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Adams, Adrea unknown-unknown
Adams, Emily "Millie" abt. 1809-aft. 1880
Adams, Maxine M. 1921-1980

Addams, Ellen unknown-unknown

Albergotti, Mary Ann unknown-unknown

Alday, John unknown-unknown

Allen, Charity unknown-unknown
Allen, Elizabeth abt. 1805-abt. 1841
Allen, Molly unknown-unknown
Allen, Moses Baldwin unknown-unknown
Allen, Olive Bentley 1825-1896
Allen, Sally 1808-1852
Allen, William unknown-unknown

Allin, Abraham unknown-unknown
Allin, Agnes 1719-abt. 1800
Allin, Agnes unknown-unknown
Allin, Ann 1745-1777
Allin, Anne 1726-unknown
Allin, Benjamin 1711-1730
Allin, David unknown-unknown
Allin, Drury 1714-1803
Allin, Drury 1749-unknown
Allin, Elizabeth unknown-unknown
Allin, Elizabeth abt. 1731-unknown
Allin, Frances 1754-unknown
Allin, Grant 1759-1840
Allin, Hannah 1742-1804
Allin, Isabella 1747-1838
Allin, Jacoby 1728-unknown
Allin, James abt. 1616-unknown
Allin, Joseph 1711-1772
Allin, Josiah abt. 1733-unknown
Allin, Judah 1724-unknown
Allin, Judith 1694-bef. 1766
Allin, Margaret unknown-unknown
Allin, Mary abt. 1715-abt. 1780
Allin, Mary abt. 1737-unknown
Allin, Mildred 1756-unknown
Allin, Richard 1572-1621
Allin, Richard abt. 1613-unknown
Allin, Richard abt. 1650-1725
Allin, Richard 1698-1767
Allin, Robert abt. 1675-abt. 1755
Allin, Robert Jr. abt. 1704-1784
Allin, Robert unknown-unknown
Allin, Samuel unknown-unknown
Allin, Sarah unknown-unknown
Allin, Sarah abt. 1739-unknown
Allin, Susanna 1700-1762
Allin, Susanna abt. 1733-unknown
Allin, Susannah unknown-unknown
Allin, Thomas 1757-1833
Allin, Ursuly abt. 1735-unknown
Allin, William unknown-unknown
Allin, William abt. 1709-1786
Allin, William 1752-unknown
Allin, Young unknown-unknown

Altizer, Nancy abt. 1818-abt. 1870

Alton, Alicia abt. 1554-1627
Alton, Elizabeth unknown-unknown

Amelius, Carrie unknown-unknown

Ames, Lydia 1782-1869

Amundson, Olaf George 1879-aft. 1930

Anderson, Charlotte 1842-unknown
Anderson, James L. 1844-unknown
Anderson, Mary E. 1846-unknown
Anderson, Reuben Andrew 1848-unknown
Anderson, Susan E. 1850-unknown
Anderson, Susannah 1833-aft. 1900
Anderson, Thomas B. 1819-1856

Andrews, Elizabeth unknown-unknown
Andrews, Elizabeth unknown-unknown

Andrus, Mary unknown-unknown

Annable, Samuel unknown-unknown

Antisdel, Simon unknown-unknown

Appling, Joel unknown-unknown
Appling, Lewis unknown-unknown

Archer, Abraham abt. 1714-unknown
Archer, Albert 1808-1839
Archer, Andrew C. 1849-unknown
Archer, Angeline 1845-unknown
Archer, Angeline S. 1880-unknown
Archer, Anna 1815-unknown
Archer, Anthony abt. 1746-1837
Archer, Anthony abt. 1790-unknown
Archer, Anthony 1851-unknown
Archer, Anthony B. abt. 1812-aft. 1880
Archer, Anthony Benjamin 1877-unknown
Archer, Anthony Jr. abt. 1776-1821
Archer, Aaron Burr abt. 1812-aft. 1880
Archer, Benjamin abt. 1691-abt. 1759
Archer, Benjamin abt. 1795-unknown
Archer, Benjamin abt. 1810-unknown
Archer, Benjamin H. 1840-unknown
Archer, Carrie M. 1872-unknown
Archer, Catherine abt. 1695-unknown
Archer, Catherine unknown-unknown
Archer, Catherine A. 1870-unknown
Archer, Charles abt. 1788-1872

Archer, Charles 1808-1887
Archer, Charles D. 1827-unknown
Archer, Charles E. 1844-unknown
Archer, Charles E. 1848-1894
Archer, Charles Henry 1837-unknown
Archer, Daniel abt. 1805-unknown
Archer, Eleanor unknown-unknown
Archer, Elijah 1777-1853
Archer, Elijah M. 1830-1887
Archer, Elihu abt. 1740-unknown
Archer, Eliza Emily 1843-unknown
Archer, Eliza J. 1829-1850
Archer, Elizabeth abt. 1795-unknown
Archer, Elizabeth abt. 1774-unknown
Archer, Elizabeth 1814-unknown
Archer, Elizabeth V. 1811-1859
Archer, Emma 1846-unknown
Archer, Esther 1851-unknown
Archer, Eugene 1850-unknown
Archer, Fordham 1848-unknown
Archer, Francis E. 1852-unknown
Archer, Gabriel abt. 1750-1830
Archer, George H. 1826-1876
Archer, George F. 1893-unknown
Archer, George Hammond 1872-before 1900
Archer, Gertrude M. 1863-unknown
Archer, Gertrude M. 1894-unknown
Archer, Hannah 1750-1812
Archer, Hannah 1802-1828
Archer, Henry 1811-unknown
Archer, Henry unknown-unknown
Archer, Henry B. 1815-1832
Archer, Henry Benjamin 1833-1905
Archer, Hetty abt. 1787-unknown
Archer, Isaac 1810-1838
Archer, Isabell 1865-aft. 1930
Archer, James abt. 1738-unknown
Archer, James 1752-1830
Archer, James abt. 1786-unknown
Archer, James abt. 1786-abt. 1875
Archer, James abt. 1765-unknown
Archer, James 1823-unknown
Archer, James McVickar 1847-aft. 1910
Archer, John abt. 1630-1685
Archer, John abt. 1778-1860
Archer, John 1816-abt. 1905
Archer, John C. 1836-unknown
Archer, John II abt. 1660-unknown
Archer, John III abt. 1690-abt. 1761
Archer, John IV unknown-unknown
Archer, Jonathan abt. 1693-unknown
Archer, Joseph Warren 1853-unknown
Archer, Louis W. 1867-unknown
Archer, Margaret 1777-unknown
Archer, Margaret abt. 1820-abt. 1875
Archer, Margaret unknown-unknown
Archer, Margaret E. 1817-1846
Archer, Maria/Anna 1835-unknown
Archer, Mary abt. 1697-unknown
Archer, Mary 1758-1835
Archer, Mary abt. 1795-1835
Archer, Mary abt. 1795-unknown
Archer, Mary Delia 1834-unknown
Archer, Mary E. 1846-unknown
Archer, Mary L. 1857-1858
Archer, Matthias abt. 1748-abt. 1818
Archer, Matthias O. 1841-unknown
Archer, Matthias Jr. 1777-1839
Archer, Minnie 1862-unknown
Archer, Nathaniel 1827-unknown
Archer, Odell abt. 1806-abt. 1865
Archer, Oscar F. abt. 1843-unknown
Archer, Peter 1818-1893
Archer, Phebe abt. 1776-unknown
Archer, Rachel 1809-aft. 1860
Archer, Rebecca abt. 1740-unknown
Archer, Richard abt. 1718-1783
Archer, Richard 1785-1876
Archer, Richard M. J. 1837-bef. 1860
Archer, Robert C. 1838-unknown
Archer, Sallie abt. 1795-unknown
Archer, Samuel 1819-unknown
Archer, Samuel 1845-unknown
Archer, Sarah abt. 1689-unknown
Archer, Sarah abt. 1800-unknown
Archer, Sarah 1842-unknown
Archer, Sarah E. 1840-unknown
Archer, Sarah E. 1836-unknown
Archer, Sarah F. 1880-unknown
Archer, Sarah Louisa 1835-unknown
Archer, Stephen abt. 1790-unknown
Archer, Susan abt. 1795-unknown
Archer, Susan Emily 1842-unknown
Archer, Susannah J. 1834-unknown
Archer, Sylvanus abt. 1839-bef. 1880
Archer, Sylvanus M. 1874-1964
Archer, Thomas abt. 1742-unknown
Archer, Thomas 1828-unknown
Archer, Thomas Odell 1839-unknown
Archer, Valentine abt. 1736-unknown
Archer, William abt. 1825-unknown
Archer, William H. 1832-unknown
Archer, William H. 1866-abt. 1897
Archer, William S. 1838-unknown

Armstrong, Jane unknown-unknown

Arruck, Hannah M. unknown-unknown

Asbell, Susan unknown-unknown

Ashton, Phebe unknown-unknown

Atwater, Esther 1736-aft. 1776

Atwell, William unknown-unknown

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