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Frederick Fuller

Founder of the Fuller Iron Foundry in Providence, Rhode Island, established in 1837. Several companies existed in more than one location. From notes written in 1974 by his great-granddaughter, Margaret Ames Fuller, "My great-grandfather became associated in the iron business in Easton, Massachusetts with his brother-in-law. About 1827/28, he moved to Cranston, Rhode Island and constructed his business in an old mill located on Herod's Brook. About 1838/39 he moved to Providence and hired a foundry on Eddy Street. About 1840/41, he leased land of A & S Pike (for whom Pike Street was named) and established the Fuller Iron Works. In 1848, there being three of his brothers working in the "Iron Works," the old gentleman quit and established his own foundry. We always called it "The Brass Shop" - right across Tockwotton St., corner of So. Main, from the Iron Works."

NOTE: The area in Providence where the foundries were located has undergone some major changes, and currently (2007) Route 195 is being relocated, both where it connects with Route 95 and also very close to the foundry buildings. One of them still stands, but it's not certain as yet what will become of any of the buildings once the highway is moved. A major section of Providence will be opened to development, when the old 195 is razed.