Mystery Photos

I haven't been able to identify all of the people in these photos. If you know who they are, please e-mail me.


A picture of an unknown family.

Click here to enlarge photo. The older woman kneeling in the dark dress is shown in a photo with Harvey Carpenter (below) but her identity is unknown. The others in the photo are unknown.


A picture of Harvey Carpenter and an unknown woman.

Click here to enlarge photo. I had originally labeled the man in this photo as Harvey Carpenter but now I think it might be Hiram Ormsby. The woman in the photo is the same woman who is shown in photos 1, 2, 3 & 4. Photo #4 was taken about 1926 and Harvey Carpenter died in 1907. Yet, the woman is wearing the same dress in photos #1, #2 & #4 and appears to be the same age in these photos even though there is 19 years difference between 1907-1926. My grandmother labeled this photo as "Midi" and Harvey Carpenter's daughter was named Almeda and she married Hiram Ormsby. Almeda was born in 1851 so if this photo was taken in the 1920's, she would have been 69-78 years old and this woman fits that age. Both Almeda and Hiram died between 1920-1930 but I don't have an exact date of death for either one of them. Photo #4 was taken about 1926 and the man isn't in that picture so he apparently died before Almeda. Does anyone know if this is Hiram Ormsby and Almeda Carpenter Ormsby?


A picture of a Carpenter family.

Click here to enlarge photo. Carpenter Family Reunion? Harvey Carpenter is third from right; others are unknown.


A picture of a Williams family reunion.

Click here to enlarge photo. This appears to be a Williams/Rhead Reunion photo. The third woman from the right (holding baby) is Alice Edith Williams. The older woman kneeling on the right is the same woman pictured with Harvey Carpenter. The third woman from left in front (dark dress) is Minnie R. Williams. My father thinks the girl to Minnie's immediate right is Muriel Hanson. In the back row, the third man from the left is John H. Rhead and standing on his right is Walter Rhead with his wife, Eulalie. The sixth man from the left is my grandfather, Hugh Rhead. The second boy from the left, standing in the middle row directly in front of John Rhead, is Robert Lawrence Rhead. (Identified by his son, Don Rhead.) He appears to be about 10 or 11 years old which would date this photo to 1925-1926. The baby that Alice Rhead is holding could possibly be Minnie June Sorlie, Alice's granddaughter, who was born in 1925. If it is Minnie June, then her parents, Norma Rhead Sorlie and Albert Sorlie must be in the photo but I'm not sure which ones they are. Others in the photo are unknown.


A picture of Benjamin Lyons family.

Click here to enlarge photo. The man in front of the tree, with the beard, is Benjamin Lyons. The girl standing on his left (with her hand on Ben's knee) is my grandmother, Frances Lucille Lyons and the woman on her left is Benjamin's wife, Sarah Maria Woodruff. Directly over Sarah's left shoulder is Irene Lyons. The second man from the right is Earl Theron Lyons, my great-grandfather. This is clearly a photo of the Benjamin Lyons family but I can only identify five of the people. The photo was taken around 1911.


A picture of Benjamin Lyons family.

Click here to enlarge photo. Benjamin Lyons and his wife, Sarah Maria Woodruff are seated in front of their children. The man standing between his two sisters is Earl Theron Lyons but I don't know the names of the others. Actually, I know the names, I just can't put names to faces.


A picture of an unknown family.

Click here to enlarge photo. Lynda Lerum showed this photo to her mother, Velma Rhead Lerum, and Velma identified three people. (Thank you Velma & Lynda!) The man on the left is Fred Dunn. Slightly behind him and to his left is his wife, Fannie Rhead Dunn and behind her and to her left is Velma Rhead. The young woman in the center of the photo, in the white blouse, is Hazel Dunn. To Hazel's left is Flora Endicott Rhead and the man between them is Flora's husband, William Rhead. My father identified the two people on the right as Helen Kilburg and her husband, Basil Burnett. We know that William and Flora Rhead are in this photo so it makes sense that their younger children would also be in the photo. Therefore, I believe that the boy on the left covering his eyes is Richard Rex Rhead. The boy next to him is William Don Rhead and the little girl holding William's hand is Myrtle June Rhead. The girl with the broken arm is Opal Rhead. I believe the photo must have been taken around 1934, based on how old the children look.


A picture of Walter Rhead and friends.

Click here to enlarge photo. This picture was labeled Walter Rhead and friends. Walter Rhead is on the left and my father believes the man on the right is Archie Dunn but we don't know the identity of the other man.

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