Public Papers of George Clinton, First Governor of New York


The Petition of Jacob Rhead, of Philips Precinct, Dutchess County, to be discharged forthwith from jail.

Unto his Excellency, George Clinton, Esq., Governor, General of the Militia, and Admiral of the Navy of the State of New York.

Humbly Sheweth

That your Petitioner, last week, left his own house, and paid a visit to his Mother a little below Terrytown, and was, while on his return home, apprehended by a scouting party brought to Pecks Kill, and from thence here. As your Petitioner has upon all occasions demonstrated himself a friend to his country and has repeatedly been employed in its service, he conceives himself greatly injured; for if he went over the line of separation he did it through ignorance, and it is evident he had no intention of going over to the enemy as he was taken at Terrytown, when returning.

Your Petitioner, therefore, prays that your Excellency will order that he may be immediately examined and if, as he must be, found innocent, restored to his Liberty, as his confinement occasions great distress to his family. And your Petitioner as in duty bound shall ever pray.

Kingston Goal, Sept. 18, 1777
Jacob Rhead