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  Burton  Rhead
A Ba-Br Bu Ca-Cl Co-Cu D E Fa-Fr Fu-Fy
Ga-Go Gr Ha-He Hi-Ho Hu-Hy I J K Lac-Lam
Lan-Law Le-Ly M N O P Q R Sa-Sl Sm-Sw
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Granger, Aletha unknown-unknown

Grant, Hannah unknown-unknown
Grant, Sophronia unknown-unknown

Grantham, Alfred unknown-unknown

Graves, Edwin (Dr.) unknown-unknown
Graves, Laverne Irene 1914-2002

Gray, Jemima 1788-abt. 1845

Green, Joseph unknown-unknown
Green, Terrance David private
Green, Treassy abt. 1805-abt. 1836

Greenawald, William H. private

Greer, Margaret Elizabeth 1856-unknown

Gregory, Aaron 1760-unknown
Gregory, Abigail 1632-1633
Gregory, Abigail 1672-unknown
Gregory, Abigail unknown-unknown
Gregory, Abraham 1736-unknown
Gregory, Adam unknown-unknown
Gregory, Adeline 1827-abt. 1875
Gregory, Anne 1609-unknown
Gregory, Anne abt. 1625-abt. 1700
Gregory, Annis/Annas unknown-unknown
Gregory, Benjamin 1682-unknown
Gregory, Benjamin unknown-unknown
Gregory, Benjamin 1702-unknown
Gregory, Bessie 1880-unknown
Gregory, Bridget 1606-unknown
Gregory, Carrie B. 1875-unknown
Gregory, Catherine 1611-unknown
Gregory, Catherine 1782-unknown
Gregory, Charity 1749-unknown
Gregory, Charlotte 1835-unknown
Gregory, Charlotte 1865-abt. 1875
Gregory, Clemens 1765-1829
Gregory, Clifford Daniel 1855-unknown
Gregory, Daniel 1697/1714-unknown
Gregory, Daniel 1734-abt. 1794
Gregory, Daniel 1752-1817
Gregory, Daniel unknown-unknown
Gregory, Daniel 1771-1844
Gregory, Daniel B. 1831-bef. 1900
Gregory, Daniel H. 1822-1892
Gregory, Daniel J. 1802-unknown
Gregory, David unknown-unknown
Gregory, Denton 1724-1811
Gregory, Denton II 1774-unknown
Gregory, Desire unknown-unknown
Gregory, Dorothy abt. 1560-unknown
Gregory, Ebenezer 1683-unknown
Gregory, Ebenezer 1696-unknown
Gregory, Ebenezer 1729-aft. 1803
Gregory, Edward 1587-unknown
Gregory, Edwin 1846-unknown
Gregory, Elijah unknown-unknown
Gregory, Elizabeth 1591-1612
Gregory, Elizabeth unknown-1680
Gregory, Elizabeth 1665-unknown
Gregory, Elizabeth bef. 1715-unknown
Gregory, Elizabeth 1707-unknown
Gregory, Elizabeth 1743-unknown
Gregory, Elizabeth 1757-1833
Gregory, Elizabeth 1774-unknown
Gregory, Elizabeth unknown-unknown
Gregory, Elizabeth A. 1825-unknown
Gregory, Elnathan 1726-1816
Gregory, Elnathan unknown-unknown
Gregory, Esther 1758-1787
Gregory, Frances 1835-unknown
Gregory, Frances E. 1843-unknown
Gregory, Francis 1608-1664
Gregory, George P. 1821-1852
Gregory, George P. 1854-1856
Gregory, George Stuart 1859-bef. 1900
Gregory, George W. 1870-unknown
Gregory, Hamilton 1813-aft. 1880
Gregory, Hannah 1665-unknown
Gregory, Hannah 1745-unknown
Gregory, Hannah 1774-unknown
Gregory, Hannah E. 1806-unknown
Gregory, Gilbert Harvey 1839-unknown
Gregory, Harvey Gilbert 1874-unknown
Gregory, Harvey Holmes 1794-1823
Gregory, Henry abt. 1558-unknown
Gregory, Henry 1589-1655
Gregory, Hezekiah 1752-unknown
Gregory, Hugh abt. 1341-unknown
Gregory, Hugh abt. 1502-1520
Gregory, Isaac unknown-unknown
Gregory, Jachin abt. 1641-1697
Gregory, Jachin unknown-unknown
Gregory II, Jachin 1682-1747
Gregory, Jehiel 1755-1818
Gregory, Jemima unknown-unknown
Gregory, Johanna abt. 1692-1774
Gregory, John unknown-1567
Gregory, John abt. 1548-1637
Gregory, John 1605-unknown
Gregory, John 1607-unknown
Gregory, John abt. 1613-1689
Gregory, John 1668-unknown
Gregory, John 1697/1714-unknown
Gregory, John 1755-unknown
Gregory, John abt. 1752-abt. 1825
Gregory, John Jr. abt. 1639-abt. 1720
Gregory, John III 1676-1751
Gregory, John IV abt. 1705-1786
Gregory, John V 1727-1782
Gregory, John C. 1868-unknown
Gregory, John H. 1843-unknown
Gregory, John Hamilton 1787-1863
Gregory, John Warren 1819-unknown
Gregory, Jonathan 1671-bef. 1724
Gregory, Jonathan abt. 1711-unknown
Gregory, Joseph 1645-unknown
Gregory, Joseph 1674-unknown
Gregory, Joseph abt. 1676-abt. 1733
Gregory, Joseph II abt. 1700-aft. 1753
Gregory, Joseph III abt. 1738-unknown
Gregory, Josiah 1679-unknown
Gregory, Josiah 1697/1714-unknown

Gregory, Josiah 1760-1847
Gregory, Josiah 1771-1796
Gregory, Judah abt. 1618-bef. 1639
Gregory, Judah abt. 1643-abt. 1733
Gregory, Joshua 1752-abt. 1840
Gregory, Leman unknown-unknown
Gregory, Letty abt. 1805-unknown
Gregory, Lilla/Lilley M. 1867-unknown
Gregory, Lydia 1676-unknown
Gregory, Lydia 1772-1843
Gregory, Margaret/Sally 1787-unknown
Gregory, Maria M. 1797-unknown
Gregory, Marie Louise 1857-1931
Gregory, Martha 1680-bef. 1707
Gregory, Martha unknown-unknown
Gregory, Mary 1617-unknown
Gregory, Mary 1669-unknown
Gregory, Mary 1674-unknown
Gregory, Mary 1732-unknown
Gregory, Mary 1753-unknown
Gregory, Mary 1767-unknown
Gregory, Mary 1826-aft. 1880
Gregory, Matthew 1680-unknown
Gregory, Michael 1581-1637
Gregory, Michael 1613-unknown
Gregory, Milton L. 1836-abt. 1855
Gregory, Milton S. 1912-unknown
Gregory, Milton Smith 1796-abt. 1865
Gregory, Moses 1771-unknown
Gregory, Muriel F. 1912-unknown
Gregory, Nehemiah unknown-1771
Gregory, Nehemiah abt. 1731-1770
Gregory, Nehemiah 1780-unknown
Gregory, Nehemiah III 1762-1841
Gregory, Noah unknown-unknown
Gregory, Olive unknown-unknown
Gregory, Olive 1778-unknown
Gregory, Olive unknown-unknown
Gregory, Olive L. 1808-unknown
Gregory, Oliver 1828-bef. 1870
Gregory, Persis/Perry unknown-unknown
Gregory, Persis 1671-unknown
Gregory, Phebe 1650-1750
Gregory, Phebe 1686-unknown
Gregory, Phebe unknown-unknown
Gregory, Phebe 1741-unknown
Gregory, Phebe Katharine 1839-1915
Gregory, Polly abt. 1805-unknown
Gregory, Polly M. 1843-unknown
Gregory, Rachel 1691-unknown
Gregory, Rachel Ann 1802-unknown
Gregory, Rachel Ann 1833-unknown
Gregory, Rebecca 1673-1765
Gregory, Rebeccah 1763-unknown
Gregory, Rena 1851-unknown
Gregory, Reuben 1756-unknown
Gregory, Richard unknown-unknown
Gregory, Robert unknown-unknown
Gregory, Robert 1604-unknown
Gregory, Ruben unknown-unknown
Gregory, Ruth 1739-1810
Gregory, Ruth 1764-1851
Gregory, Russell abt. 1721-abt. 1840
Gregory, Russell 1747-1844
Gregory, Sally unknown-unknown
Gregory, Sally M. 1800-unknown
Gregory, Samuel abt. 1646-1702
Gregory, Samuel 1675-1699
Gregory, Samuel abt. 1678-unknown
Gregory, Samuel bef. 1711-unknown
Gregory, Samuel 1704-unknown
Gregory, Samuel 1768-unknown
Gregory, Samuel unknown-unknown
Gregory, Sarah abt. 1644-bef. 1695
Gregory, Sarah 1662-1707
Gregory, Sarah 1667-unknown
Gregory, Sarah 1678-bef. 1723
Gregory, Sarah unknown-unknown
Gregory, Sarah unknown-unknown
Gregory, Sarah 1709-unknown
Gregory, Sarah 1734-bef. 1779
Gregory, Sarah 1765-unknown
Gregory, Sarah abt. 1812-aft. 1870
Gregory, Sarah 1847-unknown
Gregory, Seeley 1738-unknown
Gregory, Seth unknown-unknown
Gregory, Silas 1762-unknown
Gregory, Silbel unknown-unknown
Gregory, Stephen 1738-1802
Gregory, Stephen 1769-unknown
Gregory, Stephen unknown-unknown
Gregory, Susannah 1776-1847
Gregory, Thomas abt. 1520-1599
Gregory, Thomas 1544-unknown
Gregory, Thomas abt. 1648-1693
Gregory, Thomas 1693-1693
Gregory, Thomas 1672-1712
Gregory, Thomas 1768-1788
Gregory, Thomas M. 1845-abt. 1885
Gregory, Timothy 1743-1821
Gregory, Triphosa unknown-unknown
Gregory, Wait unknown-unknown
Gregory, William abt. 1470-1502
Gregory, William 1583-1650
Gregory, William 1615-unknown
Gregory, William 1630-1635
Gregory, William 1815-unknown
Gregory, William Elmo 1857-unknown
Gregory, Zeuba unknown-unknown

Griggs, Elijah unknown-unknown
Griggs, Elizabeth 1705-1781

Grim, Maria unknown-unknown

Grimes, Melinda unknown-unknown

Grisby, Isabelle unknown-unknown

Grissom, Missouri Angeline unknown-unknown

Griswold, Mary 1656-unknown

Gromarrin, Mary Wiltshire unknown-unknown

Grumman, Lewis unknown-unknown

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