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Elijah Lamar was born about 1792. He died in 1834 in Spencer, Indiana. He was buried in Spencer, Indiana. One scandalous bit of history that was uncovered in Perry County Probate is an account of Elijah and Betsy Summers. It seems that she was having an affair with one Kelton Murray and was prosecuted by the U.S. Government. Kelton Murray had been at odds with the Lamar's before, having raced Uriah Lamar in 1812 to the land office in Vincennes in pursuit of the same piece of property. Elijah Lamar divorced Betsy and married Polly Wright. Elijah and Polly both died young and John S. Lamar was appointed guardian of the 5 minor children in 1835. John S. died in 1839 and guardianship of the 5 as well as their own 8 children went to John S.'s wife Elizabeth. Elijah Lamar estate sale was dated 14 May 1834, Spencer County, Indiana. Trusten Wollen named administrator, appraised 23 Dec 1833 by John Childers and John Connor. Accounts with Samuel Baird, R Bates, Stephen P Sissney, Thomas Sumner, Hugh Masterson. Records of Court of Probate, Held at the house of A. W. Dorsey in the Town of Rockport 24 May 1819 - 11 Apr 1822.

Elijah LAMAR and Elizabeth "Betsy" SUMNERS were married before 1816.

Elijah LAMAR and Mary "Polly" WRIGHT were married on 24 Nov 1817 in Perry, Indiana. There is a license on file for this marriage at Indiana State Archives.

Elijah LAMAR and Mary "Polly" WRIGHT had the following children:

  1. Alfred E. LAMAR
  2. Maleetha LAMAR was born after 1819
  3. Elizabeth LAMAR was born after 1819
  4. Ellis LAMAR was born after 1819
  5. Samuel LAMAR was born after 1819