The Wellsboro Gazette
Thursday, March 23, 1933

Miss Ella Buck Dies at Marsh Creek Home

Marsh Creek, March 22 - Miss Ella Buck, 34, died at the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Buck here at 6:45 o'clock Wednesday morning. Funeral services Friday morning at ten o'clock will be held at St. Peters Catholic Church in Wellsboro.

Miss Buck was born in Marsh Creek, July 26, 1898, and received her education in the local schools. For some time she was employed as a nurse in Rochester, later working in New York City. She returned home from the latter place because of illness two weeks ago.

Surviving are her parents, and three brothers, Leon, of Niles Valley; Sheldon, of Ridgeway; and Howard, of Marsh Creek.

Miss Buck was highly regarded by her friends in this vicinity, and will be sadly missed by her parents and her community.

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A picture of Ella Buck

Ella Buck

Photo courtesy of Michael Hildebrand