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Ba - Br

Babbidge, Christopher unknown-unknown

Bailey, Abigail unknown-unknown
Bailey, Abiah abt. 1660-unknown
Bailey, Altie 1794-1796
Bailey, Anna abt. 1695-unknown
Bailey, Anna Pierson 1882-unknown
Bailey, Catherine abt. 1709-unknown
Bailey, Catharine Maria 1791-unknown
Bailey, Charlotte 1796-unknown
Bailey, Col. John 1734-1806
Bailey, Dinah abt. 1694-unknown
Bailey, Edmund S. unknown-unknown
Bailey, Elias abt. 1620-unknown
Bailey, Elizabeth abt. 1711-unknown
Bailey, Elizabeth unknown-unknown
Bailey, Elizabeth unknown-unknown
Bailey, Esther 1735-unknown
Bailey, Esther 1780-unknown
Bailey, Henry Augustus 1789-1796
Bailey, James 1770-1832
Bailey, James 1789-unknown
Bailey, Jane unknown-unknown
Bailey, John abt. 1617-unknown
Bailey, John abt. 1685-unknown
Bailey, John abt. 1705/06-unknown
Bailey, John unknown-1719
Bailey, John abt. 1705-abt. 1765
Bailey, John unknown-unknown
Bailey, John L. unknown-unknown
Bailey, John Robert 1784-unknown
Bailey, John W. 1807-unknown
Bailey, Keziah abt. 1730-unknown
Bailey, Leah abt. 1728-unknown
Bailey, Levi/Lewis abt. 1722-unknown
Bailey, Margaret abt. 1698-unknown
Bailey, Margaret unknown-unknown
Bailey, Mary abt. 1701-unknown
Bailey, Mary 1766-unknown
Bailey, Mary unknown-unknown
Bailey, Mary unknown-unknown
Bailey, Nathan abt. 1658-1740
Bailey, Nathan abt. 1724-unknown
Bailey, Nathaniel abt. 1675-1740
Bailey, Nathaniel unknown-unknown
Bailey, Nehemiah abt. 1726-unknown
Bailey, Nicholas abt. 1580-unknown
Bailey, Nicholas abt. 1600-unknown
Bailey, Nicholas abt. 1620-abt. 1691
Bailey, Phebe Altie 1799-unknown
Bailey, Rachel abt. 1703-unknown
Bailey, Rebecca unknown-unknown
Bailey, Robert John 1787-unknown
Bailey, Ruth unknown-unknown
Bailey, Sarah abt. 1693-unknown
Bailey, Sarah unknown-unknown
Bailey, Sarah unknown-unknown
Bailey, Theodora unknown-unknown
Bailey, Theodorus 1758-1828
Bailey, Theodorus 1805-1877
Bailey, William 1763-1840
Bailey, William 1791-unknown
Bailey, William unknown-unknown

Bainbridge, Frances unknown-unknown

Baker, Anna unknown-unknown
Baker, Caty unknown-unknown
Baker, Charlie unknown-unknown
Baker, Elizabeth unknown-unknown
Baker, Wilford unknown-unknown
Baker, William F. unknown-unknown

Ballew, Barnabus unknown-unknown

Bambert, Lillian unknown-unknown

Banyon, John unknown-unknown

Barents, Catherine unknown-unknown

Barge, Mary unknown-1839

Barker, Millie unknown-unknown

Barksdale, Samuel unknown-unknown

Barnes, George W. unknown-unknown

Barnhill, Mary Elizabeth unknown-unknown

Barret, Lucy unknown-unknown

Barritt, Gideon unknown-unknown

Barter, Ales (Alice) unknown-bef. 1612

Bartholomew, Sarah abt. 1612-abt. 1637

Baskerville, John unknown-unknown

Bassett, Abner 1765-1822
Bassett, Anne 1670-unknown
Bassett, Anne 1703-bef. 1732
Bassett, Anne 1726-unknown
Bassett, Burwell 1712-unknown
Bassett, Burwell 1767-unknown
Bassett, David 1719-unknown
Bassett, Ellinor 1729-unknown
Bassett, Elizabeth 1676-1738
Bassett, Elizabeth 1732-1819
Bassett, Elizabeth Frances 1707-unknown
Bassett, Elizabeth 1697-1738
Bassett, Frances abt. 1676-aft. 1733
Bassett, Frances 1728-unknown
Bassett, Hannah 1714-unknown
Bassett, Jane 1711-unknown
Bassett, Joanna 1701-1708
Bassett, John abt. 1678-unknown
Bassett, John 1694-1716
Bassett, John 1756-unknown
Bassett, Lewis 1707-1708
Bassett, Louisa unknown-unknown
Bassett, Lucy 1699-1760
Bassett, Martha 1694-1738
Bassett, Martha 1760-unknown
Bassett, Mary abt. 1645-unknown
Bassett, Mary abt. 1672-1724
Bassett, Mary 1717-unknown
Bassett, Mary 1696-unknown
Bassett, Mary 1716-1755
Bassett, Mary abt. 1727-unknown
Bassett, Nathaniel 1701-1732
Bassett, Nathaniel abt. 1721-1794
Bassett, Nathaniel 1719-unknown
Bassett, Nathaniel 1758-1832
Bassett, Nathaneil 1761-1803
Bassett, Thomas 1617-1655
Bassett, Thomas abt. 1668-1720
Bassett, Thomas 1696-1758
Bassett, Thomas 1737-1781
Bassett, Thomas 1762-unknown
Bassett, Ursula abt. 1671-aft. 1720
Bassett, Ursula 1715-unknown
Bassett, William 1590-1624
Bassett, William unknown-unknown
Bassett, William abt. 1643-bef. 1724
Bassett, William unknown-abt. 1671
Bassett, William 1670-1723
Bassett, William 1705-1716
Bassett, William 1725-unknown
Bassett, William 1705-1708
Bassett, William 1709-1744

Baughan, John unknown-unknown

Baxter, Imogene unknown-unknown
Baxter, Wilbur unknown-unknown

Beatty, Jane W. unknown-unknown
Beatty, Mary unknown-unknown

Beaver, Patricia Delores 1939-2010

Beavers, George unknown-unknown

Beckwith, Carrie Elouise unknown-unknown
Beckwith, Maria unknown-unknown

Beech, Joshua unknown-unknown

Beers, Anthony unknown-unknown

Beeston, Dorothy abt. 1522-1580

Bedell, Antha O. 1848-unknown

Beguhn, Richard private

Bell, Adaline unknown-unknown

Belt, Sarah unknown-unknown

Benedict, Benjamin 1678-1773
Benedict, Elizabeth 1696-unknown
Benedict, James 1649-unknown
Benedict, James 1685-1762
Benedict, James 1685-1761
Benedict, John unknown-unknown
Benedict, John 1675-1766
Benedict, John 1689-1765
Benedict, Jonathan unknown-unknown
Benedict, Joseph unknown-unknown
Benedict, Mary unknown-unknown
Benedict, Mary 1741-1825
Benedict, Phebe 1673-unknown
Benedict, Phebe 1682-bef. 1746
Benedict, Rebecca 1679-1709
Benedict, Sarah unknown-unknown
Benedict, Sarah 1677-unknown
Benedict, Thomas 1682-1763
Benedict, Thomas 1694-1776

Bennett, Hulda unknown-unknown
Bennett, Madeline E. unknown-unknown
Bennett, Walter unknown-unknown

Bentley, O. G. unknown-unknown

Betts, Allen Hayes unknown-unknown
Betts, John unknown-unknown

Beuis, Maretje aft. 1699-unknown

Beven, Martha unknown-unknown

Bevill, Mary unknown-aft. 1771

Bibel, Anna Catherina unknown-unknown

Bigger, Martha 1762-1843

Bilbo, John unknown-unknown
Bilbo, Tabitha abt. 1800-bef. 1827

Billerbeck, Clyde W. 1917-unknown
Billerbeck, Delores 1920-unknown
Billerbeck, James 1923-unknown
Billerbeck, Joseph unknown-unknown
Billerbeck, Leah M. 1913-unknown
Billerbeck, Marge A. 1915-unknown
Billerbeck, Mildred F. 1911-unknown
Billerbeck, William Henry 1890-1949

Birchard, Joseph unknown-unknown

Birkhead, Sedalia unknown-unknown

Bishop, Joshua unknown-unknown

Black, Emily unknown-unknown

Blackinton, Mary unknown-unknown

Blodgett, Delos unknown-unknown

Blood, Almira unknown-unknown

Bloom, Daryl private

Bobbitt, Lewis unknown-unknown

Boerum, Adrian unknown-unknown

Bogart, Charles H. 1841-unknown
Bogart, Chloe 1837-1838
Bogart, James unknown-bef. 1850

Boka/Broeckaert, Jannetje unknown-unknown

Bonnell, Phyllis unknown-unknown

Booth, Ezra unknown-unknown

Boschma, Dennis Dean private

Bottom, Samuel E. unknown-unknown

Bourn, Sarah 1774-unknown

Bouton, John Jr. 1774-unknown
Bouton, Joseph unknown-unknown
Bouton, Seth unknown-unknown

Bowdre, Edward unknown-unknown

Bowers, Erwin S. unknown-unknown

Brady, Wilhelm P. unknown-unknown

Bradley, Elizabeth unknown-unknown

Bray, Reuben 1765-1850

Brewer, Hannah 1645-1697

Brick, Robert Laverne, Sr. unknown-unknown

Bridges, Eliza unknown-unknown

Bridmore, Joan abt. 1483-unknown

Briggs, Esther 1876-unknown
Briggs, George W. 1857-unknown
Briggs, James A. 1852-unknown
Briggs, John 1807-aft. 1880
Briggs, John W. 1861-unknown
Briggs, Mary E. 1847-unknown
Briggs, Nancy 1869-bef. 1880
Briggs, Olivia M. 1864-unknown
Briggs, Rebecca 1854-unknown

Bright, James unknown-unknown
Bright, Mary unknown-unknown

Briscoe, Mariah unknown-unknown

Brookman, Alice abt. 1600-bef. 1628

Brooks, Margaret A. 1820-abt. 1905
Brooks, Maryette/Marietta unknown-unknown

Brotherton, Hepzibah 1604-unknown

Brown, Andrew C. 1803-1854
Brown, Andrew Cass 1854-unknown
Brown, Benjamin unknown-unknown
Brown, Edith 1857-1946
Brown, Elizabeth Ann 1842-1888
Brown, Manerva abt. 1821-unknown
Brown, Mary Cecelia unknown-abt. 1908
Brown, Olive Adelia 1852-unknown
Brown, Sarah Jane unknown-unknown

Bruce, Martha unknown-unknown

Bruner, Henry unknown-unknown

Brunn, Harlan private

Bryan, John unknown-unknown

Bryant, Louisa Frances 1853-1919

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