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Co - Cu

Cobb, Daniel 1775-unknown
Cobb, Elizabeth 1774-unknown
Cobb, Hannah 1779-unknown
Cobb, Jemina 1786-unknown
Cobb, John L. unknown-unknown
Cobb, Mary 1783-unknown
Cobb, Stephen 1772-unknown
Cobb, William abt. 1749-1826
Cobb, William 1781-unknown

Cobbs, Agnes Hamner unknown-unknown
Cobbs, Amanda unknown-unknown
Cobbs, Cary Ann unknown-unknown
Cobbs, Demarius unknown-unknown
Cobbs, Elizabeth unknown-unknown
Cobbs, John Madison unknown-unknown
Cobbs, John Lewis abt. 1762-unknown
Cobbs, John Lewis Jr. unknown-unknown
Cobbs, Nicholas Hamner 1796-1861
Cobbs, Rebecca unknown-unknown
Cobbs, Sarah unknown-unknown
Cobbs, Thomas Nelson unknown-unknown
Cobbs, Virginia unknown-unknown

Cobley, Elizabeth unknown-unknown

Cocke, Catherine abt. 1703-1725

Coevors, Teunis Janssen abt. 1620-1697

Cole, Daniel unknown-unknown
Cole, Francis unknown-unknown

Colfelt, Catherine unknown-unknown
Colfelt, Jacob unknown-unknown
Colfelt, Thomas unknown-unknown

Collinge, Ann abt. 1524-aft. 1558

Coltharp, Elizabeth 1780-1826
Coltharp, James abt. 1778-unknown
Coltharp, John 1749-1815
Coltharp, John 1781-1867
Coltharp, Mary H. 1805-1844
Coltharp, Nancy Catherine 1788-unknown

Colwell, Samuel unknown-unknown
Colwell, Sarah unknown-unknown

Combs, Mary unknown-unknown
Combs, Rodney W. unknown-unknown

Comer, Nancy unknown-unknown

Comstock, Claude unknown-unknown

Conard, John J. unknown-unknown

Confer, Rosa unknown-unknown

Congdon, Emma E. 1848-1928

Cook, Abigail unknown-unknown
Cook, Emeline unknown-unknown
Cook, John Allen 1900-unknown
Cook, Michael 1875-aft. 1930
Cook, Oma R. 1875-unknown
Cook, Priscilla 1724-abt. 1749/50

Cooper, Martha (Betsy) unknown-unknown

Corbin, Gawin unknown-unknown

Corliss, Lorenzo D. unknown-unknown
Corliss, Mary Jane 1837-unknown
Corliss, William unknown-unknown

Cornwall, Lovisa 1839-unknown

Corwin, Eliza 1867-unknown
Corwin, Delila Epitome 1845-unknown
Corwin, George unknown-unknown
Corwin, Gideon abt. 1852-unknown
Corwin, John N. 1849-unknown
Corwin, Noah 1816-1899

Covert, Abraham bef. 1683-unknown
Covert, Abraham abt. 1700-aft. 1780
Covert, Abraham 1738-unknown
Covert, Abraham unknown-unknown
Covert, Aechje bapt. 1649-unknown
Covert, Aeltje abt. 1658-abt. 1703

Covert, Annetje bapt. 1661-unknown
Covert, Antie abt. 1711-unknown
Covert, Charles bapt. 1693-unknown
Covert, Derrick unknown-unknown
Covert, Dorothy unknown-unknown
Covert, Elisha abt. 1720-1781
Covert, Elisha 1747-1817
Covert, Elizabeth 1740-unknown
Covert, Elizabeth unknown-unknown
Covert, Elizabeth 1743-1831
Covert, Hannah abt. 1686-unknown
Covert, Hannah unknown-unknown
Covert, Hannah abt. 1751-abt. 1840
Covert, Helene 1697-unknown
Covert, Isaac bef. 1685-unknown
Covert, Isaac 1734-1734
Covert, Isaac 1736-unknown
Covert, Isaac abt. 1715-1781
Covert, Jacob unknown-unknown
Covert, Jan (John) abt. 1691-unknown
Covert, Jan or Hans bapt. 1651-abt. 1723
Covert, Jannetje bapt. 1648-unknown
Covert, Jannetje abt. 1713-unknown
Covert, Jannetje 1747-unknown
Covert, John 1730-unknown
Covert, John unknown-unknown
Covert, John abt. 1730-unknown
Covert, Lena abt. 1721-unknown
Covert, Lucas 1699-1778
Covert, Lucas abt. 1709-unknown
Covert, Lucas abt. 1713-1758
Covert, Lucas Teunis 1647-aft. 1703
Covert, Lucretia 1768-1813
Covert, Luke unknown-unknown
Covert, Luke 1732-unknown
Covert, Maria abt. 1742-unknown
Covert, Marritje bapt. 1654-abt. 1712
Covert, Mary unknown-unknown
Covert, Mary unknown-unknown
Covert, Maurits bapt. 1696-unknown
Covert, Morris abt. 1694-unknown
Covert, Peter 1728-unknown
Covert, Phebe abt. 1725-unknown
Covert, Phebe 1743-1819
Covert, Phebe unknown-unknown
Covert, Sara bapt. 1697-unknown
Covert, Sarah bapt. 1653-abt. 1689
Covert, Sarah abt. 1755-aft. 1810
Covert, Stephen 1753-1830
Covert, Sylvanus 1721-unknown
Covert, Tamar unknown-unknown
Covert, Teunis 1745-unknown
Covert, Theunis bapt. 1691-unknown
Covert, Tunis 1689-1788
Covert, Tunis unknown-unknown
Covert, Walter abt. 1715-unknown

Cowdrey, Charles M. unknown-unknown

Cowles, Ann 1889-unknown
Cowles, Hazel R. 1892-unknown
Cowles, Lewis 1857-aft. 1930

Cox, Elizabeth unknown-unknown

Crane, John unknown-unknown

Crofut, James unknown-unknown

Crooker, Hannah unknown-unknown
Crooker, Joseph unknown-unknown
Crooker, Mercy unknown-unknown
Crooker, William unknown-abt. 1660
Crooker, William unknown-1686

Cross, John unknown-unknown
Cross, Peter unknown-unknown
Cross, Stephen unknown-unknown

Crowly, Elizabeth 1805-aft. 1880

Cummings, Andrew unknown-unknown

Curtis, Jonathan unknown-unknown

Cushman, Lovina unknown-unknown
Cushman, Mercy 1713-1797
Cushman, Thomas unknown-unknown

Cusick, Jane 1788-1852

Cutter, Anne unknown-1797

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