Henry G. Buck

Henry has been very difficult to research. Some researchers have him as Henry George, others have him as Henry Mortimer. I'm not sure which name is correct but I will leave him as Henry G. for now. As for his first family, I found a Henry Buck on the 1850 census for Erwin, Steuben County, New York and this Henry's age does fit. All the Bucks in this listing are shown as being born in New York. The listing is:
Henry Buck, 39
Casier Buck, 40
Betsey Buck, 14
Eliza M. Buck, 11
William Buck, 9
Margaret Buck, 7
Ottomer Buck, 3

On the 1860 census for Erwin, the Henry Buck family has disappeared. However, in 1860 Richmond, Tioga County, Pennsylvania, Henry Buck is shown with Alzadia and children, Mary (13) and Susan (2 months). Also in 1860 Richmond, Tioga County, there is an interesting listing:
Mary Buck, 50
Mary E., 14
Mortimer, 12

William Buck, 20, is shown next door working as a farm laborer on the Faulkner farm. I wonder if this Mary Buck is Henry's first wife and the children are his. Mary E. in 1860 could be the Margaret in 1850. The ages aren't too far off and mistakes were made on census records so I'll discount the age difference. However, Mary is listed with Henry and Alzadia Buck as well so I don't have an explanation for that. Mortimer in 1860 could be the Ottomer in 1850. The ages are in line and the names are similar. William in 1860 is probably the William in 1850 as the ages fit. As for the other two children shown on the 1850 census, Betsey and Eliza M., they could have been married by 1860 or possibly one or both died by 1860. More than likely they are married.

The one thing I can't really explain is the name Casier Buck in 1850 and the name Mary Buck in 1860. Jean Clemons sent information stating that Henry Buck was married to Kyeak Bradford Buck, a Canadian Indian, and that he left her for another woman. Was the Casier supposed to be Kyeak? Why would she call herself Mary in 1860? Why was she recorded as born in New York and not Canada? Also, Jean further states that Henry was named Henry Mortimer Buck and I've always seen him as Henry G. Buck. I don't have the answers but I do believe these are the same people and that Casier/Mary/Kyeak was Henry's first wife.

There is yet another piece to this puzzle. On the 1850 census for Orange, Steuben County, New York, Ebenezer Buck has two children in his household named Betsey J. Buck and William L. Buck. Their ages are 14 and 13 respectively. Even though William's age doesn't quite match the 1850 census for Erwin, I still think these two children are Henry's children. Why are they listed in Erwin and Orange? Perhaps they were visiting their grandparents in Orange when the census taker was there and that's why they are listed.