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Ca - Cl

Cain, Elizabeth 1875-unknown

Caldwell, Harry J. unknown-unknown
Caldwell, William J. unknown-unknown

Calwell, Sallie/Sarah Logan unknown-unknown

Caniff, Esther unknown-unknown

Carles, Catherine unknown-unknown

Carleton, John (Lieut.) unknown-unknown

Carmody, Margaret unknown-unknown

Carpenter, Abiah 1643-bef. 1702
Carpenter, Abiah unknown-unknown
Carpenter, Abiah 1665-unknown
Carpenter, Abiah 1729-unknown
Carpenter, Abial 1708-1788
Carpenter, Abial 1743-unknown
Carpenter, Abigail 1643-1709
Carpenter, Abigail 1705-unknown
Carpenter, Abigail 1816-unknown
Carpenter, Abraham 1682-1758
Carpenter, Abraham 1705-unknown
Carpenter, Abraham 1739-1797
Carpenter, Abraham 1768-unknown
Carpenter, Abraham 1796-unknown
Carpenter, Adline Jane 1835-unknown
Carpenter, Agnes bapt. 1593-unknown
Carpenter, Albert 1822-unknown
Carpenter, Alexander abt. 1560-unknown
Carpenter, Allen 1761-unknown
Carpenter, Almeda L. 1851-abt. 1925
Carpenter, Almon 1868-unknown
Carpenter, Alvah C. 1802-unknown
Carpenter, Amelia 1842-unknown
Carpenter, Amie 1725-unknown
Carpenter, Anne 1705-unknown
Carpenter, Annette M. 1847-unknown
Carpenter, Asa 1774-unknown
Carpenter, Asa 1796-1823
Carpenter, Asa J. 1858-1914
Carpenter, Asenath 1798-unknown
Carpenter, Barbara abt. 1746-unknown
Carpenter, Benjamin 1719-unknown
Carpenter, Bradford James 1807-unknown
Carpenter, Calvin 1784-unknown
Carpenter, Calvin 1798-unknown
Carpenter, Charles abt. 1836-unknown
Carpenter, Charles C. 1836-unknown
Carpenter, Charles Henry 1839-unknown
Carpenter, Charlie B. 1870-unknown
Carpenter, Chloe 1820-unknown
Carpenter, Christopher abt. 1695-unknown
Carpenter, Christopher abt. 1718-unknown
Carpenter, Christopher abt. 1745-abt. 1801
Carpenter, Christopher abt. 1740-unknown
Carpenter, Clarissa 1800-unknown
Carpenter, Comfort 1764-unknown
Carpenter, Converse 1812-unknown
Carpenter, Cordella Philanda 1841-unknown
Carpenter, Cyril 1766-unknown
Carpenter, Cyril 1786-unknown
Carpenter, Cyrus 1776-unknown
Carpenter, David 1675-unknown
Carpenter, David unknown-unknown
Carpenter, Ernest Linwood 1873-unknown
Carpenter, Edmund unknown-unknown
Carpenter, Edwin 1801-unknown
Carpenter, Eli 1782-1838
Carpenter, Elgie 1888-unknown
Carpenter, Elizabeth 1746-unknown
Carpenter, Elizabeth 1770-unknown
Carpenter, Ellen Eliza 1837-unknown
Carpenter, Elsie 1841-unknown
Carpenter, Emery 1785-unknown
Carpenter, Emily 1867-unknown
Carpenter, Ephraim 1766-unknown
Carpenter, Erastus 1836-unknown
Carpenter, Ethan 1872-unknown
Carpenter, Filinda 1803-unknown
Carpenter, Frances 1846-unknown
Carpenter, George abt. 1837-abt. 1845
Carpenter, Georgia 1839-unknown
Carpenter, Hannah 1640-unknown
Carpenter, Hannah unknown-unknown
Carpenter, Hannah 1708-unknown
Carpenter, Hannah 1759-unknown
Carpenter, Harriet 1814-unknown
Carpenter, Harvey 1822-1907
Carpenter, Harvey Potter 1883-1964
Carpenter, Hiram 1806-abt. 1883
Carpenter, Horace 1804-unknown
Carpenter, Isabel unknown-unknown
Carpenter, Isabel 1773-1776
Carpenter, Jacob 1670-unknown
Carpenter, James 1460-1537
Carpenter, James abt. 1550-unknown
Carpenter, James 1668-unknown
Carpenter, James 1836-unknown
Carpenter, Jane 1817-unknown
Carpenter, Jane 1835-unknown
Carpenter, Jemina unknown-unknown
Carpenter, Jeremiah 1716-1793
Carpenter, Jeremiah 1715-1792
Carpenter, Jesse 1760-1838
Carpenter, Jesse 1788-unknown
Carpenter, John abt. 1303-unknown
Carpenter, John 1372-abt. 1476
Carpenter, John 1495-1537
Carpenter, John abt. 1628-1695
Carpenter, John abt. 1725-unknown
Carpenter, John Hindman 1843-unknown
Carpenter, John Jr. 1410-1476
Carpenter, Jonathan 1672-unknown
Carpenter, Jonathan 1719-unknown
Carpenter, Jonathan 1743-1815
Carpenter, Jonathan 1775-1859
Carpenter, Joseph abt. 1633-1675
Carpenter, Joseph unknown-unknown
Carpenter, Joshua 1722-unknown
Carpenter, Joshua 1758-1794
Carpenter, Julia Ann 1838-unknown
Carpenter, Katie May 1876-unknown
Carpenter, Laura unknown-unknown
Carpenter, Leander C. 1833-unknown
Carpenter, Loren unknown-unknown
Carpenter, Louis 1727-unknown
Carpenter, Louisa 1837-unknown
Carpenter, Louisa A. 1814-unknown
Carpenter, Lucinda 1855-unknown
Carpenter, Lucretia Alvira 1834-unknown
Carpenter, Lucy 1763-unknown

Carpenter, Lucy 1792-unknown
Carpenter, Manly 1833-unknown
Carpenter, Margaret 1792-1816
Carpenter, Margery L. 1912-unknown
Carpenter, Maria 1820-abt. 1865
Carpenter, Maria M. 1849-unknown
Carpenter, Marie 1780-1854
Carpenter, Mary unknown-unknown
Carpenter, Mary 1743-1743
Carpenter, Mary 1787-1822
Carpenter, Mary unknown-unknown
Carpenter, Mary Ann 1838-unknown
Carpenter, Meribah unknown-unknown
Carpenter, Meribah 1741-unknown
Carpenter, Mercy 1724-unknown
Carpenter, Mercy Hanna 1738-1827
Carpenter, Molly abt. 1750-aft. 1826
Carpenter, Myrtle 1874-unknown
Carpenter, Nancy N. 1831-unknown
Carpenter, Naomi E. 1913-unknown
Carpenter, Nathan 1757-unknown
Carpenter, Nathaniel abt. 1707-unknown
Carpenter, Nathaniel 1839-unknown
Carpenter, Nicholas 1743-1791
Carpenter, Noah 1768-unknown
Carpenter, Norman abt. 1805-bef. 1850
Carpenter, Olive unknown-unknown
Carpenter, Olive P. unknown-unknown
Carpenter, Oliver abt. 1675-1727
Carpenter, Oliver unknown-unknown
Carpenter, Orson 1811-unknown
Carpenter, Persis 1794-unknown
Carpenter, Phebe 1762-unknown
Carpenter, Rachel 1759-unknown
Carpenter, Rebecca unknown-unknown
Carpenter, Reynolds 1784-1862
Carpenter, Rhoda 1768-1834
Carpenter, Rial 1790-unknown
Carpenter, Richard abt. 1335-unknown
Carpenter, Richard abt. 1570-unknown
Carpenter, Robert unknown-unknown
Carpenter, Robert 1722-unknown
Carpenter, Rodney 1845-unknown
Carpenter, Rosanna unknown-unknown
Carpenter, Ruth 1785-1819
Carpenter, S. 1850-bet. 1850/60
Carpenter, Samuel unknown-unknown
Carpenter, Samuel abt. 1644-1682
Carpenter, Samuel 1661-unknown
Carpenter, Sarah 1663-unknown
Carpenter, Sarah unknown-unknown
Carpenter, Sarah 1729-unknown
Carpenter, Sarah abt. 1733-unknown
Carpenter, Sarah 1755-unknown
Carpenter, Sarah Allura unknown-unknown
Carpenter, Sarah Bird unknown-unknown
Carpenter, Silas Pratt 1829-unknown
Carpenter, Simeon 1712-unknown
Carpenter, Simeon 1754-unknown
Carpenter, Solomon 1677-unknown
Carpenter, Solomon 1678-1750
Carpenter, Solomon unknown-unknown
Carpenter, Sophronia unknown-unknown
Carpenter, Stephen 1770-unknown
Carpenter, Stephen 1805-unknown
Carpenter, Susanna unknown-unknown
Carpenter, Susanna Elizabeth unknown-unknown
Carpenter, Sylvia 1805-1842
Carpenter, Thomas abt. 1709-unknown
Carpenter, Victoria 1854-unknown
Carpenter, Viola 1856-unknown
Carpenter, Walter S. 1846-unknown
Carpenter, Ward A. 1906-unknown
Carpenter, Ward B. 1843-aft. 1930
Carpenter, Welthy E. 1845-1904
Carpenter, William abt. 1530-abt. 1590
Carpenter, William 1576-unknown
Carpenter, William 1605-1658
Carpenter, William abt. 1631-1703
Carpenter, William 1701-unknown
Carpenter, William 1727-unknown
Carpenter, William 1745-unknown
Carpenter, William of Homme abt. 1440-aft. 1460
Carpenter, William Rogers unknown-unknown
Carpenter, Zachariah 1680-unknown
Carpenter, Zenas 1808-1847

Carr, Gideon unknown-unknown

Carter, Dorcas 1818-1876
Carter, Frederick unknown-unknown
Carter, Mary "Polly" 1783-1867
Carter, Sarah (Mrs.) unknown-unknown
Carter, Thomas unknown-unknown

Cary, Bridget 1652-unknown

Chaflin, Sarah Ann 1810-1875

Chancellor, Ida May unknown-unknown

Chandler, Louisiana unknown-unknown

Chatwin, Joseph unknown-unknown

Chord, Eleanor abt. 1678-1762

Christian, Katherine unknown-unknown

Churchill, Elizabeth unknown-unknown

Clark, Anna unknown-unknown
Clark, Elizabeth (Betsy) 1798-1876
Clark, John B. unknown-unknown
Clark, R. J. unknown-unknown
Clark, Thankful unknown-unknown

Clarke, Catherine unknown-unknown
Clarke, Hannah 1643-1696
Clarke, Susannah abt. 1642-1727

Clarkson, Charlotte unknown-unknown

Clayton, Rebekah unknown-unknown

Clemmons, Luther unknown-unknown
Clemmons, Thomas unknown-unknown

Cleveland, Adelia Janette 1846-unknown
Cleveland, Sarah unknown-unknown

Clossman, Sarah unknown-unknown

Clover, Philip unknown-unknown

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