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Ga-Go Gr Ha-He Hi-Ho Hu-Hy I J K Lac-Lam
Lan-Law Le-Ly M N O P Q R Sa-Sl Sm-Sw
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Lac - Lam

Lacey, Thomas unknown-unknown

Lackey/Leakey, Joshua unknown-unknown

Lacy, Edward unknown-unknown
Lacy, Jeremiah unknown-unknown

Ladd, Amos unknown-unknown

Laforce, Judith unknown-unknown

Lamar, Abner 1828-unknown
Lamar, Abraham abt. 1757-unknown
Lamar, Abraham W. 1882-unknown
Lamar, Agnes K. 1889-unknown
Lamar, Alace/Malissa 1866-unknown
Lamar, Albert 1867-1871
Lamar, Albert H. 1933-1999
Lamar, Alexander aft. 1699-unknown
Lamar, Alexander unknown-unknown
Lamar, Alexander 1873-unknown
Lamar, Alfred 1810-1899
Lamar, Alfred 1851-unknown
Lamar, Alfred 1869-unknown
Lamar, Alfred E. 1818-1895
Lamar, Allen Henderson 1845-1901
Lamar, Alma 1919-unknown
Lamar, Almarine abt. 1830-unknown
Lamar, Alonzo A. 1836-1923
Lamar, Amanda J. abt. 1835-unknown
Lamar, Amelia abt. 1805-unknown
Lamar, Andrew F. 1862-unknown
Lamar, Ann Eliza 1846-unknown
Lamar, Anne abt. 1728-unknown
Lamar, Archibald S. 1805-unknown
Lamar, Arthur 1897-unknown
Lamar, Asa 1833-1907
Lamar, Barbara B. unknown-unknown
Lamar, Benjamin Smith 1790-unknown
Lamar, Benjamin T. 1820-unknown
Lamar, Benoni Smith 1822-unknown
Lamar, Blanche Alice 1904-unknown
Lamar, Calvin W. 1865-unknown
Lamar, Celia 1832-unknown
Lamar, Charles 1874-unknown
Lamar, Charles W. 1847-1885
Lamar, Clara abt. 1932-unknown
Lamar, Clarinda unknown-unknown
Lamar, Cordelia unknown-unknown
Lamar, Daniel B. 1860-1877
Lamar, Delilah 1836-unknown
Lamar, Della 1907-unknown
Lamar, Doris Ann 1916-unknown
Lamar, Dosha abt. 1802-unknown
Lamar, Edgar 1899-unknown
Lamar, Edward 1904-unknown
Lamar, Elijah 1797-unknown
Lamar, Elijah 1841-unknown
Lamar, Elias abt. 1834-unknown
Lamar, Elisha 1841-1902
Lamar, Eliza E. unknown-unknown
Lamar, Elizabeth unknown-unknown
Lamar, Elizabeth abt. 1755-unknown
Lamar, Elizabeth unknown-unknown
Lamar, Elizabeth abt. 1820-unknown
Lamar, Elizabeth abt. 1827-unknown
Lamar, Elizabeth abt. 1828-unknown
Lamar, Ellis abt. 1825-unknown
Lamar, Emeline abt. 1842-unknown
Lamar, Enoch 1831-1857
Lamar, Erwin 1905-1962
Lamar, Etta A. 1865-unknown
Lamar, Eugene 1911-unknown
Lamar, Eunice 1902-unknown
Lamar, Eva (Elvey) 1795-unknown
Lamar, Eveline abt. 1842-unknown
Lamar, Federal S. 1853-1854
Lamar, Fern 1898-unknown
Lamar, Fred 1915-unknown
Lamar, Fred F. unknown-unknown
Lamar, Gabriel 1870-unknown
Lamar, George 1847-unknown
Lamar, George 1902-unknown
Lamar, George H. 1858-unknown
Lamar, George T. unknown-unknown
Lamar, Greenbury 1856-1858
Lamar, Harry 1911-unknown
Lamar, Helen 1903-unknown
Lamar, Helen 1904-unknown
Lamar, Henrietta unknown-unknown
Lamar, Henry 1893-unknown
Lamar, Howard Richard 1921-unknown
Lamar, Ira Otis 1886-1956
Lamar, Isaac 1836-unknown
Lamar, Isaac Halleck 1869-unknown
Lamar, Jacob abt. 1743-1824
Lamar, James 1724-1786
Lamar, James abt. 1818-unknown
Lamar, James 1869-unknown
Lamar, James 1901-unknown
Lamar, James Benjamin abt. 1791-1875
Lamar, James Calvin 1844-unknown
Lamar, James Hammond 1875-1941
Lamar, James L. 1856-unknown
Lamar, Joel Thompson abt. 1811-1861
Lamar, John abt. 1693-1758
Lamar, John 1713-1785
Lamar, John 1838-unknown
Lamar, John 1815-bef. 1870
Lamar, John abt. 1937-unknown
Lamar, John II abt. 1716-1756
Lamar, John B. 1858-unknown
Lamar, John Bradley abt. 1789-unknown
Lamar, John Butler abt. 1835-1887
Lamar, John Grover 1883-1968
Lamar, John H. 1907-unknown
Lamar, John L. 1863-unknown
Lamar, John Samuel 1794-1839
Lamar, John Stewart 1855-unknown
Lamar, John Thomas abt. 1826-unknown
Lamar, John W. 1843-unknown
Lamar, John Wesley 1822-abt. 1885

Lamar, Jonas E. 1855-unknown
Lamar, Joseph Fane 1874-unknown
Lamar, Josephine 1844-unknown
Lamar, Julia Clyde unknown-unknown
Lamar, Kate L. unknown-unknown
Lamar, Larkin abt. 1807-1870
Lamar, Larkin Henderson 1837-1902
Lamar, Larkin P. abt. 1837-unknown
Lamar, Larkin Samuel 1841-unknown
Lamar, Lawrence L. 1867-unknown
Lamar, Leroy 1848-unknown
Lamar, Lola J. unknown-unknown
Lamar, Louis Alvin 1890-1945
Lamar, Louis J. 1878-aft. 1930
Lamar, Louisa abt. 1804-unknown
Lamar, Louisa/Lucretia abt. 1831-abt. 1832
Lamar, Luella L. unknown-unknown
Lamar, Malinda abt. 1839-aft. 1850
Lamar, Maleetha abt. 1825-unknown
Lamar, Mareen abt. 1725-unknown
Lamar, Mareen Duvall abt. 1750-1807
Lamar, Mareen Tyler 1794-abt. 1894
Lamar, Martha abt. 1824-unknown
Lamar, Martha abt. 1836-1852
Lamar, Martha Almarine 1860-unknown
Lamar, Martha B. 1861-unknown
Lamar, Martha M. abt. 1839-unknown
Lamar, Martha R. 1808-unknown
Lamar, Marthella A. 1895-unknown
Lamar, Marthena 1818-unknown
Lamar, Martin Andrew 1939-2002
Lamar, Mary aft. 1710-unknown
Lamar, Mary abt. 1732-unknown
Lamar, Mary abt. 1829-aft. 1880
Lamar, Mary 1850-unknown
Lamar, Mary Elizabeth 1839-1931
Lamar, Mary J. 1868-unknown
Lamar, Mary J. 1871-unknown
Lamar, Mary Jane abt. 1818-unknown
Lamar, Mary Mitchell 1850-unknown
Lamar, Mary Rebecca 1886-1946
Lamar, Maude/Madge 1890-unknown
Lamar, Maxamillian bef. 1756-unknown
Lamar, Millie unknown-unknown
Lamar, Minnie Mae 1893-1958
Lamar, Moses 1832-1895
Lamar, Nancy 1823-unknown
Lamar, Nancy Jane 1862-unknown
Lamar, Quincy unknown-1885
Lamar, Patsy abt. 1807-unknown
Lamar, Pearl Belle 1887-1975
Lamar, Pearl Duncan 1899-unknown
Lamar, Phebe A. 1874-unknown
Lamar, Priscilla abt. 1730-unknown
Lamar, Priscilla abt. 1770-1836
Lamar, Rachel abt. 1729-unknown
Lamar, Rachel unknown-unknown
Lamar, Ralph Theodore 1904-unknown
Lamar, Rebecca unknown-unknown
Lamar, Richard abt. 1724-unknown
Lamar, Richard unknown-unknown
Lamar, Richard T. abt. 1751-unknown
Lamar, Robert abt. 1710-1756
Lamar, Robert 1860-unknown
Lamar, Robert A. unknown-unknown
Lamar, Robert Coston abt. 1830-unknown
Lamar, Robert William 1884-1955
Lamar, Sally unknown-unknown
Lamar, Sampson 1840-unknown
Lamar, Samuel aft. 1699-unknown
Lamar, Samuel abt. 1775-abt. 1828
Lamar, Samuel 1822-unknown
Lamar, Samuel 1825-unknown
Lamar, Samuel 1830-unknown
Lamar, Samuel B. abt. 1800-unknown
Lamar, Samuel S. abt. 1826-unknown
Lamar, Sara Elizabeth 1848-unknown
Lamar, Sarah unknown-unknown
Lamar, Sarah 1853-unknown
Lamar, Sarah A. 1815-unknown
Lamar, Sarah Ann abt. 1828-unknown
Lamar, Sarah/Sally E. 1867-unknown
Lamar, Sarah F. 1871-unknown
Lamar, Sarah Letitia 1842-1878
Lamar, Susanna 1726-unknown
Lamar, Susanna abt. 1754-1830
Lamar, Susannah unknown-unknown
Lamar, Telitha C. 1825-1906
Lamar, Theodore C. 1880-unknown
Lamar, Thomas bef. 1640-abt. 1713
Lamar, Thomas aft. 1699-1775
Lamar, Thomas abt. 1722-unknown
Lamar, Thomas unknown-unknown
Lamar, Thomas II abt. 1670-1747
Lamar, Thomas R. 1874-abt. 1905
Lamar, Thomas W. 1839-unknown
Lamar, Trusten W. 1832-unknown
Lamar, Tyre E. 1857-unknown
Lamar, Ulysses S. unknown-unknown
Lamar, Uriah abt. 1780-1841
Lamar, Vina unknown-unknown
Lamar, Walter 1881-unknown
Lamar, William abt. 1756-1838
Lamar, William 1782-unknown
Lamar, William abt. 1816-unknown
Lamar, William 1861-unknown
Lamar, William 1866-unknown
Lamar, William 1855-1906
Lamar, William B. abt. 1796-unknown
Lamar, William B. 1838-unknown
Lamar, William B., Jr. abt. 1824-unknown
Lamar, William Belt abt. 1785-unknown
Lamar, William Bishop 1745-1812
Lamar, William Jr. abt. 1771-unknown
Lamar, William R. 1833-1882
Lamar, William S. abt. 1805-unknown
Lamar, William Samuel 1856-unknown
Lamar, William Samuel 1799-1876
Lamar, Young bef. 1775-unknown
Lamar, Young D. 1856-unknown
Lamar, Young Jr. 1804-unknown

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