Taken from: Fullers, Sissons and Scotts
by Carol Clark Johnson

Jonathan Fuller was born circa 1640, probably in Salem; died Feb. 10, 1708/09 age 69, his estate divided among his heirs Aug. 3, 1709. He married Dec. 14, 1664, Elizabeth Wilmarth, born in 1647 in Braintree, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Bliss) Wilmarth.

Jonathan was about ten years old when his father moved his family from Salem to Rehoboth, 60 miles by Indian trails or 200 miles by water. There they lived for a quarter of a century. Sarah's father and other relatives lived there as well. Jonathan was listed as a Rehoboth taxpayer, Feb. 7, 1670/71; his property valued at about ¤164.

He held land jointly with his father, drawing his shares in the general division of lands made to the first settlers in 1661 and 1668. Jonathan and his family remained in Attleboro (a town taken from a section of Rehoboth) while others of Robert's family moved to Salem during the Indian trouble.

When Robert and Margaret Fuller, both close to 80, disposed of their Salem property and returned to Rehoboth, they may have lived with Jonathan who was by then a prosperous farmer and influential in the new township of Attleborough. Jonathan's family was grown and all but three had married and left home. By 1696, Jonathan had accumulated a 500 acre estate and was a selectman and a churchman. He gave extensive disposal of lands by deeds to his children and left a substantial estate intestate, settled by his widow, Elizabeth, March 14, 1708/09. (Bristol Co. Prob. 2:259)