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Mabie, Hamilton W. unknown-unknown
Mabie, Levi Jeremiah unknown-unknown

de Macclesfield, Thomas 1242-unknown

MacKay, George unknown-unknown

Magoon, Elizabeth unknown-unknown

Mahan, Alexander abt. 1775-abt. 1845
Mahan, Alfred Adam 1819-1906
Mahan, Gabriel abt. 1807-abt. 1836
Mahan, George Gabriel 1860-1862
Mahan, Isabel 1813-abt. 1875
Mahan, Maria 1835-unknown
Mahan, Mary 1818-1911
Mahan, Mary Ann 1834-unknown
Mahan, Minnie 1893-unknown
Mahan, Nancy R. abt. 1829-unknown
Mahan, Anna abt. 1826-unknown
Mahan, Melinda 1832-aft. 1880
Mahan, Louisa Anna 1866-1898
Mahan, Alice 1857-1935
Mahan, Helm Lowrey 1862-1928
Mahan, Mary Belle 1871-1939
Mahan, William 1817-aft. 1860
Mahan, William 1869-unknown

Mallinson, Mary bef. 1606-bef. 1652

Manley, Ted private

Mann, John Washington unknown-unknown

Mansfield, Andrew Lynn unknown-unknown

Marshall, Margery unknown-unknown
Marshall, Sarah unknown-aft. 1790

Martin, Francis John, Sr. 1909-1968
Martin, Francis John, Jr. private
Martin, Mary Ann 1942-2008
Martin, Michael Leo private
Martin, James unknown-unknown
Martin, Joseph unknown-unknown

Mason, Laura (Lorinda) 1811-1901

Masters, John unknown-unknown
Masters, Neva Rae private

Matter, Laura Adda unknown-unknown

Matthews, Ann unknown-unknown
Matthews, Anthony unknown-unknown

Mattison, Arlene unknown-unknown

Maverill, Judith unknown-unknown

Maxwell, Eulah Belle 1878-unknown

Mayhew, Agnes 1552-1612
Mayhew, Alice unknown-unknown
Mayhew, Bethiah 1636-unknown
Mayhew, Edward unknown-unknown
Mayhew, Hannah 1635-1722
Mayhew, John unknown-unknown
Mayhew, Katherine unknown-unknown
Mayhew, Martha 1642-unknown
Mayhew, Mary 1639-unknown
Mayhew, Matthew abt. 1550-1614
Mayhew, Thomas abt. 1519-1590
Mayhew, Thomas 1593-1682
Mayhew, Thomas abt. 1621-1657

Mayow, Edward abt. 1507-unknown
Mayow, Henry abt. 1511-unknown
Mayhew, Joane unknown-unknown
Mayow, John abt. 1505-unknown
Mayow, Robert abt. 1480-1520
Mayow, Simon abt. 1455-unknown
Mayow, Walter abt. 1513-unknown

McCrillis, Mary Abby 1847-abt. 1886

McFarland, Amanda unknown-unknown

McGalleard, Sarah unknown-unknown

McIntire, Clark E. unknown-unknown

McKay, Eleanor abt. 1775-abt. 1825
McKay, Uriah Hugh unknown-unknown

McKinney, Amanda Melvina 1821-1852
McKinney, America Elizabeth 1829-1906
McKinney, James 1772-1853
McKinney, James Henry abt. 1820-unknown
McKinney, Julia 1851-unknown
McKinney, Lucy 1859-unknown
McKinney, Mary Ann 1818-unknown
McKinney, Mary J. 1849-unknown
McKinney, Mary "Polly" 1768-1857
McKinney, Nancy E. 1850-unknown
McKinney, Nancy Emily 1826-unknown
McKinney, Polly 1801-1874
McKinney, Ransom abt. 1798-unknown
McKinney, Susan Jane 1815-unknown
McKinney, William W. 1856-unknown

McKnight, Mary Beekman unknown-unknown
McKnight, Nettie Mae 1880-1972

McMahon, Mildred Belle 1894-unknown

McSwain, Cass unknown-unknown

McVickar, Mary Grace 1825-aft. 1880

Mead, Martha unknown-unknown

Medcalf, Theresa unknown-unknown

Merrill, Ida 1870-1892
Merrill, Festus H. 1850-1912

Merritt, Amanda M. 1841-unknown
Merritt, Anna S. 1851-unknown
Merritt, Antoinette M. 1849-unknown
Merritt, Blake John 1877-1960
Merritt, Charles O. 1846-unknown
Merritt, Decker A. 1874-1945
Merritt, Elizabeth 1852-unknown
Merritt, Frances A. 1849-unknown
Merritt, George E. 1836-1905
Merritt, George W. 1868-1959
Merritt, Harland H. 1886-1887
Merritt, Harriett F. 1879-1939
Merritt, Jacob C. 1869-1934
Merritt, James Darwin 1850-unknown
Merritt, Jennie Louise 1872-1931
Merritt, John 1807-1882
Merritt, John G. 1844-unknown
Merritt, Margaret A. 1862-1902
Merritt, Sarah E. 1839-1882

Merryman, Agnes unknown-unknown

Mershon, Sarah 1752-1831

Mesurella, Jean unknown-unknown

Metcalf, Kenneth O. 1900-1976

Metz, Herbert unknown-unknown

Michael, Dale Clarence 1927-2006
Michael, Kathy Ann private
Michael, Kevin Dale private

Miller, Anna unknown-unknown
Miller, Charles 1869-bef. 1880
Miller, Charles A. 1853-unknown

Miller, Ella J. 1857-unknown
Miller, Geraldine Susan private
Miller, Huldah A. 1840-unknown
Miller, J. W. unknown-unknown
Miller, James C. 1813-1865
Miller, James Richard 1842-unknown
Miller, Martha 1844-unknown
Miller, Martha E. 1862-unknown
Miller, Mary B. 1866-unknown
Miller, Sanford 1860-unknown
Miller, Sarah E. 1848-unknown
Miller, Singleton abt. 1834-abt. 1875
Miller, Susan abt. unknown-unknown

Millington, Mary 1724-1803

Mills, Elizabeth unknown-unknown
Mills, Margaret unknown-unknown

Milton, Elizabeth "Lizzie" 1812-abt. 1875

Miner, Daniel unknown-unknown

Minge, Tabitha unknown-unknown

Minich, Margaretha unknown-unknown

Minor, Mary S. unknown-unknown
Minor, Telitha Florence 1864-1941
Minor, William unknown-unknown

Minthorn, Abigail unknown-unknown
Minthorn, John unknown-bef. 1740
Minthorn, John abt. 1741-bet. 1781-1790
Minthorn, Nathaniel 1735-abt. 1822

Mitchell, Elizabeth 1819-1903
Mitchell, Emily G. 1825-unknown
Mitchell, Ernest H. 1880-bef. 1900
Mitchell, Ethel M. 1882-unknown
Mitchell, Florence G. 1886-unknown
Mitchell, Harry B. 1894-unknown
Mitchell, Helen F. 1885-unknown
Mitchell, James H. 1832-1850
Mitchell, James Payne 1794-1871
Mitchell, John A. 1888-unknown
Mitchell, John D. 1823-1850
Mitchell, John J. 1850-abt. 1925
Mitchell, Keziah abt. 1816-unknown
Mitchell, Lewis D. 1835-1861
Mitchell, Marie J. 1890-unknown
Mitchell, Martha abt. 1827-unknown
Mitchell, Narcissa B. abt. 1818-1868
Mitchell, Parthenia Smith 1815-1842
Mitchell, Robert Henry Clay 1829-1917
Mitchell, Susan Hamner 1821-1849

Mittag, Katherine Frances 1917-1980

Molster, Daisy unknown-unknown

Monday, Louisa abt. 1836-aft. 1887

Monfort, Charles J. 1841-unknown
Monfort, Frances E. 1838-unknown
Monfort, George R. 1843-unknown
Monfort, Jared G. 1811-abt. 1865
Monfort, Laura J. 1836-unknown

Moon, Jacob unknown-unknown

Moore, Catherine 1872-unknown
Moore, Elizabeth abt. 1709-unknown
Moore, James abt. 1712-unknown
Moore, James unknown-unknown
Moore, John unknown-unknown
Moore, Jude 1703-unknown
Moore, Lillian unknown-unknown
Moore, Mary Bullock unknown-unknown
Moore, Nancy Ann 1755-1833
Moore, Richard unknown-unknown
Moore, Susanna abt. 1704-unknown
Moore, Thomas unknown-unknown
Moore, William 1702-unknown

Morehouse, Noah unknown-unknown

Morris, Elizabeth unknown-unknown

Morse, William unknown-unknown

Morton, Lucy F. F. unknown-unknown

Moseley, Cordelia D. 1862-1943
Moseley, Edward Hacke unknown-unknown

Moses, Lewis unknown-unknown

Mosher, Judson W. unknown-unknown

Mosteyn, Catherine abt. 1658-unknown

Mott, John 1746-1823
Mott, Mary Anna 1670-1750
Mott, Mayhew Daggett 1795-unknown

Moulthrop, Elizabeth 1638-unknown

Mounce, Linda Joyce unknown-unknown

Mount, Edward unknown-unknown
Mount, Kitty unknown-unknown

Muir, Robert James Watt unknown-unknown

Mulkins, Clarence unknown-unknown

Mulligan, Edward 1856-unknown
Mulligan, Zelda J. 1882-unknown

Munson, Samantha unknown-unknown

Murphy, G. Harry 1865-1918
Murphy, Richard A. private

Murray, Andrew R. 1816-unknown
Murray, Benjamin F. 1820-unknown
Murray, Bettie abt. 1842-unknown
Murray, Corrilla abt. 1830-unknown
Murray, Dorcas unknown-unknown
Murray, Dorcas abt. 1812-unknown
Murray, Dorcas abt. 1832-unknown
Murray, Druscilla 1809-unknown
Murray, Elizabeth 1800-unknown
Murray, Elizabeth B. abt. 1821-unknown
Murray, Enoch 1779-aft. 1850
Murray, James abt. 1838-unknown
Murray, James P. 1824-1877
Murray, James R. 1796-1875
Murray, Jesse 1777-1814
Murray, John abt. 1750-1803
Murray, John R. unknown-1812
Murray, John R. 1803-unknown
Murray, Joseph unknown-unknown
Murray, Joseph Robinson 1802-1840
Murray, Margaret 1781-1863
Murray, Josephine abt. 1840-unknown
Murray, Karen May unknown-unknown
Murray, Margaret 1781-1863
Murray, Margaret 1837-unknown
Murray, Maria abt. 1829-unknown
Murray, Mattia 1834-unknown
Murray, McKelvey N. 1807-1872
Murray, Nancy 1797-unknown
Murray, Nancy 1811-unknown
Murray, Nancy G. abt. 1823-unknown

Myers, Maj. Mordecai unknown-unknown
Myers, Lydia 1806-1853

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