many surnames with an index at the end for quick reference. (222 pages)

A Problem in Genealogical History - An article discussing the possibility of John Gedney's second wife being Mary Prince. (4 pages)

Westchester County New York Biographical - Biographies of families living in Westchester County, NY, covering the 19th and early 20th centuries. (602 pages)

William H. Archer Biography - This biography of William H. Archer was taken from Biographical History of Westchester County, New York. (4 pages)

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