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Gabbert, James M. abt. 1824-1878
Gabbert, John Wesley 1798-1880
Gabbert, John Wesley 1825-1874
Gabbert, Juda Ann abt. 1821-unknown
Gabbert, Mary Jane abt. 1820-abt. 1875
Gabbert, Medora Artemesia 1837-1876
Gabbert, Ransom Ray 1835-1879
Gabbert, Timandra Elizabeth 1847-1898
Gabbert, William Woodson 1828-unknown

Gable, Andrew private

Galbraith, Mary unknown-unknown

Gallagher, William unknown-unknown

Galpin, Ruth unknown-abt. 1718

Gardner, Eunice 1709-1729
Gardner, Habakkuk unknown-1732
Gardner, Habakkuk 1707-unknown
Gardner, Hannah unknown-unknown
Gardner, Joseph 1702-1702
Gardner, Mary 1701-unknown
Gardner, Mercy 1705-1732
Gardner, Ruth 1699-1736

Garland, Mary unknown-unknown
Garland, William unknown-unknown

Garretson, Rachel unknown-unknown

Garrett, Abraham 1729-unknown
Garrett, Andrew 1861-unknown
Garrett, Anna L. 1874-unknown
Garrett, Anne 1721-unknown
Garrett, Babe/Lady 1857-1870
Garrett, Brownie B. 1896-unknown
Garrett, Charles 1735-unknown
Garrett, Cornelia A. 1862-unknown
Garrett, Daniel Butler 1842-unknown
Garrett, Doctor R. 1834-unknown
Garrett, Edward abt. 1827-unknown
Garrett, Gabriel 1848-unknown
Garrett, George G. 1860-unknown
Garrett, Irvin T. 1843-unknown
Garrett, Isaac 1719-unknown
Garrett, Isaac M. 1853-unknown
Garrett, James A. 1858-unknown
Garrett, James M. 1856-unknown
Garrett, James R. 1859-unknown
Garrett, Jeff L. 1868-unknown
Garrett, Jennie B. 1875-unknown
Garrett, John unknown-abt. 1744
Garrett, John 1726-unknown
Garrett, John J. 1830-aft. 1900
Garrett, John William 1858-unknown
Garrett, Jonas Martin 1832-1906
Garrett, Joy 1863-unknown
Garrett, Larkin abt. 1825-unknown
Garrett, Lulu May 1873-unknown
Garrett, Malinda 1855-unknown
Garrett, Manerva Elizabeth 1857-unknown
Garrett, Martha 1854-unknown
Garrett, Martha L. 1864-unknown
Garrett, Martha T. 1868-unknown
Garrett, Mary 1838-unknown
Garrett, Mary "Polly" A. 1850-unknown
Garrett, Mary H. 1869-unknown
Garrett, Morris O. 1867-unknown
Garrett, Paralee L. 1867-unknown
Garrett, Raymond E. 1898-unknown
Garrett, Robert E. 1870-unknown
Garrett, Robert E. 1869-unknown
Garrett, Samuel Buck 1860-aft. 1900
Garrett, Sarah A. 1857-unknown
Garrett, Sarah E. 1860-unknown
Garrett, Stephen 1733-unknown
Garrett, Susanna 1723-unknown
Garrett, Thomas 1730-unknown
Garrett, Thomas 1867-unknown
Garrett, Thomas J. (Buck) 1871-1929
Garrett, William abt. 1798-unknown
Garrett, William M. 1852-unknown
Garrett, William R. abt. 1826-unknown

Gasser, Agnes Marie 1906-1958
Gasser, Charles Martin 1916-1977
Gasser, Clara Mae 1908-1975
Gasser, Edward James 1912-1969
Gasser, Loretta abt. 1907-abt. 1907

Gaunt, Mary McAfee unknown-unknown

Gedney, Bartholomew abt. 1640-1697
Gedney, Bartholomew unknown-unknown
Gedney, Bartholomew abt. 1720-1775
Gedney, Eleazer abt. 1642-1683
Gedney, Eleazer 1666-1722
Gedney, Elizabeth unknown-unknown
Gedney, Hannah abt. 1634-unknown
Gedney, Isaac 1696-unknown
Gedney, Isaac unknown-unknown
Gedney, James abt. 1700-1766
Gedney, John abt. 1603-1688
Gedney, John abt. 1637-1684
Gedney, John 1659-unknown
Gedney, John 1763-unknown
Gedney, John abt. 1695-1769
Gedney, Joseph abt. 1693-unknown
Gedney, Lydia abt. 1630-1672
Gedney, Lydia 1669-1700
Gedney, Martha unknown-unknown
Gedney, Martha unknown-bef. 1781
Gedney, Mary 1638-unknown
Gedney, Mary unknown-unknown
Gedney, Nathaniel 1670-1701
Gedney, Ruth 1672-1737
Gedney, Ruth abt. 1691-aft. 1738
Gedney, Sarah abt. 1644-unknown
Gedney, Sarah 1662-bef. 1666
Gedney, Sarah 1666-unknown
Gedney, Sarah unknown-unknown
Gedney, Susannah 1663-unknown
Gedney, Sybil unknown-unknown
Gedney, William 1668-1729

Geer, Asa 1795-unknown
Geer, Rebecca abt. 1805-unknown

George, George W. unknown-unknown
George, Robert unknown-unknown

Gibson, John unknown-unknown

Gilham, Lucy unknown-unknown

Gill, Elizabeth abt. 1795-aft. 1860

Gillette, Joseph A. unknown-unknown

Glascock, Alice unknown-unknown

Glover, William unknown-unknown

Glyndwr, Alys (Alice) unknown-unknown
Glyndwr, Catrin unknown-unknown
Glyndwr, Gruffudd abt. 1375-abt. 1412
Glyndwr, Jane unknown-unknown
Glyndwr, Janet unknown-unknown
Glyndwr, John unknown-unknown
Glyndwr, Madog unknown-unknown
Glyndwr, Maredudd unknown-aft. 1421
Glyndwr, Margaret unknown-unknown
Glyndwr, Owain abt. 1356-abt. 1416
Glyndwr, Thomas unknown-unknown

Goble, Albert 1864-1864
Goble, Abigail 1669-1705
Goble, Alice Gertrude 1902-unknown
Goble, Ann/Joan 1573-unknown
Goble, Benjamin abt. 1745-1832
Goble, Benjamin 1786-unknown
Goble, Benjamin F. abt. 1805-unknown
Goble, Blanche Annie 1892-unknown
Goble, Catherine "Kitty" 1798-unknown
Goble, Cornelia A. 1847-unknown
Goble, Daniel 1640-1676
Goble, Daniel 1698-1750
Goble, Daniel 1722-aft. 1780
Goble, Daniel 1821-unknown
Goble, Daniel 1821-1901
Goble, Daniel 1821-1901
Goble, Daniel 1854-unknown
Goble, Daniel C. 1887-unknown
Goble, Daniel Stark 1869-unknown
Goble, David 1669-abt. 1733
Goble, Eleanor 1575-unknown
Goble, Eliza 1867-unknown
Goble, Elizabeth 1576-bef. 1585
Goble, Elizabeth 1585-unknown
Goble, Elizabeth 1588-unknown
Goble, Elizabeth 1633-aft. 1682
Goble, Elizabeth abt. 1789-unknown
Goble, Elizabeth J. 1843-unknown
Goble, Flora abt. 1891-unknown
Goble, Florence Irene 1906-unknown
Goble, Fola M. abt. 1895-unknown
Goble, George abt. 1749-unknown
Goble, George 1790-unknown
Goble, George Washington 1856-1924
Goble, Grace 1884-unknown
Goble, Grace 1893-unknown
Goble, Greenberry 1824-1904
Goble, Hazel Isabella 1910-unknown
Goble, Henry 1862-1862
Goble, Ida E. 1889-unknown
Goble, Jacob abt. 1784-unknown
Goble, James 1815-unknown
Goble, Joanna 1585-1593
Goble, John 1580-unknown
Goble, John bef. 1590-unknown
Goble, John abt. 1629-unknown
Goble, John abt. 1662-unknown
Goble, John 1695-unknown
Goble, John abt. 1780-unknown
Goble, John Lewis 1857-1930
Goble, Joseph abt. 1747-unknown
Goble, Joseph 1786-unknown
Goble, Leonard A. 1884-unknown
Goble, Lewis abt. 1782-unknown
Goble, Lewis 1838-unknown
Goble, Louisa 1847-unknown
Goble, Marguerite Laverna 1903-unknown
Goble, Marjorie 1909-unknown
Goble, Martha 1851-unknown
Goble, Martha A. 1854-unknown
Goble, Mary 1634-unknown
Goble, Mary 1660-unknown
Goble, Mary 1693-unknown
Goble, Mary "Polly" 1787-unknown
Goble, Maude abt. 1889-unknown
Goble, Melvin 1865-1865
Goble, Melvina 1850-bef. 1860
Goble, Mildred L. 1897-unknown
Goble, Missouri 1835-1869
Goble, Nancy 1830-unknown
Goble, Nicholas 1577-unknown
Goble, Oral 1884-unknown
Goble, Polly 1849-1851
Goble, Radus abt. 1883-unknown
Goble, Robert abt. 1663-unknown
Goble, Russell A. 1886-unknown
Goble, Ruth 1663-unknown
Goble, Sarah 1637-1717
Goble, Sarah 1691-unknown
Goble, Sarah Susan 1866-1885
Goble, Stephen abt. 1656-1676
Goble, Stephen 1693-unknown
Goble, Sytha 1840-1869
Goble, Thomas 1582-1648
Goble, Thomas 1589-1657
Goble, Thomas 1656-1723
Goble, Thomas 1714-unknown
Goble, Thomas Jr. abt. 1635-1690
Goble, Walter Keith 1860-aft. 1930
Goble, William abt. 1540-1593
Goble, William abt. 1540-1593
Goble, William 1582-unknown
Goble, William 1588-unknown
Goble, William 1796-1856
Goble, William unknown-unknown
Goble, William 1833-unknown

Goff, Alvin unknown-unknown

Goldsmith, Eulalie 1895-1936

Gordon, Joel unknown-unknown
Gordon, Mary unknown-unknown

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