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Fa - Fr

Farge, Arlene unknown-unknown

Farrar, Priscilla 1691-abt. 1768

Featherstone, Anne unknown-unknown

Felty, Armilda Caroline unknown-unknown

Ferguson, John unknown-unknown
Ferguson, Margaret 1780-1836

Ferrill, Mary 1745-1798

Fike, Rebecca 1805-abt. 1850

Fillow, Benjamin unknown-unknown

Fink, Richard L. private

Finley, Mahala unknown-unknown

Fish, Jemima unknown-unknown

Fisher, John unknown-unknown
Fisher, Phebe unknown-unknown

Fitch, David 1875-abt. 1900
Fitch, Everet 1900-bef. 1920
Fitch, Mary 1896-abt. 1905
Fitch, Samuel unknown-unknown

Fitzpatrick, Thomas unknown-unknown

Flint, Sarah unknown-unknown

Follet, John unknown-unknown
Follet, Sarah Fuller unknown-unknown

Fonteyn, Annetie unknown-unknown

Ford, Alice unknown-unknown

Forman, Moses unknown-unknown

Forrei, Benjamin unknown-unknown

Foster, Florence 1880-unknown

Fountain, Moses unknown-unknown

Fowler, Elizabeth unknown-unknown
Fowler, Mary unknown-unknown
Fowler, Mary 1776-1861

France, Adelia 1842-unknown

Francis, Anne abt. 1725-1820

Francisco, Andrew unknown-unknown

Franklin, Loveday unknown-unknown

Frasure, Sarah unknown-unknown

Fredricksen, Arent unknown-unknown

Freels, Beverly Allen 1836-unknown
Freels, Daniel 1811-abt. 1855
Freels, Daniel Croucher 1839-unknown
Freels, Edward Fletcher 1841-unknown
Freels, Finley J. 1837-unknown
Freels, James H. 1837-unknown
Freels, Lee Daniel 1843-unknown
Freels, Myraldus 1841-unknown
Freels, Pleasant 1809-1860
Freels, Tilman D. 1847-unknown

Freeman, Jeremiah unknown-unknown

Freest, Barbara 1661-1737

Frey, Anna 1778-unknown
Frey, Anna Maria 1773-unknown
Frey, Catharina 1765-unknown
Frey, Christian 1768-unknown
Frey, Elizabeth Barbara 1771-unknown
Frey, Johann Georg 1741-1812
Frey, Johann Georg 1781-unknown
Frey, Johannes 1768-unknown
Frey, Joseph 1790-unknown
Frey, Sarah 1766-unknown
Frey, Susanna 1784-unknown

Frye, Lydia unknown-unknown
Frye, William unknown-unknown

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