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Le - Ly

Lee, Bridget unknown-unknown
Lee, Mahatabel abt. 1775-aft. 1850

Leggett, Mary unknown-unknown

Legrand, Elizabeth 1835-unknown
Legrand, Elvira B. 1854-unknown
Legrand, George H. 1857-1940
Legrand, James Hampton 1813-1898
Legrand, James Henry 1841-1847
Legrand, John Wesley 1846-1929
Legrand, Marticia Nancy 1848-1931
Legrand, Martha A. 1843-1940
Legrand, Mary J. 1839-1898
Legrand, Newton Cloud 1850-1947
Legrand, Thomas Green 1837-1914

Lerch, Albert W. 1881-unknown
Lerch, Allicia/Annis 1852-unknown
Lerch, Anna Barbara 1688-unknown
Lerch, Anna Catharina 1746-1822
Lerch, Anna Christina abt. 1726-unknown
Lerch, Anna Elisabeth 1741-1801
Lerch, Anna Elisabetha 1700-unknown
Lerch, Anna Maria 1799-unknown
Lerch, Arthur L. 1867-unknown
Lerch, Arthur W. 1884-unknown
Lerch, Benjamin 1825-1904
Lerch, Caroline 1829-1908
Lerch, Carrie Mae 1883-1943
Lerch, Caspar 1694-bef. 1766
Lerch, Catharine unknown-unknown
Lerch, Catherine 1754-1844
Lerch, Catherine 1782-unknown
Lerch, Catherine 1835-unknown
Lerch, Charles W. 1876-unknown
Lerch, Chester S. 1884-unknown
Lerch, Clara Myrtle 1897-unknown
Lerch, Clarence C. 1883-unknown
Lerch, Cora 1877-unknown
Lerch, Cora A. 1861-unknown
Lerch, Cornelius Henry 1857-aft. 1930
Lerch, Cyrus A. 1859-aft. 1930
Lerch, Daniel 1793-unknown
Lerch, David 1805-1881
Lerch, Elizabeth 1789-unknown
Lerch, Ellenora 1801-unknown
Lerch, Florence Genevieve 1899-unknown
Lerch, Frank 1875-unknown
Lerch, Frank H. 1869-unknown
Lerch, Frank J. 1880-1940
Lerch, Franklin 1866-unknown
Lerch, Fred 1919-unknown
Lerch, Frederick B. 1881-unknown
Lerch, George 1912-2004
Lerch, Greda Elisabetha 1760-unknown
Lerch, Harry D. 1866-bef. 1880
Lerch, Helena 1697-unknown
Lerch, Helena abt. 1729-bef. 1738
Lerch, Howard H. 1878-unknown
Lerch, Ida 1879-unknown
Lerch, Jacob 1739-unknown
Lerch, James 1870-unknown
Lerch, James 1917-unknown
Lerch, Jeremiah 1843-bef. 1880
Lerch, Johann Christopher abt. 1734-unknown
Lerch, Johann Christopher 1758-1823
Lerch, Johann Henrich 1704-unknown
Lerch, Johann Jost 1752-1805
Lerch, Johann Philip 1766-1846
Lerch, Johann Wilhelm 1725-aft. 1800
Lerch, Johann Wilhelm 1764-unknown
Lerch, Johannes abt. 1663-1721
Lerch, Johannes 1691-unknown
Lerch, Johannes abt. 1731-bef. 1766
Lerch, Johannes 1767-1841
Lerch, Johannes 1773-unknown
Lerch, Johannes Baltasar abt. 1737-1788
Lerch, John 1765-1834
Lerch, John 1785-unknown
Lerch, John 1797-unknown
Lerch, John 1798-aft. 1886
Lerch, John F. 1915-1979
Lerch, John Franklin 1857-abt. 1890
Lerch, John S. 1828-aft. 1880
Lerch, Julia 1832-unknown
Lerch, Juliana 1781-unknown
Lerch, Katie 1862-1940
Lerch, Kitty L. 1885-unknown
Lerch, Laura 1873-unknown
Lerch, Louis A. 1916-unknown
Lerch, Mabel M. 1889-unknown
Lerch, Magdalena 1787-unknown
Lerch, Margaret 1913-unknown
Lerch, Maria Barbara bef. 1773-unknown
Lerch, Maria Catherina 1755-unknown
Lerch, Maria Elisabetha 1752-unknown
Lerch, Maria Margaretha abt. 1743-1836
Lerch, Maria Margaretha abt. 1774-unknown
Lerch, Maria Margaretha 1762-1844
Lerch, Mary 1849-unknown
Lerch, Nathaniel 1835-bef. 1900
Lerch, Nellie E. 1861-unknown

Lerch, Nicholas abt. 1728-1784
Lerch, Peter 1839-unknown
Lerch, Rachel abt. 1745-unknown
Lerch, Ralph 1889-unknown
Lerch, Rosetta 1855-unknown
Lerch, Rosina 1794-unknown
Lerch, Samuel 1840-bef. 1860
Lerch, Sarah 1845-unknown
Lerch, Sarah 1852-unknown
Lerch, Stanley E. 1873-unknown
Lerch, Susanna 1791-unknown
Lerch, Uriah 1838-unknown
Lerch, Walter 1878-unknown
Lerch, William Henry 1854-aft. 1920

Lerum, Lynda Rae private
Lerum, Paul Emerson 1941-1985
Lerum, Paul Rhead private

Lewis, Reuben unknown-unknown

Liddell, James unknown-unknown

Lightcap, John unknown-unknown

Lincoln, Kate A. unknown-unknown

Lindgren, Alice unknown-unknown

Linsley, Matthew unknown-unknown

Lloyd, Margaret unknown-unknown

Lockwood, Daniel unknown-unknown
Lockwood, Ruth unknown-unknown

Loerch, Johannes abt. 1640-unknown

Logan, Edith Emily 1881-1974

Loredo, Grace private

Lothrop, Jane unknown-bet. 1658/83

Loudon, Herman L. unknown-unknown

Louis, Pattie unknown-unknown

Lovell, Huldah unknown-unknown

Lowe, Agnes 1885-1970
Lowe, Albert unknown-unknown

Lown, Julia A. 1827-1905

Lucas, Elizabeth 1763-1803
Lucas, James private
Lucas, Polly unknown-unknown

Lupton, Thomas unknown-unknown

Luscomb, Dorothea M. unknown-unknown

Luyster, Catherine unknown-unknown

Lynch, Allan 1890-unknown
Lynch, Clarence 1886-unknown
Lynch, Eva A. 1887-unknown
Lynch, Mandy 1888-unknown
Lynch, Nancy unknown-unknown
Lynch, Richard A. 1858-aft. 1930
Lynch, Walter E. 1897-unknown

Lynt, Elizabeth 1798-1859

Lyon, Lucy Alphreta unknown-unknown

Lyons, Benjamin 1834-1919
Lyons, Betty L. 1929-2006
Lyons, Charles unknown-unknown
Lyons, Charles Benjamin 1870-aft. 1930
Lyons, Earl T. 1919-1988
Lyons, Earl Theron 1883-1964
Lyons, Frances Lucille 1906-1994
Lyons, Frank Wesley 1880-1963
Lyons, Ida E. 1915-bef. 2006
Lyons, Ida J. 1895-unknown
Lyons, Imogene 1912-unknown
Lyons, Irene 1905-1979
Lyons, Jerald Leroy unknown-unknown
Lyons, Joseph I. 1926-1983
Lyons, Joyce Elaine unknown-unknown
Lyons, Laura 1872-unknown
Lyons, Marvel M. 1914-unknown
Lyons, Mildred B. 1922-bef. 1930
Lyons, Myrtle Emily 1875-1963
Lyons, Nellie B. 1920-bef. 1930
Lyons, Rena 1877-unknown
Lyons, Richard 1930 or aft.-unknown
Lyons, Sallie Louisa 1907-unknown
Lyons, Stephen W. 1873-abt. 1905
Lyons, William unknown-unknown
Lyons, William B. 1892-unknown

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