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Hi - Ho

Higgins, Abel 1814-unknown
Higgins, Catherine abt. 1801-unknown
Higgins, Charles Lester 1808-unknown
Higgins, Daniel abt. 1775-abt. 1831
Higgins, Daniel H. Jr. 1804-unknown
Higgins, Elisabeth 1812-unknown
Higgins, Hannah abt. 1797-unknown
Higgins, Lewis abt. 1800-unknown
Higgins, Nelson 1806-unknown
Higgins, Sabrina 1812-unknown
Higgins, Sarah 1795-unknown

Hill, Susanna 1804-1867

Hills, Elizabeth 1833-1879
Hills, Kessiah S. 1847-bef. 1889

Hillory, Luther unknown-unknown

Hilton, Benjamin J. unknown-unknown

Hite, John Ramsey unknown-unknown

Hix, Burton abt. 1779-unknown
Hix, Edmund Bugg abt. 1779-unknown
Hix, Frances 1795-unknown
Hix, Lorenzo unknown-unknown
Hix, Martha 1788-unknown
Hix, Nathaniel 1751-1823
Hix, Nathaniel 1800-1874
Hix, Susan 1786-unknown

Hobbs, Jane abt. 1804-1885

Hobson, John unknown-unknown

Hocker, Nancy unknown-unknown

Hoffman, Elizabeth abt. 1760-unknown

Holden, William unknown-unknown

Holder, Leonard unknown-unknown

Holland, Mary unknown-unknown

Hollingshead, Zion 1839-1872

Holmes, Isaiah unknown-unknown
Holmes, Mary unknown-1825
Holmes, Mercy unknown-unknown

Homrighausen, Anna Elizabeth unknown-unknown

Hooper, Thomas unknown-unknown

Hornbeck, Aden 1843-aft. 1920
Hornbeck, Anna 1844-unknown
Hornbeck, Benjamin 1845-unknown
Hornbeck, Benjamin V. 1808-1893
Hornbeck, Elizabeth 1838-unknown
Hornbeck, Emma 1856-unknown
Hornbeck, James 1836-unknown
Hornbeck, Jennie 1859-unknown
Hornbeck, Judson 1840-unknown
Hornbeck, Lewis 1847-unknown

Horsley, Ann abt. 1721-unknown
Horsley, Elizabeth unknown-unknown
Horsley, John abt. 1703-unknown
Horsley, Mary abt. 1714-unknown
Horsley, Robert unknown-1733
Horsley, Robert abt. 1706-unknown
Horsley, Rowland abt. 1720-aft. 1787
Horsley, William abt. 1710-unknown

Horton, Elizabeth unknown-unknown
Horton, Hattie 1783-unknown
Horton, Henry 1771-unknown
Horton, Isaac 1780-1855
Horton, James 1773-unknown
Horton, John 1769-1828
Horton, Micajah 1777-1829
Horton, Phoebe unknown-unknown
Horton, Rena M. unknown-unknown
Horton, Sarah 1775-1834
Horton, William unknown-unknown

Houghton, Sarah 1672-1715

Howard, Calvin unknown-unknown
Howard, Charles 1823-unknown
Howard, George 1850-unknown
Howard, Rachel unknown-unknown
Howard, Roxanna abt. 1794-unknown
Howard, Sarah unknown-unknown
Howard, Sarah Jane 1857-1925

Howe, Jeremiah unknown-unknown

Howell, Amelia abt. 1775-unknown

Howle, John unknown-1741
Howle, Lydia abt. 1699-bef. 1754

Hoyt, Abigail unknown-unknown
Hoyt, Hannah unknown-unknown
Hoyt, John unknown-unknown

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