Copy of Joseph's letter

Joseph A. Burton fought for the confederacy in the Civil War. He was a Private in Co. H, 3 Regiment, Kentucky Calvary. He was captured at Chester, Ohio, July 19, 1863 and was held at Camp Chase, Ohio until August 20, 1863, when he was transferred to Camp Douglas, Illinois. He was transferred to Point Lookout, Maryland for an exchange on March 2, 1865 and was released on March 4, 1865. While prisoner, Joseph took an Oath of Allegiance to the Union and stated that he enlisted under false representation.
At left is the original letter that he wrote to my great-grandfather, John B. Burton.

Typed exactly as written.

Camp Douglas, Ills.
Jan. the 19, 1864
Dear brother it is with pleasure that I take my pen in hand to in form you that I am well and as fleshy as I ever was. I am in hopes this few loins may finde you all enjoying the same great blessing. I received Miriam letter of Dec the 30, John of Jan the 3 and Janes of the 6. I was glad to hear you was all well. Jane said in her letter that she would like to no how my hands stand the coald weather. I have stood the coald as well as I expected. My hands has not been sore worth speaking of. All the boys is well. The weather is not verry coald now. It is snowing a little today. Thare is verry little snow on the ground now. You must all rite as oftain as you can. I can only rite once in thirteen day. Give my love to all of our relations and friends and shear a portion your self.

Joseph A. Burton

Copy of Joseph's letter
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