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Have you had a genealogy DNA test done? Through Ancestry.com, it's very easy to do! Ancestry.com sends you a DNA Collection Kit. Enter the needed information on the envelope, swab the inside of your cheek with the sterile cotton swabs they send, place the swabs in the envelope, seal the envelope and drop it in the mail. After a few weeks, you'll have your DNA results.

This DNA test is strictly for genealogy purposes. Ancestry.com does not perform any medical diagnostic testing on any of it's DNA samples. And your privacy is protected. Your DNA results will be published on the Ancestry.com website so that you can be matched with others in the database; however, you can make your results anonymous so your name isn't associated with the results. If someone wants to contact you or you want to contact anyone connected with your DNA results, Ancestry.com's Connection Service is used. The Connection Service allows e-mails to be sent between potential relatives without revealing e-mail addresses.

If you have genealogy DNA results from another lab, no problem. You can transfer those results to Ancestry.com.

To discover more about genealogy DNA testing through Ancestry.com, please click here. It should answer any questions you have about the testing.

To discover more about joining DNA Groups through Ancestry.com, please click here. Once on the site, if you want to find a group to join, just type the surname you're interested in and hit "Submit." A directory will be shown with all the groups that exist connected to that surname.

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