Alzadia Woodard Sease

Alzadia's first husband was Stephen Sease. According to information sent to me, she married him on February 21, 1845 and they had 3 children - Mary Adelaide, Daniel Andrew and Jennie. I had wondered about Jennie as she was listed on the 1860 & 1870 census as living in the household of Gideon Buck. I knew Gideon never had children so I wondered where Jennie came from. Nancy Hicks sent me an e-mail regarding Alzadia Woodard/Sease. She states: "Alzadia Woodard/Sease married Henry G. Buck and it was her second marriage. She had children previous and Jennie was her daughter. Alzadia's children were farmed out after the divorce of her first husband. Her daughter Mary Sease was sent to live with Lydia McConnell and her husband, Eli G. McConnell. Mary Sease was born in 1846, Daniel Sease was born [July 16,] 1849 [in Sullivan, Tioga County, Pennsylvania and died March 27, 1925 in Painted Post, Steuben County, New York] and Jennie Sease was born in 1854. I know that Daniel was sent to live with a Mr. Parshall but I never knew where Jennie was sent to live. Alzadia married Henry in 1858. When Henry died in 1868, her young children living at home were once again sent to live with relatives."

After Henry Buck died, I believe Alzadia married Benjamin Neville. Benjamin was born November, 1832-1840 in Pennsylvania and married Alzadia in 1880 in Sullivan, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Benjamin's surname is spelled various ways on different census records: Nevell/Nevil/Nevel. I believe the correct spelling should probably be Neville.


  2. DANIEL ANDREW SEASE, b. July 16, 1849; d. 1925, New York
  3. JENNIE SEASE, b. 1854

MARY SEASE was born 1846 in Pennsylvania and died after 1900 in Tioga County, Pennsylvania. She married Ferdinand Newell about 1868 in Tioga County, Pennsylvania. He was born 1841 in Pennsylvania and died after 1900 in Tioga County, Pennsylvania.

Children of Mary Sease and Ferdinand Newell are:

  1. Emmet G. Newell, b. 1869, Tioga County, Pennsylvania
  2. Herman Newell, b. 1871, Tioga County, Pennsylvania
  3. Wilbur J. Newell, b. 1874, Tioga County, Pennsylvania
  4. Leon E. Newell, b. 1879, Sullivan, Tioga County, Pennsylvania

DANIEL ANDREW SEASE was born July 16, 1849 in Sullivan, Tioga County, Pennsylvania and died 1925 in Corning, Steuben County, New York. He married Rose Ann Cooley about 1877. She was born 1862 in Canada and died 1930 in Steuben County, New York.

Living in Mainsburg, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1880
Living in Gaines, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1900
Living in Genesee, Potter County, Pennsylvania in 1910
Living in Corning, Steuben County, New York in 1920

Children of Daniel Andrew Sease and Rose Ann Cooley are:

  1. Florello A. Sease, b. April 19, 1878; d. before 1880
  2. John Clyde Sease, b. February 14, 1880, Mainsburg, Tioga County, Pennsylvania
  3. Mable B. Sease, b. September 18, 1882
  4. Bertha A. Sease, August 12, 1884
  5. Mary A. Sease, b. November 21, 1886; m. Leroy Stanford
  6. Rose B. Sease, B. January 6, 1890
  7. Franklin "Frank" D. Sease, B. October 23, 1894
  8. Flora "Flossie" F. Sease, b. August 29, 1896
  9. Willam E. Sease, b. July 1898, Gaines, Tioga County, Pennsylvania
  10. Verle Sease, b. 1904, Gaines, Tioga County, Pennsylvania

JENNIE SEASE - I'm not sure what happened to Jennie. In 1860 and 1870 she is living with Gideon and Elizabeth Buck in Marengo, McHenry County, Illinois, but I can't find her in 1880 or after. Did she marry? Who did she marry? Did she die? If so, when? In obits I've seen for some of the Buck and Sease children, Jennie is never mentioned.