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Buck, Abraham 1846-unknown
Buck, Ada J. 1849-unknown
Buck, Ada Sabrina 1864-1911
Buck, Adela 1841-unknown
Buck, Albert 1839-unknown
Buck, Albert H. 1871-1938
Buck, Almira/Elmira 1849-unknown
Buck, Alvan Harmon 1843-1921
Buck, Alvoid Howard 1895-1975
Buck, Annie 1899-unknown
Buck, Arthur R. 1893-unknown
Buck, Betty Virginia 1923-unknown
Buck, Bernard 1891-1910
Buck, Betsey 1836-unknown
Buck, Betsey J. 1832-1886
Buck, Charles Alvin 1909-1998
Buck, Charles H. 1845-1910
Buck, Charles Henry 1872-1956
Buck, Charles R. 1849-unknown
Buck, Clarence Ulysses 1869-1910
Buck, Cynthia O. 1847-unknown
Buck, Daniel 1859-unknown
Buck, Daniel S. 1805-1887
Buck, Datus Ensign 1841-1862
Buck, Delilah 1837-1838
Buck, Donald S. 1910-1964
Buck, Ebenezer 1785-1869
Buck, Edward Sheldon 1936-unknown
Buck, Eliza Jane 1822-1919
Buck, Eliza M. 1839-unknown
Buck, Elizabeth 1835-unknown
Buck, Elizabeth 1847-unknown
Buck, Emily Ann 1824-1856
Buck, Ellen J. abt. 1851-unknown
Buck, Emma E. 1857-unknown
Buck, Esther J. 1845-unknown
Buck, Ethel Curry 1817-1881
Buck, Eva Ann 1866-unknown
Buck, Florence 1903-unknown
Buck, Floyd E. 1892-unknown
Buck, Frances/Francie 1871unknown
Buck, George B. 1854-unknown
Buck, George Leroy 1877-1942
Buck, George W. 1813-1880
Buck, George Wallace 1849-unknown
Buck, Gideon L. 1826-1897
Buck, Gordon C. 1914-unknown
Buck, Harriet 1834-1855
Buck, Harry C. 1878-unknown
Buck, Henry G. 1811-1868
Buck, Henry Mortimer 1846-1917
Buck, Ida R. 1856-unknown
Buck, Isabelle Celestia 1860-unknown
Buck, J. Gldais 1904-unknown
Buck, Jabez Leroy 1844-1921
Buck, James 1861-unknown
Buck, James H. 1899-unknown
Buck, Jina 1895-unknown
Buck, John 1837-unknown
Buck, John Hanlin 1862-unknown
Buck, John Howard 1894-unknown
Buck, John P. 1854-unknown
Buck, John W. 1819-1880
Buck, Joseph Thomas 1868-unknown
Buck, Joyce Virginia 1922-1923
Buck, Kenneth N. 1932-1992
Buck, Kurrey Clarence 1897-unknown
Buck, Lavina 1827-unknown
Buck, Lena 1870-unknown
Buck, Lena 1899-bef. 1900
Buck, Leon Mortimer 1892-1963
Buck, M. Edna 1906-unknown
Buck, Mabel A. 1898-unknown
Buck, Maraliea Rose Marie 1933-unknown
Buck, Margaret 1843-unknown
Buck, Margaret 1918-unknown

Buck, Marian/Mary 1842-unknown
Buck, Martha A. 1851-unknown
Buck, Mary 1807-unknown
Buck, Mary A. 1847-unknown
Buck, Mary E. 1844-unknown
Buck, Melvin Philo 1846-unknown
Buck, Miranda 1815-unknown
Buck, Mortimer Orson 1893-unknown
Buck, Myra Arline 1884-1976
Buck, Neil R. 1925-1944
Buck, Nellie 1882-unknown
Buck, Olga Janette 1905-unknown
Buck, Paul Duane 1927-unknown
Buck, Perry 1855-abt. 1865
Buck, Robert 1916-unknown
Buck, Sarah Ann 1839-1871
Buck, Sarah Maria 1828-1895
Buck, Sheldon Paul 1901-1961
Buck, Sylvanus 1829-unknown
Buck, Teddy Burrell 1928-2008
Buck, Viva 1888-unknown
Buck, Wilbur L. 1916-1972
Buck, William C. 1809-1884
Buck, William E. 1841-unknown
Buck, William G. 1876-unknown
Buck, William H. 1889-unknown
Buck, William L. abt. 1836-unknown
Buck, William "Willie" 1875-unknown
Buck, Zelda 1840-unknown

Budd, Nicholas unknown-unknown

Bullock, William unknown-unknown

Bunner, Hosea Newton unknown-unknown

Burgess, David 1865-unknown
Burgess, Emily L. 1863-unknown
Burgess, George 1829-unknown
Burgess, Millard 1858-unknown
Burgess, Miriam 1859-unknown
Burgess, Norah 1867-unknown

Burnett, Basil B. 1898-1963
Burnett, Minnie 1885-unknown
Burnett, Orvis Edwin 1854-1916

Burns, Jerry private

Burt, Edward W. unknown-unknown
Burt, Sarah abt. 1620-aft. 1707

Burwell, Joanna abt. 1674-1727

Butler, Alexander 1841-1912
Butler, Alice 1862-1964
Butler, Alonzo C. 1858-bef. 1870
Butler, Andrew Jackson abt. 1817-abt. 1875
Butler, Ellen 1854-unknown
Butler, George Washington 1855-1928
Butler, Hattie L. 1869-unknown
Butler, Indiana abt. 1864-1894
Butler, Jackson abt. 1852-1855
Butler, James Madison 1848-1932
Butler, Julia unknown-unknown
Butler, Mary Anne 1849-unknown
Butler, Mary "Polly" 1779-1853
Butler, Nancy Ann 1836-1881
Butler, Sarah Hazeltine abt. 1857-unknown
Butler, Shubael 1844-1862
Butler, Thomas 1658-unknown
Butler, Thomas 1829-unknown
Butler, William 1846-1865

Butterworth, Anne unknown-unknown

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