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Jackson, Anne abt. 1583-1664
Jackson, Ella E. 1852-1898
Jackson, Jeremiah unknown-unknown
Jackson, John unknown-unknown

Jacobs, Mary unknown-unknown

Jacobson, George unknown-unknown

Jacobus, Stanley unknown-unknown

Janszen, Jacob unknown-unknown

Jaquatt, Mary unknown-unknown

Jeffries, William unknown-unknown

Jewett, Abigail N. 1802-1874
Jewett, Alexander 1804-unknown
Jewett, Alexander 1810-unknown
Jewett, Alpheus 1782-1858
Jewett, Amanda 1803-unknown
Jewett, Angeline 1796-unknown
Jewett, Benjamin Franklin 1800-unknown
Jewett, Betsey 1784-unknown
Jewett, Betsey 1806-1893
Jewett, Caleb Rice 1805-1887
Jewett, Caroline 1837-1879
Jewett, Catherine 1821-1831
Jewett, Catherine unknown-unknown
Jewett, Catherine 1817-unknown
Jewett, David Doud 1815-1891
Jewett, David N. 1840-1863
Jewett, Edward 1812-1853
Jewett, Elam 1745-aft. 1810
Jewett, Elam 1770-1824
Jewett, Elam Richardson 1810-1889
Jewett, Eleazer bef. 1673-1748
Jewett, Eleazer 1704-1746
Jewett, Electa 1809-1857
Jewett, Eliza 1805-unknown
Jewett, Eliza Ann 1817-unknown
Jewett, Elizabeth Thankful 1845-1879
Jewett, Eunice abt. 1786-unknown
Jewett, Eunice 1802-abt. 1875
Jewett, Eunice 1819-unknown
Jewett, Eunice M. 1833-1862
Jewett, Faith 1645-unknown
Jewett, Faith abt. 1658-unknown
Jewett, George Daniel 1806-1883
Jewett, George Richardson 1806-unknown
Jewett, Hannah 1641-unknown
Jewett, Hannah 1690-unknown
Jewett, Harriett 1815-1842
Jewett, Humphrey R. abt. 1787-abt. 1855
Jewett, James 1777-1778
Jewett, James 1780-unknown
Jewett, James Daniel 1825-1866

Jewett, James Madison 1808-1829
Jewett, Jared 1772-1855
Jewett, Jared 1799-bef. 1813
Jewett, Jared O'Connor 1813-unknown
Jewett, Jeremiah 1637-1714
Jewett, Jeremiah 1662-unknown
Jewett, Jeremiah 1773-1837
Jewett, Jeremiah 1797-unknown
Jewett, Joseph 1656-unknown
Jewett, Laura 1798-unknown
Jewett, Laura E. 1849-unknown
Jewett, Louisa M. 1831-1860
Jewett, Lucinda 1807-1827
Jewett, Lydia 1803-1876
Jewett, Martha Matilda 1825-unknown
Jewett, Mary unknown-unknown
Jewett, Mary 1654-unknown
Jewett, Mary 1700-unknown
Jewett, Mary Catherine 1819-unknown
Jewett, Miranda 1817-unknown
Jewett, Nehemiah 1643-unknown
Jewett, Nelson 1809-1878
Jewett, Othniel 1775-1777
Jewett, Othniel 1779-1856
Jewett, Othniel 1812-unknown
Jewett, Patience 1645-unknown
Jewett, Sarah abt. 1635-1665
Jewett, Sarah 1702-unknown
Jewett, Sophia 1804-unknown
Jewett, Susan Nash 1823-unknown

Johns, Joanna unknown-unknown

Johnson, Eliza 1863-1930
Johnson, Gertrude B. unknown-1949
Johnson, James A. unknown-unknown
Johnson, John N. unknown-unknown
Johnson, Philip unknown-unknown

Jones, Elijah unknown-unknown
Jones, Elizabeth 1739-1808
Jones, Israel unknown-unknown
Jones, Jack unknown-unknown
Jones, Laura J. unknown-unknown
Jones, Mary Delia unknown-unknown
Jones, Nathaniel T. unknown-unknown
Jones, Thankful unknown-unknown
Jones, Walter R. T. unknown-unknown

Jowett, Edward bef. 1579-1614
Jowett, Grace bef. 1610-unknown
Jowett, Joseph 1609-bef. 1660
Jowett, Maximillian bef. 1607-unknown
Jowett, Josias bef. 1612-unknown
Jowett, Sarah bef. 1613-unknown
Jowett, William unknown-bef. 1604
Jowett, William bef. 1605-unknown

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