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Daggett, Abigail 1693-unknown
Daggett, Abigail 1726-unknown
Daggett, Beulah 1719-1794
Daggett, Brotherton 1737-unknown
Daggett, Caleb 1766-1766
Daggett, Content 1733-1734
Daggett, Content 1735-unknown
Daggett, Content 1768-1769
Daggett, Daniel 1738-1796
Daggett, Dorcas 1764-1765
Daggett, E. F. 1804-unknown
Daggett, Ebenezer 1690-1740
Daggett, Ebenezer 1760-unknown
Daggett, Ebenezer 1776-1777
Daggett, Elihu 1710-1769
Daggett, Elizabeth abt. 1754-abt. 1833
Daggett, Elizabeth 1769-unknown
Daggett, Esther 1762-aft. 1790
Daggett, Ezra 1765-unknown
Daggett, Henry 1754-bef. 1758
Daggett, Henry 1758-unknown
Daggett, Ichabod 1725-1725
Daggett, Israel 1674-unknown
Daggett, Jane 1695-unknown
Daggett, Jemina 1666-unknown
Daggett, John unknown-unknown
Daggett, John 1763-unknown
Daggett, Josephina 1842-unknown
Daggett, Joshua 1664-unknown
Daggett, Lydia 1770-1771
Daggett, Martha 1672-unknown
Daggett, Mary 1668-unknown
Daggett, Mary 1692-unknown
Daggett, Mary 1767-unknown
Daggett, Mary 1774-1861
Daggett, Mayhew 1685-1752
Daggett, Mayhew 1730-aft. 1800
Daggett, Mayhew 1757-1844
Daggett, Mercy abt. 1678-unknown
Daggett, Naomi 1741-1776
Daggett, Naomi 1769-1840
Daggett, Naphtali 1691-unknown
Daggett, Napthali 1723-1724
Daggett, Naphtali 1727-1780
Daggett, Patience 1670-unknown
Daggett, Patience 1704-unknown
Daggett, Ruth 1676-unknown
Daggett, Ruth M. 1832-unknown
Daggett, Samuel abt. 1660-abt. 1717
Daggett, Samuel 1728-1728
Daggett, Sarah 1715-unknown
Daggett, Sarah 1756-unknown
Daggett, Thomas 1661-1724
Daggett, Thomas 1630-1691
Daggett, Thomas 1658-unknown
Daggett, Thomas 1688-1778
Daggett, Thomas 1731-unknown
Daggett, Thomas 1760-1761
Daggett, Zilpha 1701-unknown

Dahms, Emma Marguerite 1901-aft. 1961
Dahms, Veva Anna abt. 1893-unknown
Dahms, Emma Marguerite 1901-aft. 1961
Dahms, Veva Anna abt. 1893-unknown

Daingerfield, Edwin unknown-unknown

Dale, Margaret unknown-unknown

Daley, Robert private

Dana/Daney, Joseph unknown-unknown

Darlington, Di Ann M. private
Darlington, Janice Darlene 1955-2003
Darlington, Linda Deane 1950-2009
Darlington, Malcolm R. 1920-1989
Darlington, Wayne Burton 1953-1996

Dartt, Ada Lillian 1870-unknown

Darwin, Mildred Elizabeth 1920-2008

David, Elizabeth unknown-unknown

Davidson, Adelia 1850-unknown
Davidson, Alice 1863-unknown
Davidson, Almira 1847-unknown
Davidson, Creed B. 1843-unknown
Davidson, Ephraim B. 1837-unknown
Davidson, George M. unknown-unknown
Davidson, James 1849-unknown
Davidson, Jay 1855-unknown
Davidson, Lydia Ann 1828-abt. 1905
Davidson, Mary A. 1840-unknown
Davidson, Muretta 1867-unknown
Davidson, Orrelia 1859-unknown
Davidson, Theodore Ewing 1845-unknown
Davidson, Thomas 1819-1905

Davis, Clementius unknown-unknown
Davis, John unknown-unknown
Davis, Nancy Sullivan 1783-1855

Dawson, James unknown-unknown
Dawson, Mary unknown-unknown

Day, Barbara abt. 1787-abt. 1826
Day, Edmund unknown-unknown
Day, Elizabeth abt. 1785-abt. 1843
Day, Frances abt. 1810-unknown
Day, Henry abt. 1807-unknown
Day, John 1803-unknown
Day, William 1812-1879

Dean, Elvina Antoinette 1851-unknown
Dean, Fred W. 1858-unknown
Dean, Ida Rose abt. 1857-unknown
Dean, James Luke 1849-unknown
Dean, Rodman 1855-unknown
Dean, Thomas Jay 1826-1883
Dean, William H. abt. 1854-unknown

Deane, Daniel unknown-unknown

DeArmitt, Albert M. 1864-unknown
DeArmitt, F. M. 1832-abt. 1865

Debee, Richard private

Deck, Michael unknown-unknown

Decker, Sarah 1760-abt. 1845

Delancey, Mary unknown-unknown

Derosier, Yvonne Bridgette private

Devries, Titus Syrach unknown-unknown

Dewitt, Saertje unknown-unknown
Dewitt, William unknown-unknown

Dickens, Charity unknown-unknown

Dickerson, Phyllis unknown-unknown

Dickinson, Sarah 1644-1723

Dimmick, Austin unknown-unknown

Dison, Jim Ella unknown-unknown

Dixon, Polly unknown-unknown

Doane, Daniel unknown-unknown

Dobson, Job B. unknown-unknown

Doggett, Anne 1592-unknown
Doggett, Avis 1599-unknown
Doggett, Bridget 1604-unknown
Doggett, Dorothy 1605-unknown
Doggett, Elizabeth abt. 1638-unknown
Doggett, Hepzibah abt. 1643-unknown
Doggett, John unknown-unknown
Doggett, John 1602-1673
Doggett, John abt. 1626-unknown
Doggett, Joseph abt. 1634-unknown
Doggett, Lappage 1606-unknown
Doggett, Olive 1601-unknown
Doggett, Richard unknown-unknown
Doggett, Richard 1608-unknown
Doggett, Thomas 1594-unknown
Doggett, Susan 1595-unknown
Doggett, William abt. 1557-1610
Doggett, William 1598-unknown

Donahue, Catherine 1874-unknown

Dorrance, Honora M. 1884-1952

Doud, Philinda unknown-unknown

Downing, Hanna unknown-unknown

Dowse, Lewis unknown-unknown

Drake, Rebecca 1806-1875

Drane, Anne unknown-unknown
Drane, James unknown-unknown

Dressler, Albert unknown-unknown
Dressler, Albert Carroll, Jr. unknown-unknown
Dressler, Joyce Elaine unknown-unknown

Dudley, Joseph unknown-unknown

Duff, Julia M. 1834-1910

Dummer, Alice P. unknown-unknown
Dummer, David R. unknown-unknown
Dummer, John E. 1904-unknown
Dummer, John E. 1926-unknown
Dummer, June E. unknown-unknown
Dummer, Ruth Irene 1928-unknown
Dummer, Wilbur L. unknown-unknown

Dunkhorne, Sarah 1558-1584

Dunlin, Curtis unknown-unknown

Dunn, Earl 1899-unknown
Dunn, Fred E. 1875-1962
Dunn, Frederick 1869-1941
Dunn, George 1878-1960
Dunn, Harley Byron 1898-1982
Dunn, Hattie 1900-unknown
Dunn, Hazel 1918-unknown
Dunn, Irene 1914-unknown
Dunn, Lee Frederick 1901-1962
Dunn, Mary 1912-unknown
Dunn, Neva 1917-unknown
Dunn, Phoebe K. 1899-1975
Dunn, Roy 1909-unknown
Dunn, Truman 1918-unknown

Dutton, Ela unknown-unknown

Duxbury, Edna 1902-unknown
Duxbury, Ellsworth 1864-1943
Duxbury, Hazel 1901-unknown
Duxbury, Merlin 1899-unknown
Duxbury, Ray J. 1891-unknown
Duxbury, Sarah E. 1895-unknown
Duxbury, Wilma M. 1900-unknown

Dwyer, Allura unknown-unknown

Dymock, Eleanor unknown-1617
Dymock, Margaret unknown-unknown

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