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Lan - Law

Lancaster, Nettie Elizabeth 1886-1974

Lanham, John Murphy unknown-unknown

Lanigan, Peter Francis unknown-unknown

Lanman, Annie J. unknown-unknown
Lanman, Charles unknown-unknown
Lanman, Louisa 1825-1882

Lanning, Abe L. 1861-1936
Lanning, Abigail unknown-unknown
Lanning, Abigail abt. 1759-1838
Lanning, Abigail 1781-1845
Lanning, Abigail 1782-unknown
Lanning, Albert L. 1877-1948
Lanning, Albertie 1852-unknown
Lanning, Alma M. 1873-1904
Lanning, Alva Jean 1929-unknown
Lanning, Amos abt. 1763-1826
Lanning, Amos 1803-unknown
Lanning, Amos B. 1816-1899
Lanning, Angelina 1786-1867
Lanning, Arlone Esther Ulven 1911-1993
Lanning, Arthur S. abt. 1812-unknown
Lanning, Arvilla unknown-unknown
Lanning, Barbara Jean 1929-unknown
Lanning, Barney Andrew 1875-1939
Lanning, Benjamin abt. 1840-unknown
Lanning, Bert/Burt 1855-unknown
Lanning, Beverly Jean private-private
Lanning, Catherine unknown-unknown
Lanning, Catherine 1850-1852
Lanning, Catherine 1842-unknown
Lanning, Charity 1779-1829
Lanning, Clifford Andrew 1899-1967
Lanning, Charles William1907-unknown
Lanning, Charles William Jr.unknown-unknown
Lanning, Charlie1861-unknown
Lanning, Clifford Andrew Jr.1919-2007
Lanning, Daniel 1713-1772
Lanning, Daniel abt. 1760-1815
Lanning, Daniel 1778-1821
Lanning, Daniel 1773-1863
Lanning, Daniel abt. 1815-unknown
Lanning, Daniel R. 1851-unknown
Lanning, David 1758-1824
Lanning, Donald Frederick unknown-unknown
Lanning, Dorcas 1826-1902
Lanning, Doris May 1927-unknown
Lanning, Edgar 1849-1873
Lanning, Edward 1764-unknown
Lanning, Edward 1775-1859
Lanning, Elijah 1753-1793
Lanning, Elijah 1791-1845
Lanning, Eliza abt. 1794-abt. 1855
Lanning, Eliza abt. 1816-unknown
Lanning, Eliza abt. 1822-unknown
Lanning, Elizabeth unknown-unknown
Lanning, Elizabeth unknown-unknown
Lanning, Elizabeth abt. 1765-1840
Lanning, Elizabeth unknown-unknown
Lanning, Elizabeth 1765-1845
Lanning, Elizabeth 1766-unknown
Lanning, Elizabeth unknown-unknown
Lanning, Elizabeth abt. 1804-unknown
Lanning, Elizabeth abt. 1804-unknown
Lanning, Ella J. 1855-unknown
Lanning, Ellenor unknown-unknown
Lanning, Else unknown-unknown
Lanning, Enoch unknown-unknown
Lanning, Ethel A. abt. 1858-unknown
Lanning, Eugene Albert 1923-2000
Lanning, Eunice 1779-1839
Lanning, Evelyn May unknown-unknown
Lanning, Florence 1849-unknown
Lanning, Frances 1715-unknown
Lanning, Frank A. 1853-1944
Lanning, Fred 1867-unknown
Lanning, George 1782-1866
Lanning, George 1852-unknown
Lanning, George 1896-bef. 1910
Lanning, George W. 1831-unknown
Lanning, Gladys Louise 1920-1993
Lanning, Hannah abt. 1726-unknown
Lanning, Hannah 1742-abt. 1830
Lanning, Hannah 1763-1828
Lanning, Hannah unknown-unknown
Lanning, Hannah abt. 1814-unknown
Lanning, Harold Lee unknown-unknown
Lanning, Hattie C. abt. 1862-unknown
Lanning, Henry L. abt. 1839-unknown
Lanning, Henry R. 1851-1931
Lanning, Hetty abt. 1831-unknown
Lanning, Horace unknown-unknown
Lanning, Hulda 1822-1892
Lanning, Ida May 1859-1877
Lanning, Irving M. II private-private
Lanning, Irving Maynard 1909-1980
Lanning, Irving V. 1900-1975
Lanning, Isaac unknown-1781
Lanning, Isaac 1748-1811
Lanning, Isaac 1792-unknown
Lanning, Isaiah 1800/01-unknown
Lanning, Israel unknown-unknown
Lanning, Ivan Barney 1897-1968
Lanning, Ivan Barney, Jr. unknown-unknown
Lanning, James 1755-1844
Lanning, James B. 1792-1859
Lanning, James C. 1824-1875
Lanning, James Madison 1830-1883
Lanning, James William unknown-unknown
Lanning, Jane E. abt. 1834-unknown
Lanning, Janice Lynn private-private
Lanning, Jasper bef. 1798-unknown
Lanning, Jay Uriah 1884-abt. 1948
Lanning, Jemima 1744-1836
Lanning, Jemima unknown-unknown
Lanning, Jesse abt. 1791-aft. 1860
Lanning, Jesse L. 1893-unknown
Lanning, John bef. 1675-bet. 1733-1739
Lanning, John unknown-bef. 1683
Lanning, John abt. 1717-1759
Lanning, John unknown-unknown
Lanning, John unknown-unknown
Lanning, John 1740-1816
Lanning, John 1766-1852
Lanning, John unknown-unknown
Lanning, John unknown-unknown
Lanning, John abt. 1790-1862
Lanning, John Lawrence 1850-1914
Lanning, John Lawrence 1917-1944
Lanning, John S. 1824-1890
Lanning, Joseph abt. 1715-unknown
Lanning, Joseph abt. 1769-1823
Lanning, Joseph unknown-unknown
Lanning, Joseph 1835-unknown
Lanning, Joshua 1770-1863
Lanning, Juliaunknown-unknown
Lanning, Julia Eliza1906-unknown
Lanning, Kate1858-unknown

Lanning, Kenneth B. 1931-1998
Lanning, Kenneth Maynard unknown-unknown
Lanning, Lana L. private-private
Lanning, Laura Annette 1916-unknown
Lanning, Lois Irene private-private
Lanning, Lydia abt. 1844-unknown
Lanning, Martha abt. 1720-aft. 1768
Lanning, Martha unknown-unknown
Lanning, Martha 1771-aft. 1811
Lanning, Martha abt. 1814-abt. 1865
Lanning, Mary abt. 1713-unknown
Lanning, Mary unknown-unknown
Lanning, Mary unknown-unknown
Lanning, Mary unknown-unknown
Lanning, Mary 1769-unknown
Lanning, Mary 1845-unknown
Lanning, Mary 1832-unknown
Lanning, Mary L. 1845-unknown
Lanning, Mercy unknown-aft. 1777
Lanning, Mercy 1756-1839
Lanning, Mercy unknown-unknown
Lanning, Michael 1837-unknown
Lanning, Mildred Arvilla 1901-1939
Lanning, Myrtle Eileen unknown-unknown
Lanning, Nancy 1763-1847
Lanning, Naomi 1836-unknown
Lanning, Naomi unknown-unknown
Lanning, Nathaniel unknown-unknown
Lanning, Nathaniel abt. 1765-aft. 1840
Lanning, Nathaniel 1775-1845
Lanning, Nathaniel unknown-unknown
Lanning, Nellie Karina 1878-1918
Lanning, Nina Arvilla 1880-1949
Lanning, Noah abt. 1768-1821
Lanning, Noel Richard 1848-1928
Lanning, Norman Charles unknown-unknown
Lanning, Phebe 1748-1832
Lanning, Peninah unknown-unknown
Lanning, Phyllis Myrtle 1918-unknown
Lanning, Prudence 1752-1839
Lanning, Rachel unknown-unknown
Lanning, Rachel unknown-unknown
Lanning, Rachel Ann abt. 1842-unknown
Lanning, Ralph 1723-1800
Lanning, Ralph abt. 1735-bef. 1780
Lanning, Ralph 1759-1843
Lanning, Ralph unknown-unknown
Lanning, Rebecca abt. 1780-unknown
Lanning, Rhoda 1771-1860
Lanning, Richard unknown-unknown
Lanning, Richard 1713-aft. 1745
Lanning, Richard abt. 1718-aft. 1786
Lanning, Richard bef. 1748-unknown
Lanning, Richard 1765-1842
Lanning, Richard abt. 1810-unknown
Lanning, Richard abt. 1821-1858
Lanning, Richard 1826-1903
Lanning, Robert abt. 1667-aft. 1752
Lanning, Robert abt. 1702-aft. 1749
Lanning, Robert 1737-1808
Lanning, Robert 1747-1828
Lanning, Robert bef. 1740-aft. 1770
Lanning, Robert 1842-unknown
Lanning, Samuel abt. 1701-1749
Lanning, Samuel abt. 1768-1814
Lanning, Samuel unknown-unknown
Lanning, Samuel unknown-unknown
Lanning, Samuel unknown-unknown
Lanning, Sarah unknown-unknown
Lanning, Sarah 1760-1841
Lanning, Sarah unknown-unknown
Lanning, Sarah 1764-aft. 1811
Lanning, Sarah Ann abt. 1827-unknown
Lanning, Sarah J. 1848-unknown
Lanning, Seward P. abt. 1856-unknown
Lanning, Shirley 1935-2004
Lanning, Smith unknown-unknown
Lanning, Stephen abt. 1710-1781
Lanning, Stephen bef. 1745-1798
Lanning, Stephen unknown-unknown
Lanning, Stephen unknown-1826
Lanning, Susan unknown-1832
Lanning, Susan abt. 1814-unknown
Lanning, Susan unknown-unknown
Lanning, Susanna unknown-unknown
Lanning, Susannah 1789-unknown
Lanning, Tacy 1833-unknown
Lanning, Thisbe/Thisba 1814-1867
Lanning, Uriah Richard 1818-1889
Lanning, Virginia Mae 1927-unknown
Lanning, William unknown-unknown
Lanning, William unknown-unknown
Lanning, William unknown-unknown
Lanning, William B. 1838-unknown
Lanning, William Charles 1925-unknown
Lanning, Zenos unknown-unknown
Lanning, Zina Myrtle 1904-unknown

Lappage, Avis (Alice) 1568-unknown

Larson, Henry Allen unknown-unknown
Larson, Lavere Margaretta unknown-unknown
Lash, Anna Catherine unknown-unknown
Lash, Nancy unknown-unknown

Lashbrook, Amanda M. 1828-1880
Lashbrook, Bassett B. 1832-1854
Lashbrook, James A. 1830-unknown
Lashbrook, James Allen 1868-unknown
Lashbrook, John 1798-1874
Lashbrook, John W. 1834-bef. 1900
Lashbrook, Sarah A. H. 1841-unknown
Lashbrook, Sarah E. 1838-1875
Lashbrook, Winorah H. 1837-1859

Lasher, Elizabeth unknown-unknown
Lasher, Mary unknown-unknown

Lathens/Lachens, Georgianna 1861-bef. 1910

Latham, Sarah/Sally abt. 1795-bef. 1850

Lauer, Christina 1787-unknown
Lauer, Elizabeth abt. 1776-unknown
Lauer, Jacob 1767-unknown
Lauer, John 1782-unknown
Lauer, John Joseph 1785-unknown
Lauer, Margaretha abt. 1768-unknown
Lauer, Mary Catherine abt. 1774-unknown
Lauer, Michael 1742-aft. 1809
Lauer, Michael abt. 1771-unknown
Lauer, Peter abt. 1778-unknown
Lauer, Rachael 1770-unknown

Lawrence, Charlotte 1798-1886
Lawrence, Euretta E. 1824-1892
Lawrence, John unknown-unknown
Lawrence, Jonathan unknown-unknown
Lawrence, Sarah Ann 1798-1837

Lawson, Mary unknown-unknown

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