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Hu - Hy

Hubbell, Thomas J unknown-unknown

Hudson, Anna Maria unknown-unknown
Hudson, James unknown-unknown
Hudson, James abt. 1725-1765
Hudson, James abt. 1755-abt. 1803
Hudson, John abt. 1753-1817
Hudson, Mary Polly abt. 1758-unknown

Hubbell, James unknown-unknown

Hull, George unknown-unknown

Humphries, Monica unknown-unknown

Hungerford, Lydia 1777-bef. 1803

Hunt, Elizabeth abt. 1740-unknown
Hunt, Martha 1745-1786
Hunt, Mary abt. 1734-bef. 1807
Hunt, Sarah unknown-aft. 1774
Hunt, Susannah abt. 1754-bet. 1820/1830
Hunt, William unknown-unknown

Hunter, Albert S. 1867-unknown
Hunter, Alexander abt. 1770-1844
Hunter, Alexander 1812-bef. 1880
Hunter, Alexander 1835-unknown
Hunter, Alexander 1830-unknown
Hunter, Beatrice 1898-unknown
Hunter, Catherine N. 1887-unknown
Hunter, Charles L. 1871-unknown
Hunter, Effie Cornelia 1892-unknown
Hunter, Elijah 1836-bef. 1870
Hunter, Elijah M. 1870-unknown
Hunter, Eliphalet abt. 1777-1826
Hunter, Eliphalet 1804-unknown
Hunter, Eliphalet 1802-bef. 1880
Hunter, Eliphalet Milton 1840-unknown
Hunter, Eliza 1810-unknown
Hunter, Eliza E. 1865-unknown
Hunter, Elizabeth "Betty" 1905-unknown
Hunter, Elizabeth C. 1850-aft. 1920
Hunter, Emeline 1846-1930
Hunter, Emily 1897-unknown
Hunter, Frances Ann 1852-unknown
Hunter, George 1844-unknown
Hunter, George 1908-unknown
Hunter, George W. 1835-1920
Hunter, Gertrude N. 1884-unknown
Hunter, Hellen E. 1889-unknown

Hunter, Innia E. 1880-unknown
Hunter, James 1834-unknown
Hunter, James 1859-unknown
Hunter, James M. 1869-unknown
Hunter, Jetta V. 1872-unknown
Hunter, John 1802-unknown
Hunter, John 1847-unknown
Hunter, John C. 1852-bef. 1930
Hunter, Kate 1862-unknown
Hunter, Kate 1840-abt. 1915
Hunter, Kate 1865-unknown
Hunter, Katherine 1867-aft. 1930
Hunter, Lizzie 1867-unknown
Hunter, Lois 1919-unknown
Hunter, Ludwell 1840-abt. 1875
Hunter, Margaret 1841-aft. 1920
Hunter, Margaret 1802-unknown
Hunter, Mary 1799-1869
Hunter, Mary 1903-unknown
Hunter, Mary unknown-unknown
Hunter, Mary C. 1845-unknown
Hunter, Mary E. 1895-unknown
Hunter, Nannie 1869-unknown
Hunter, Raymond F. 1900-unknown
Hunter, Rollie Justice 1893-unknown
Hunter, Rollie J. Jr. 1917-unknown
Hunter, S. E. 1875-unknown
Hunter, Sanford 1806-1877
Hunter, Sanford Jr. 1855-1907
Hunter, Sarah A. 1842-1913
Hunter, Thomas bet. 1775/94-unknown
Hunter, Thomas 1856-unknown
Hunter, William bet. 1766/84-unknown
Hunter, William 1803-abt. 1855
Hunter, William 1841-unknown
Hunter, William E. 1874-unknown
Hunter, William Robert 1849-unknown
Hunter, William S. 1924-unknown
Hunter, Wood E. 1873-1949

Huntington, Ruth unknown-unknown

Hurlbutt, Ira unknown-unknown
Hurlbutt, Thomas unknown-unknown

Hutchins, Rachel abt. 1624-unknown

Hyatt, Caleb unknown-unknown
Hyatt, Millicent unknown-unknown
Hyatt, Sarah unknown-unknown

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