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Eaton, Abigail 1742-1803

Ebert, Luella Amanda unknown-unknown

Edes, Geneva unknown-unknown

Edge, Nancy/Ann 1753-1826

Edmundson, Anne abt. 1766-unknown

Edsall, John unknown-unknown

Edwards, Malinda unknown-unknown
Edwards, Sterling unknown-unknown

Eichman, Adam J. abt. 1901-unknown
Eichman, Adam John 1929-unknown
Eichman, Arthur Frederick unknown-unknown
Eichman, Betty Jane 1924-unknown
Eichman, Carol Jean 1930-1930
Eichman, Donald George unknown-unknown
Eichman, Karen Ann unknown-unknown
Elam, Anne unknown-unknown

Elder, Katherine 1895-1981

Eldertson, Egbertie unknown-unknown

Eldred, Mumford unknown-unknown

Elkinton, Anne Kemble unknown-unknown

Elliott, Elizabeth 1789-1831
Elliott, Francis unknown-unknown

Elmore, Chester Myron unknown-unknown
Elmore, Drew 1875-1933
Elmore, Edward C. unknown-unknown
Elmore, Ione M. unknown-unknown
Elmore, Lee 1882-1888

Emerson, Clarymondie "Clara" abt. 1831-1880

Endicott, Flora Mae 1888-1940

Estep, Deborah Emiline unknown-unknown

Estill, Berry 1875-unknown

Esty, Frances 1842-1935

Evenson, Louise Audrey private
Evenson, Marlys Joan private
Evenson, Ralph unknown-unknown

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