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Oakley, Mary Augusta 1815-1880
Oakley, Susannah unknown-unknown

O'Brien, Theresa Agnes unknown-unknown

Odell, Sarah unknown-unknown
Odell, Sarah abt. 1784-unknown

Ogan, Mariah unknown-unknown

Oldenburg, Fredrick Richard 1937-2001

Olmstead, Darius unknown-unknown

O'Neal, Aaron 1801-1862
O'Neal, Bryan 1751-unknown
O'Neal, Bryant 1731-bef. 1821
O'Neal, Bryant unknown-unknown
O'Neal, Charles 1736-unknown
O'Neal/Neal, Charles abt. 1779-abt. 1855
O'Neal, Constantine abt. 1710-unknown
O'Neal, Constantine 1753-1834
O'Neal, Eleanor 1754-unknown
O'Neal, Elizabeth 1786-1792
O'Neal, Elizabeth 1794-1865
O'Neal, George abt. 1769-1801
O'Neal, James abt. 1782-1833
O'Neal, James Constantine abt. 1805-1860
O'Neal, Jane abt. 1800-unknown
O'Neal, John "Jackie" 1744-1832
O'Neal, John, Jr. 1777-unknown
O'Neal, Joseph aft. 1801-unknown
O'Neal, Moses 1801-1871

O'Neal, Nancy 1784-unknown
O'Neal, Polly aft. 1801-unknown
O'Neal, Sarah unknown-unknown
O'Neal, Spencer abt. 1767-unknown
O'Neal, Thomas 1792-1851
O'Neal, William Spencer bef. 1795-1869

O'Neale, William, Capt. unknown-unknown

Ormeston, Ada unknown-unknown

Ormsby, Berton R. 1874-unknown
Ormsby, Eunice C. 1848-unknown
Ormsby, Helen L. 1855-1925
Ormsby, Hiram H. 1844-unknown
Ormsby, James Henry 1846-unknown
Ormsby, Leda M. 1880-unknown
Ormsby, Lyman abt. 1808-1892
Ormsby, Mary 1672-1720
Ormsby, Melvin 1850-unknown
Ormsby, Melvina 1850-unknown
Ormsby, R. W. 1883-unknown

Orsser/Orser, Edward unknown-unknown

Osborn, Verlinda unknown-unknown

Osterhoudt, Mary C. unknown-unknown

Owen, Minerva Jane unknown-unknown

Owens, Elizabeth unknown-unknown

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