In 1777, Fincastle County, Virginia was divided into three parts: Kentucky, Montgomery and Washington counties.

In 1780, Kentucky County was divided into three counties: Fayette, Jefferson and Lincoln. Over the next few years, three more counties were formed from those three making a total of nine counties created. Between 1784 and 1792, the people living in these counties held conventions on the question of statehood. On December 18, 1789, an act was passed allowing Kentucky to apply for statehood and on June 1, 1792, the nine counties became the state of Kentucky.

On some records, John Ward and Mary McKinney are recorded as being married in Fayette County, Kentucky but the state of Kentucky didn't exist in 1788. They must have been married in Fayette County, Virginia which became Fayette County, Kentucky in 1792.

Jessamine County, Kentucky was formed from Fayette County in 1798.

On paper it looks like John Ward and family moved from Virginia to Kentucky but following the progression of statehood and county formation for Kentucky, I believe they stayed on the same farm all those years and it was state and county lines that moved. In December, 1811, the Ward family moved to Ohio County and, in 1815, the portion of the county that the farm was on became Daviess County.