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Burton, Abel unknown-unknown
Burton, Abraham 1669-1736
Burton, Abraham unknown-1758
Burton, Abraham 1727-unknown
Burton, Abraham unknown-unknown
Burton, Agnes abt. 1728-unknown
Burton, Agnes 1728-1802
Burton, Allen abt. 1754-1841
Burton, Allen 1764-1822
Burton, Allen 1816-aft. 1880
Burton, Allen Henry 1841-abt. 1915
Burton, Allin 1729-1802
Burton, Amanda A. abt. 1789-unknown
Burton, Ambrose S. 1855-unknown
Burton, Ann unknown-unknown
Burton, Ann 1731-unknown
Burton, Ann 1803-unknown
Burton, Anna Belle private
Burton, Anne unknown-unknown
Burton, Anne abt. 1668-unknown
Burton, Anne 1725-unknown
Burton, Anne abt. 1783-unknown
Burton, Anne 1670-aft. 1725
Burton, Arthur 1794-1855
Burton, Bassett 1760-unknown
Burton, Bassett 1787-1832
Burton, Benjamin abt. 1662-bef. 1686
Burton, Benjamin 1696-1758
Burton, Benjamin 1724-1770
Burton, Benjamin unknown-unknown
Burton, Benjamin abt. 1756-unknown
Burton, Benjamin abt. 1767-1833
Burton Jr., Benjamin abt. 1718-abt. 1770
Burton, Betsy abt. 1759-unknown
Burton, Byron unknown-unknown
Burton, Camilla C. 1839-unknown
Burton, Catherine 1825-unknown
Burton, Charles abt. 1696-abt. 1774
Burton, Charles 1734-abt. 1800
Burton, Charles abt. 1771-aft. 1850
Burton, Charles 1740-1785
Burton, Charles Jr. unknown-abt. 1792
Burton, Chester 1886-1960
Burton, Creed 1809-1898
Burton, Cuthbert abt. 1769-abt. 1864
Burton, Cynthia abt. 1806-unknown
Burton, David 1725-1757
Burton, David abt. 1774-1866
Burton, Dewitt C. 1841-unknown
Burton, Drury 1721-unknown
Burton, Drury 1777-unknown
Burton, E. W. 1851-unknown
Burton, Edward D. 1814-1884
Burton, Elizabeth unknown-unknown
Burton, Elizabeth 1726-unknown
Burton, Elizabeth 1738-unknown
Burton, Elizabeth 1759-unknown
Burton, Elizabeth 1772-unknown
Burton, Elizabeth abt. 1815-unknown
Burton, Elizabeth A. 1857-unknown
Burton, Elton Melvina 1858-1905
Burton, Frances 1755-1783
Burton, Frances 1824-1883
Burton, Francis abt. 1560-unknown
Burton, Francis abt. 1630-unknown
Burton, Francis Marion 1882-1947
Burton, Gaither B. 1870-unknown
Burton, George unknown-unknown
Burton, George Basterfield 1789-1877
Burton, George Stovall abt. 1778-unknown
Burton, George W. 1851-1927
Burton, Helen P. 1836-unknown
Burton, Henry 1735-unknown
Burton, Henry Clay 1838-unknown
Burton, Hutchins 1694-1763
Burton, Hutchins 1723-abt. 1801
Burton, Hutchins 1722-1767
Burton, Hutchins unknown-unknown
Burton, Hutchins 1767-1847
Burton, Isaac abt. 1667-aft. 1736
Burton, Isaiah 1698-unknown
Burton, Jacob abt. 1725-1764
Burton, James abt. 1762-unknown
Burton, James Jr. 1736-1814
Burton, James A. 1801-1888
Burton, James L. 1818-1891
Burton, James Minge unknown-unknown
Burton, James P. abt. 1708-abt. 1783
Burton, James Payne abt. 1780-unknown
Burton, James Y. 1823-unknown
Burton, Jane unknown-unknown
Burton, Jane B. 1833-1903
Burton, Jean 1765-unknown
Burton, Jesse abt. 1740-1771
Burton, Jesse abt. 1750-1795
Burton, Jesse abt. 1760-1825
Burton, Jesse 1769-unknown
Burton, Jesse abt. 1784-abt. 1859
Burton, Jesse 1816-abt. 1865
Burton, Jesse L. 1862-unknown
Burton, John abt. 1589-abt. 1655
Burton, John abt. 1632-1690
Burton, John abt. 1656-1678/79
Burton, John 1666-abt. 1754
Burton, John 1693-1747
Burton, John 1699-1776
Burton, John unknown-abt. 1761
Burton, John abt. 1716-1785
Burton, John abt. 1753-unknown
Burton, John abt. 1762-1849
Burton, John unknown-1789
Burton, John 1774-unknown
Burton, John Anderson abt. 1785-bef. 1850
Burton, John B. 1830-1911
Burton, John B. 1847-unknown
Burton, John Cobbs 1758-1776
Burton, John Gillian abt. 1813-aft. 1880
Burton, John James abt. 1812-abt. 1855

Burton, John Pleasant 1758-1836
Burton, John Thomas 1856-1933
Burton, Jr., John 1725-unknown
Burton, Joseph A. 1827-unknown
Burton, Joseph Peter 1873-1901
Burton, Joseph Stapp 1810-bef. 1880
Burton, Josiah abt. 1718-aft. 1766
Burton, Judith abt. 1633-unknown
Burton, Judith 1728-aft. 1766
Burton, Judith unknown-unknown
Burton, Judith 1757-unknown
Burton, Julius 1742-bef. 1790
Burton, Juretta V. 1842-unknown
Burton, Leander C. 1853-unknown
Burton, Levi S. 1813-aft. 1880
Burton, Louisa 1758-unknown
Burton, Lucy 1767-unknown
Burton, Ludwell Hunter 1885-1957
Burton, Magdalene unknown-unknown
Burton, Marcella 1837-unknown
Burton, Margaret 1801-1855
Burton, Margaret Emily 1921-1987
Burton, Martha unknown-unknown
Burton, Mary abt. 1666-unknown
Burton, Mary unknown-unknown
Burton, Mary 1762-unknown
Burton, Mary unknown-unknown
Burton, Mary unknown-unknown
Burton, Mary J. 1850-unknown
Burton, Mary M. 1829-1915
Burton, Mary "Polly" 1781-unknown
Burton, Mary "Polly" abt. 1799-1832
Burton, Matthew F. 1834-1911
Burton, Miriam L. 1835-unknown
Burton, Nancy abt. 1758-unknown
Burton, Nancy 1784-unknown
Burton, Narcissus B. abt. 1827-unknown
Burton, Nathaniel abt. 1774-abt. 1865
Burton, Noel 1729-unknown
Burton, Noel 1730-1763
Burton, Noel 1729-1769
Burton, Nowell Hunt 1692-1766
Burton, Nowell Hunt unknown-unknown
Burton, Obedience unknown-unknown
Burton, Octavia 1870-aft. 1930
Burton, Peter unknown-unknown
Burton, Peter Louis 1854-1890
Burton, Phebe unknown-unknown
Burton, Philip Farrar unknown-1804
Burton, Phoebe 1730-unknown
Burton, Phoebe abt. 1765-unknown
Burton, Priscilla abt. 1723-unknown
Burton, Priscilla 1757-unknown
Burton, Priscilla 1761-unknown
Burton, Rachel abt. 1667-unknown
Burton, Rachel unknown-unknown
Burton, Ralph unknown-unknown
Burton, Ralph Elwood private
Burton, Rebecca unknown-unknown
Burton, Rebecca 1798-1870
Burton, Richard abt. 1595-unknown
Burton, Richard abt. 1640-unknown
Burton, Richard 1739-abt. 1779
Burton, Robert abt. 1584-unknown
Burton, Robert abt. 1636-unknown
Burton, Robert abt. 1660-abt. 1724
Burton, Robert abt. 1720-abt. 1798
Burton, Robert 1732-unknown
Burton, Robert 1736-abt. 1806
Burton, Robert unknown-unknown
Burton, Robert 1718-1768
Burton, Robert 1747-1825
Burton, Robert 1756-unknown
Burton, Robert unknown-1818
Burton, Robert abt. 1784-1831
Burton, Robert Allen 1776-1850
Burton, Robert Jr. abt. 1687-1748
Burton, Roscoe 1876-unknown
Burton, Samuel abt. 1638-unknown
Burton, Samuel 1690-abt. 1730
Burton, Samuel 1719-1757
Burton, Samuel abt. 1767-bef. 1820
Burton, Samuel abt. 1790-1865
Burton, Sarah unknown-unknown
Burton, Sarah 1758-unknown
Burton, Sarah abt. 1762-abt. 1838
Burton, Susan J. 1837-unknown
Burton, Susanah unknown-unknown
Burton, Susanna unknown-unknown
Burton, Susannah abt. 1695-unknown
Burton, Susannah 1738-bef. 1831
Burton, Susannah abt. 1762-unknown
Burton, Susannah abt. 1765-unknown
Burton, Theodore C. 1844-unknown
Burton, Thomas abt. 1588-unknown
Burton, Thomas abt. 1634-1686
Burton, Thomas 1664-abt. 1691
Burton, Thomas 1702-1773
Burton, Thomas unknown-1765
Burton, Thomas unknown-unknown
Burton, Thomas abt. 1735-abt. 1802
Burton, Thomas abt. 1782-unknown
Burton, Thomas M. 1856-1933
Burton, Walter 1854-1882
Burton, William abt. 1664-abt. 1750
Burton, William abt. 1720-abt. 1778
Burton, William unknown-unknown
Burton, William Allen 1727-1773
Burton, William unknown-1811
Burton, William abt. 1763-1817
Burton, William Barret 1765-unknown
Burton, William Frank abt. 1763-1814
Burton, William abt. 1795-unknown
Burton, William Henry 1853-abt. 1925
Burton, William Leander 1823-abt. 1905
Burton, William M. 1805-1867
Burton, Zachariah 1801-unknown
Burton, Zachariah 1833-unknown

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