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David Hugh Rhead married Anna Belle Burton on January 18, 1950. They had two children, Gary Edward and Carolyn Frances. Early in the '90's, Gary became interested in genealogy and started researching our ancestors. Shortly before he passed away, he kindled his sister's interest in family roots. Gary died in 1998 but the research continues and, as those involved in genealogy can attest, is never ending and highly addictive. This website is dedicated to my brother, Gary. Every time I find new information about an ancestor, I can't help but think that Gary has led me to it.

We never know when a loved one will be taken from us because of a serious health problem. Please remember to donate to the research foundation of your choice. Only with continued funding can researchers hope to find treatments and cures for the many illnesses that can end a life too early.

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DNA Results

I've discovered where my Rhead & Burton ancestors came from thanks to Ancestry.com. Click here to read about the UPDATED Rhead/Burton DNA results. Of course, my DNA is part Rhead and part Burton, but my aunt (father's sister, Beverly (Rhead) Michael) has the Rhead & Lyons DNA and she took the test not too long ago. Her results have been updated as well. Click here to read about the UPDATED Rhead/Lyons DNA results.

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My Roots

Most of my ancestors came from England. Comparing my DNA results to my aunt's, I must conclude that the Burton side of my family came from England, with a few Rhead ancestors thrown in for good measure! The Western Europe part of my DNA does explain my love of cold weather and snow but I must admit that England has always "called to me." I do love that country that I've never seen!

The Burton family were among the first settlers in America, establishing residence in the first 50-60 years of this country's history. To the best of my knowledge, my Burton ancestors go back to Francis Burton, who was born about 1590 in England. His son, Richard, traveled to America and settled in Henrico County, Virginia. Including Richard, there were five (5) generations of Burtons who lived and died in Henrico County, Virginia. Allin Burton, who was born in 1729 in Henrico County, died in Mercer County, Kentucky in 1802 and his gr-gr-gr-granddaughter, Anna Belle Burton (my mother), was the last of my Burton line to be born in Kentucky.

My Rhead ancestors have been somewhat difficult to trace but I do believe they originated in England. They go back to Robert Rhead, who was born between 1715-1730 and died in 1770 in Westchester County, New York. Various members of the Rhead family move to different counties within New York but Robert's gr-grandson, Aden Rhead, my gr-gr-gr-grandfather, moved to Wayne County, Michigan where he died in 1874. Aden's oldest son, Truman (my gr-gr-grandfather), moved to Jackson County, Wisconsin which is where my Rhead ancestors settled.

Thus, north (Rhead) met south (Burton) and I was born. I do believe that my 19th century ancestors would likely roll over in their graves at the thought of north meeting south and actually being amicable. My mother has two letters that were written by Burtons' captured in the Civil War. They both fought for the Confederacy and were held prisoner in Illinois until the war ended. My father's ancestors fought for the Union and although one was captured (Benjamin Lyons), he was released the next day. I have often wondered how close my ancestors came to meeting each other on the battlefield.

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Special Statement

Information contained on these pages has been compiled from many different sources - books, genealogy websites, personal correspondence, family members, etc. Therefore, I cannot guarantee 100% accuracy with regard to family associations or dates. Please keep this in mind as you study the information contained on this site.

Carol Rhead Tessen

As you've noticed, I've taken my email offline. I just couldn't keep up with all the correspondence and I'm taking some time to just focus on my genealogy. I hope to have my email up in a few months. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

To all of you who have been so kind and generous in sharing their research with me - you have my eternal graditude. I can't thank you enough.

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Updated Pages

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October 15, 2016

Rhead Ancestors
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