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Paine, Jane unknown-unknown
Paine, Judith abt. 1707-unknown

Palmatier, Abram 1853-unknown
Palmatier, Elbridge 1865-unknown
Palmatier, George 1851-unknown
Palmatier, Irene 1858-unknown
Palmatier, Jessie 1868-unknown
Palmatier, Mary Ada 1863-unknown
Palmatier, Melissa 1856-unknown
Palmatier, Michael 1820-1894

Palmer, Emeline unknown-unknown
Palmer, Laura M. unknown-unknown
Palmer, Martha unknown-unknown
Palmer, Mary 1763-1852
Palmer, S. G. unknown-unknown

Pannebecker, Elizabeth unknown-unknown
Pannebecker, Martha 1706-1761

Pardee, Elizabeth 1660-unknown

Parker, Annis unknown-unknown
Parker, Aurilla 1806-1882
Parker, John unknown-unknown
Parker, Julia Almeda 1807-1902
Parker, Mary unknown-unknown
Parker, Richard unknown-unknown
Parker, Sterling (Captain) unknown-unknown
Parker, Susan unknown-unknown

Parkman, Deliverance unknown-unknown

Parkus, Abigail unknown-unknown

Parre, Dorothy abt. 1478-1502

Parton, Ella L. 1891-unknown
Parton, Dora 1902-unknown
Parton, George E. (Ned) 1883-1968
Parton, James Garland 1885-1971
Parton, Jessie May 1888-1930
Parton, John M. 1893-unknown
Parton, John Nelson 1858-1905
Parton, Ollie Ray 1899-1964
Parton, Samuel Raymond 1897-unknown

Partrick, Noah unknown-unknown

Pattashall/Pateshall, Mary unknown-1716

Patrick, Ann unknown-unknown

Patterson, M. E. unknown-unknown

Pawling, Elizabeth unknown-unknown

Paxson, John unknown-unknown

Payne, Agnes unknown-unknown
Payne, Ann 1766-unknown
Payne, Anne unknown-unknown
Payne, Charles unknown-unknown
Payne, Elizabeth 1760-unknown
Payne, Elizabeth 1763-unknown
Payne, George 1707-1784
Payne, George 1734-unknown
Payne, Jesse unknown-unknown
Payne, John unknown-unknown
Payne, Joseph 1758-unknown
Payne, Kiturah 1765-unknown
Payne, Mary unknown-unknown
Payne, Mary unknown-unknown
Payne, Richard 1765-unknown
Payne, Robert unknown-unknown
Payne, Robert Jr. unknown-unknown
Payne, Robert Burton unknown-unknown
Payne, Susanna unknown-unknown

Peak, Frances/Franky unknown-unknown

Pearson, Catherine unknown-unknown

Pease, Sarah 1663-abt. 1735

Peacock, Hannah unknown-unknown

Peck, Austin E. unknown-unknown

Pens, Philip unknown-unknown

Perrin, Nancy Ann abt. 1735-abt. 1797

Perkins, Abram unknown-1742
Perkins, Constantine 1682-1767
Perkins, Elizabeth 1643-unknown
Perkins, Elizabeth unknown-unknown
Perkins, Lydia abt. 1640-aft. 1690
Perkins, Mary unknown-unknown
Perkins, Nicholas 1614-abt. 1664

Perkins, Nicholas 1647-abt. 1711
Perkins, Nicholas unknown-abt. 1709
Perkins, Philemon unknown-1769
Perkins, Richard unknown-unknown
Perkins, Sarah unknown-unknown

Perry, Joanna unknown-unknown
Perry, Nathaniel unknown-unknown

Peters, Sarah unknown-unknown

Peterson, Elizabeth abt. 1818-aft. 1880

Philbin, Lucinda 1862-unknown

Phillips, John unknown-unknown
Phillips, Juda unknown-unknown

Pidcock, Nancy unknown-unknown

Pidge, Rachel 1689-1733

Pierson, Henry unknown-unknown

Pigman, Ignatius unknown-unknown

Pillow, Martha A. unknown-unknown

Pitman, Mary Groom unknown-unknown

Pitts, Catherine 1852-unknown
Pitts, James William 1849-unknown
Pitts, Jane Robinson 1830-1911
Pitts, John 1847-unknown
Pitts, Philip unknown-bef. 1860

Platt, Joseph unknown-unknown

Pleasants, Mary unknown-unknown

Platt, Isaac unknown-unknown
Platt, Phebe 1779-1859
Platt, Sarah unknown-unknown

Poe, Rayma unknown-unknown

Pollard, Ann unknown-unknown

Poppino, Christian unknown-unknown

Porter, Amos unknown-unknown
Porter, Hannah unknown-unknown

Post, Mary M. unknown-unknown
Post, Willem unknown-unknown

Potter, John unknown-unknown
Potter, Nicholas unknown-unknown

Pottinger, Anne unknown-aft. 1714

Potts, Richard unknown-unknown
Potts, Thomas Wilson unknown-unknown

Poulussen, Dirck unknown-unknown

Powell, Hannah Morton abt. 1778-aft. 1842
Powell, James G. unknown-unknown
Powell, James L. unknown-unknown
Powell, Penelope abt. 1753-bef. 1824
Powell, Stephen unknown-unknown

Powis, Hawis unknown-unknown

Pratt, Bathsheba unknown-unknown
Pratt, Catherine unknown-unknown
Pratt, Elizabeth unknown-unknown
Pratt, George E. unknown-unknown

Preston, Sarah Almira unknown-unknown

Prewitt, Mary Ann unknown-unknown

Price, Joseph Clarence unknown-unknown
Price, William unknown-unknown
Price, William unknown-unknown

Pridemore, Jane Spears 1926-1998

Prince, Mary unknown-unknown

Puleston, John unknown-unknown
Puleston, Roger unknown-unknown

Pully, Isaac unknown-unknown

Purdy, Annis 1826-abt. 1905

Pursen, Lindsay unknown-unknown

Puryear, Reuben unknown-unknown

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